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“Of course…”

Just when Dong Chen was about to say something, Zhang Han marched over and said, “Yes, its a toy.”

That forced Dong Chen to swallow the words which were at the tip of his tongue.

Under their somewhat stunned gazes, Zhang Han strode over and cast a spell on the Top-grade Crystal Palace that weighed two tons, to make it light enough for Mengmeng to hold.

He then handed it to Mengmeng, for her to play with it.


Dong Chen did not know what to say.


All of a sudden, Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing.

“How great it is!

“To have a son powerful enough to be invincible!

“Dad, if one day your grandson turns out to be so extraordinary, your jaw would also drop.

“Im looking forward to that day.

One day, I, Zhang Guangyou…


“Ill take my son to the Kunlun Immortal World and bring you back!”

He had discovered that his son was too powerful and he could not be compared with his son at all.

But there was no need for any comparison.

Anyway, Zhang Han was his son.

Why would he be worried about his power Although Zhang Han was quite strong, he was not weak, either.

In the past, Zhang Guangyou regarded the Heaven Realm as his goal because it represented the advanced fighting capacity of the worldlets.

But now, he felt that it was nothing extraordinary.

In the past year, Yun Feiyan and Wang Xiaowu had also reached the Earth Realm Last-Stage.

Jiang Bing had entered the Earth Realm and so had many other disciples.

Mu Xue had also reached the Earth Realm Middle-Stage.

Zhao Feng and the others were about to reach the God Realm Late-stage.

Their progress had been incredibly fast.

“Grand Elder, Grand Elder!”

Wang Xiaowu said excitedly, “What is a Top-grade Crystal Palace Is it filled with top-grade crystals”

“Thats right.”

Dong Chen nodded, then said, “I figure that the Top-grade Crystal Palace should be the treasure that stores top-grade crystals in the city of the Dark Warriors down at the Ancient Mine.

I never expected that Zhang Han could even get one out.

Thats beyond my imagination.”

“As soon as Young Lord arrived, he has really held up the sky for us,” Yun Feiyang sighed softly.

His words made Zhang Guangyou, who was not far away, stiffen a little.

“How could this kid talk this way”

“Everything was just fine when I was here, wasnt it”

The group of people stood under the thunder yang tree, waiting to see what Zhang Han would do with the Top-grade Crystal Palace.

“PaPa, this small house even shines.”

Mengmeng held the Top-grade Crystal Palace in her hands and looked at it.

“Yes, just like a luminous pearl.

Do you like it”

Zhang Han affectionately touched Mengmengs little head.

This question made First Elder and the others quite nervous.

They all knew how well Zhang Han treated Mengmeng.

They were all too aware that if Mengmeng said that she liked it, the Top-grade Crystal Palace would be hers.

They had never thought about how much they would get.

After all, it was Zhang Han who obtained it.

They would be gratified if Zhang Han shared some of the resources with the Heavenly Knights Sect.

However, if he really gave the Top-grade Crystal Palace to Mengmeng as a toy, that would be a huge waste!

“Yes, I do!” Mengmeng answered with a chuckle.


Dong Chen felt his heart breaking.

“Its over!”

“Its yours if you like it,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Oh yeah! I got a new toy!”

Mengmeng was delighted.

She grabbed the toy and Zhang Hans hand and went off to play with Dahei and the others.

Later, Dahei even took a few bites off the Top-grade Crystal Palace.

After playing with it for a while, Mengmeng was no longer that interested in the Top-grade Crystal Palace, so she put it aside and went away.

“Mengmeng, can I take this now” Zhang Han asked after he saw what happened.

He knew that Mengmeng would not like this toy and she would be tired of it after playing with it for a while.

The little princess had a ton of toys in her bedroom.

Even if she played with a different toy each day, it would take her a few years before she went through all the toys.

As expected, when Mengmeng heard what Zhang Han said, she answered in her clear and melodious voice, “Okay.”

Zhang Han took the Top-grade Crystal Palace back to the side of the thunder yang tree.


He gently threw it forward.

The moment the Top-grade Crystal Palace fell at the root of the thunder yang tree, a gap suddenly appeared on the ground.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

About half a minute later, the Top-grade Crystal Palace landed in the center of the crystal mine on the mountain.

It started growing and eventually became a real palace.

All of a sudden, waves of powerful energy erupted from it.

Under the impact of these waves of energy, the surrounding crystal mine suddenly expanded, like a blown up balloon and then burst.

“Crack! Crack!”

The fragments turned into pieces of crystals.

The spirit crystal mine was complete!

“The spirit crystal mine…”

Dong Chen was speechless.

He did not expect that the crystal mine would appear like this.

According to what he had sensed, there were about 100,000 crystals near the Top-grade Crystal Palace, which was just a small sum compared with tens of millions of crystals.

It was just a small profit.

So, why did Zhang Han insist on doing this

While nurturing the Top-grade Crystal Palace, the Top-grade Crystal Palace would also provide energy in return.

Dong Chen knew little about these things.

Yet, Zhang Han did not explain any of it to him.

Instead, he took out a Space Ring and handed it to Dong Chen.

“Take this back.”


Dong Chen grinned from ear to ear.

“Youre so considerate!”

After taking a look at the Space Ring, his eyes gleamed in excitement.

It contained two kinds of sixth-grade treasures, more than 50 kinds of divine objects and hundreds of different kinds of holy objects!

In addition, he had obtained 10 bottles of Holy Spirit Water before…

He had a fortune! A great fortune!

