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“Hey! Youre back!”

Zhou Fei was taken aback.

Then she exclaimed, “Wheres Qingqing”

“In your office.”

Zhang Han pointed to the opposite door.


“Aha! My Qingqing is back!”

Zhou Fei dashed out happily.


Zi Yan seemed to have just slipped into sleep and was not yet fast asleep.

Hearing Zhou Feis words, she opened her beautiful eyes.

When Zi Yan saw that it was Zhang Han, her eyelids trembled slightly.

“Am I dreaming”

Zi Yan murmured in confusion.

Zhang Han almost burst out laughing.

Quite amused, he said, “Its not a dream.

Im really back.”

“Ah, my honey!”

Zi Yan suddenly rose to her feet, and the thin blanket fell to the ground.

She was wearing a dress, which accented her curves and immediately turned Zhang Han on.

They hadnt seen each other for several days.

The longing for her loved one drove Zi Yan to quickly walk over.

She threw herself into Zhang Hans arms and gave him a kiss.

At first, he just wanted to kiss her, but to his surprise, the passion became more and more intense.

“No, lets go back to the castle.

Were in the office.”


Zhang Han set up an enchanted domain in the office, in case other martial artists noticed what they were doing.

But if any martial artists detected the enchanted domain in the office, they didnt need to think to know that something hot was going on there.

At half-past three oclock in the afternoon.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan, whose face was slightly flushed, walked out of the office.

Noticing the weird looks cast by several people passing by, Zi Yan simply wished there could be a hole for her to crawl into.

“Humph, next time, were certainly not gonna do it in the office.”

After going downstairs quickly, Zi Yan got in the car and finally voiced her complaints.

“They all knew what we did.”

“I dont think so.”

“Surely they did.”


After a brief chat, Zi Yan ceased murmuring her protest.

After all, what was done was done.

She then looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Since you came back two days earlier this time, things must have gone pretty well, am I right”

“Well, its quite victorious.

I think I wouldnt need to visit there in the coming two years,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Two years.”

Zi Yan beamed and said, “By the way, you gave Uncle Dong and the others a lot of treasures last time, didnt you Though I havent asked you about the Ancient Mine yet, why dont you tell me yourself”

“Ah Theres nothing to talk about.”

“Just tell me a little.

I want to learn about it.”

“Im off to pick up Mengmeng.

The Ancient Mine is boring.

There is nothing interesting to talk about.” Zhang Han tried to gloss it over.

“Huh Has something happened to you” Zi Yan asked suspiciously.

They had been together for so long that she knew Zhang Han very well.

If it was not something embarrassing, Zhang Han would have long told her instead of keeping it from her.

“How could anything happen to me”

Zhang Han thought she was wondering if he had any contact with the female martial artists in the Ancient Mine.

So, he shook his head and said, “All we saw in the Ancient Mine were the members of the Dark Shadow Clan.

They looked like black people.

Their facial features were a little different from ours.

The space between their eyes was slightly large, and their aesthetic standards were different.

How could I hook up with any of them Youre overreacting.”

“No, why did you give me such a long explanation I didnt ask you about this.” Zi Yan snorted.

“Look, if you really dont want to tell me, then I wont listen!”

“Okay, okay, Ill tell you.”

Zhang Han had no choice but to tell her the story.

“At the entrance of the Ancient Mine, there was a plain.

There were no sun, moon, sky, or clouds, but only a vast expanse of gray.

Dark clouds appeared in the sky at night.

There was not much difference between daytime and nighttime.

Uncle Dong and I went to the Ancient Mine mainly for resources.

The entrance of the Ancient Mine in the Kun Xu World was called the Hidden Dragon Land, which is about half the size of Hua nation.

The Dark Shadow Clan had three cities there.

In the west was the mountain range area.

The forests were in the north, where many fierce beasts lurked around.

Many resources could be found there, but those were relatively difficult to get.

So, I lay my eyes on the Dragon Scale City.”

“Dragon Scale City Did you go there and steal some things”

“Well, sort of.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “But this time, I gave the Dragon Scale Governor something more valuable in return.

Its basically a deal.”

“Honey, youre amazing.

How did you get into the city”

“Under disguise.”

“Under disguise How did you disguise yourself”

“Yes, you heard me right.”

“I disguised myself as a Dark Warrior and entered the city.

Then I entered the City Lords Mansion, and then the lords hall.

I had some opportunities to get near the treasures and so I took some.”

“The City Lords Mansion, and the Lord Hall You didnt disguise yourself as a eunuch, did you”

Zi Yan was abruptly stunned.

“Generally speaking, in order to quickly enter the city and get access to those precious treasures, you have to disguise as a eunuch or a minister to enter.”

Her analysis was so reasonable that Zhang Han didnt know how to refute it.

Only that there were no eunuchs in the Dark Shadow Clan.

If Zi Yan continued to follow this train of thought, Zhang Han was afraid that she would soon find out the truth.

As soon as that idea came to his mind, Zi Yans hesitant voice came.

“You didnt pretend to be a concubine, did you”

Under her intent gaze, Zhang Han casually said, “It doesnt matter.

What matters is that I succeeded.”


Looking at Zhang Hans evasive eyes, Zi Yan suddenly burst into laughter and nearly had tears of laughter in her eyes.

Zhang Han looked even more helpless.

“How could you… pretend to be a woman”


Quite amused, Zhang Han said, “Im abashed for doing that.

I just wanted to be more efficient.”

“Honey, you really suffered to provide for me and Mengmeng,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“All right, all right.

Stop laughing.

Its no big deal.

In the Cultivation World, what matters is the result, not the process.” Zhang Han coughed softly and said, “But you cant tell anyone about it.

I dont want others to find out.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Zi Yan suddenly said in a playful, coquettish tone, “Your Majesty, I see.

I wont tell any unrelated people!”

She deliberately emphasized the last two words, which meant that she might tell those who were close to her.

So, she couldnt guarantee to keep it a secret.

“Dont tell me you also got intimate with that lord as well, did you” Zi Yans expression suddenly changed.

“That lord didnt do it with you, did he”

“How was that possible” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Anyway, since my husband is so powerful, I know I have nothing to worry about.

Not to mention the lord, even the king is no match for you.”


“Did anything interesting happen to you when you were down there this time” Zi Yan was suddenly intrigued again.

“Something interesting… It must be the meeting with the City Lord of Dragon Scale City.

His name is Si Nan, and hes pretty good at tricking people.

I used…”

Zhang Han gave Zi Yan a brief account of what had happened in the Ancient Mine.

As they chatted, the car approached the gate of the kindergarten.

Along the way, Zi Yan kept chuckling, and Zhang Han had quite a good time.

When Mengmeng was dismissed from class and saw Zhang Han, the little girl was very happy.

After hugging her and playing with her for quite a while, Zhang Han started the car and drove back to Mount New Moon.

After supper, Mengmeng went to play in the back mountain.

Zhang Han headed for the herb garden instead.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Seeing Zhang Han going, Dong Chen, First Elder, Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang, Zhang Guangyou, and a dozen others all headed off to the herb garden.

They had all learned about the Young Lord had gained a great harvest.

So, when they saw Zhang Han go to the herb garden, they immediately understood that he was going to plant some spiritual herbs!

“Natural precious materials!”

“I wonder how many hell plant this time.”


These peoples faces all glowed with excitement.

Dong Chen, in particular, looked at Zhang Han and beamed brightly.

“Ive already heard the news that those in Lingxi City and White Lotus City have gone mad.

A large number of people have come out and launched massacres.

I bet they must have lost tons of precious treasures.”

“I did take many treasures.”

Zhang Han nodded.

“Son, youre amazing!”

Zhang Guangyou walked to Zhang Han and patted him on the shoulder.

Then, he gave him a thumbs-up with great pride.

As for Rong Jiali, she was playing with Mengmeng in the pet area, accompanied by Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and Zi Yan.

They didnt care much about the treasures.

However, all Dong Chen cared about was the gains.

So, he couldnt wait to say, “Hurry up and plant the herbs.

Let us broaden vision.”

“As you wish.”

Zhang Han smiled and clapped his left hand on the trunk in the front.


Under the thunder yang tree, the formation was activated, revealing the real appearance of the herb garden.

But there were not many herbs left inside.

Seeing this, First Elder said, “You wouldnt have any difficulty filling up the herb garden, would you”

“It shouldnt be a problem to fill up the herb garden, right”

“Surely no problem.

Young Lord could never let us down,” Wang Xiaowu said with a smile.

“Young Lord, the haul youve gained on the trips to the Ancient Mine are already comparable to the resources obtained by the Heavenly Knights Sect over the years.”

“Youre so awesome.”


The group all fixed their eyes on the formation.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

Beams of light zoomed out of the Space Ring and enveloped the whole herb garden in less than three seconds.

Surprisingly, the light didnt dissipate.

As the number of spiritual herbs increased, the area of the herb garden began to expand.

It was quickly twice as large as it used to be.

Then three times…

Four times…

Everyones eyes gradually widened.

Five times…

Six times…

Seven times…

Ten times!

It was now ten times larger!

All the people there were dumbfounded.

“Oh my god, so many”

“Its the first time Ive seen so many resources since I was born.

Wow, so many divine objects! I bet there are more than 1,000 of them.

And there are also several thousand holy objects.

Youve made a fortune! Youve made a fortune! Young Lord, youre now so rich that your wealth can eclipse that of a sect!”

“This is unbelievable.

Good lord, what are those with strong auras in the middle”

Hearing that, many of them swiveled their eyes to the six-grade treasures in the center.

“Twenty-three kinds!”

Dong Chen was so excited that he was shaking from head to toe.

“Twenty-three kinds of sixth-grade treasures! This…”

“How did you achieve this” First Elder was amazed.

It felt like a dream.

This kind of scene usually only appeared in their dreams!

“A sea of resources! Its really a sea of resources,” Dong Chen said in a daze.

Dong Chen said in a daze.

But he didnt expect that he would still be even more astounded the next moment.

“Do you know what the most valuable thing is in the cities of the Ancient Mine” Zhang Han questioned with a faint smile.

“What is it The Holy Spirit Water, or sixth-grade treasures” Dong Chen said.

“No, its this one.”

Zhang Han unfolded his palm, on which an object resembling a house model was shining brightly.

“What is this”

Everyone was baffled.

But when they sensed the strong aura it issued, their hearts trembled.

“The Top-grade Crystal Palace.”

The pupils of Dong Chen and the others instantly contracted.

“The Top-grade Crystal Palace How many top-grade crystals are there in it” Dong Chens breathing became rapid as he spoke.

Last time, Zhang Han brought back more than 100 top-grade crystals, which were worth more than a million low-grade crystals!

Could the haul this time be even greater He had even gotten hold of the Top-grade Crystal Palaces!

“This time, I got 5,000 top-grade crystals,”

Zhang Han replied nonchalantly.


“How many”

“Five thousand”

“Its equivalent to 50 million low-grade crystals, isnt it The crystals the five worldlets have added up is still short from 5,000, right”

“Holy cow! You can be called the richest man on the planet from now on!”


Cries of shock could be heard.

Zhang Han just smiled and pointed his right hand at the thunder yang tree.

Just at this time, Mengmeng merrily ran over and shouted at Zhang Han in the distance,

“PaPa, why dont you play with me”

“Ah, Daddy is in the middle of something.”

“Whats the thing”


Zhang Han spread out his palm and revealed the palm-sized Top-grade Crystal Palace.

“Eh Is it a glowing toy”

Mengmengs voice sounded confused and suspicious, as though she was mumbling to herself.

But all martial artists on the side heard it quite clearly.

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