“Dad, there are a lot of resources now.

But Ive noticed that your cultivation is pretty good.

Even if you dont absorb more resources, you can break through to the Middle-Stage.

When the time comes, I will refine an elixir for you, then you can directly break through to the Last-Stage.”

“Really Haha, that would be great.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

Zhang Guangyou enjoyed this kind of peaceful life very much, even though the Wind Snow Schools dormancy was just temporary.

The next time war broke out, he believed it would be a decisive battle between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School.

Therefore, while enjoying his easy life, he did not slack off totally.

Teaching Mengmeng martial arts every morning was the happiest time of the day for him.

The rest of the day was basically spent on cultivation.

Since the Spiritual Qi in Mount New Moon was now much more abundant than that in the worldlet, Zhang Guangyou did not need to absorb any resources.

He just ran his cultivation method repeatedly to comprehend the mystery of the martial arts.

Every time he gained more insights, the power he could display would be greater.

“Mom, you should do the same.

Do work hard to cultivate.

Then, in case of a fight, you could take your daughter-in-law and run.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Then, he looked at the others and remarked, “Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang, Jiang Bing, you guys and Zhao Feng, dont absorb any resources for the time being.

Just do your daily cultivation and try to comprehend your cultivation methods.

Later, Ill refine some more medicinal pellets.

You will progress faster after you take the pellets.”

Hearing Zhang Hans words, everyone was a little thrilled.

Instructor Liu, in particular, asked nervously, “Boss, when the time comes, will I be more powerful than Lan”

“Judging by your cultivation during this period, you wont.

But the disparity between you two will not be that striking anymore.

You are now at the God Realm Late-stage.

By then, you should be able to break through to the Earth Realm.

Captain Jiang just broke through to the Earth Realm, but she has the bloodline.” With that, Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Haha, thats to say Ill be able to make it to the Earth Realm! Thank you, boss!”

Instructor Lius eyes lit up in an instant.

Looking at the wretched expression on his face, Zhang Han knew that this guy was thinking about employing the few tricks that he had taught him to make a pass at Captain Jiang.

However, if he broke through to the Earth Realm, Captain Jiang would not be able to defend herself against him, unless she was fully on her guard at all hours.

As a result, all the talents of Mount New Moon, including some talents of the Heavenly Knights Sect, stayed and started to cultivate here.

All the people were working hard because they knew that this peaceful time was merely preceding the coming storm.

They could not relax until the Wind Snow School was destroyed.

Early the next morning.

After sending Mengmeng off, Zhang Han went back to Mount New Moon and wandered around the large vacant area.

After walking for an hour, he began to busy himself.

When Zi Yan was hanging the clothes out, she saw Zhang Han out there.

She came downstairs and asked curiously, “Honey, what are you doing”

“Ah, Im going to create a Magical Amusement Park.”

Zhang Han smiled and seemed to be in high spirits.

He looked toward the front and said, “There will be a water park on the left, with a flume ride.

A river will be over there and the ride on it will be like a ride on the roller coaster.

Also, there will be a sky wheel.

Its easier to make that.

Ill build some small crystal houses floating in circles in the air.

Now the spirit crystal mine has emerged with the Top-grade Crystal Palace; this magical park can stay magical for as long as you want.

And here, Ill put a small pool, which has a buoyancy force.

Thats a little complicated to make.

I want the water to rise and fall according to the players will.

As for the east, Ill make something similar to a play castle.

There will be wooden boards floating in the air, which will allow Mengmeng to jump over them.

If she falls, the pool beneath will hold her.

Ive thought about it.

If we dont want her to fail in the game, the water will rise and lift her up again.

But that sort of kills the fun.

So, I think we should let her fall.

Anyway, she will fall into the water and it wont be a big deal.

And inside the…”

Zhang Han droned on and on, his eyes shining with excitement.

Zi Yan was really speechless!

The corners of her mouth quivered and she covered her forehead with her right hand.

“Mengmengs father, are you taking this too far Anyone can see that there is a problem in your plan.”

“It will be all right.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Anyway, Mengmeng is already six years old.

I dont think its a big deal for her to get involved with cultivation.

She should be able to do it.”


Zi Yan shook her head and said, “Has it ever occurred to you that after this semester, Mengmeng will go to primary school and have more classmates At home, as long as youre here to take care of her, she can do anything she wants.

But it is impossible for her to always have her way in school.

I dont object to letting her study some simple martial arts.

I think its good.

But teaching her that kind of powerful ability is not appropriate.

She is still a kid.

If one day something goes wrong or if she has any conflicts with her classmates and loses her temper, not only will it be a blow to the other families, but it will also leave Mengmeng traumatized.

Whats more, it will distract her from her studies.

A persons focus is limited.

Even though Mengmeng is doing pretty well at school, she cant afford to be distracted from the mandatory education.”

“Dont be in a rush.”

Zi Yan pouted slightly and said, “How about we wait for a couple of years I think that when Mengmeng grows up and starts to cultivate, this ordinary childhood will be also a very precious memory.”

Zhang Han was touched by her words.

He thought for a moment and then sighed softly.

“Alas, my good moods are gone.

How do you think you should make it up to me”

“How do you want me to make it up to you” Zi Yan grinned.

“Why dont you take a guess” Zhang Han fixed his eyes on Zi Yans red lips.


They soon returned to the castle.

Although it was daytime, they still wanted to make the best of it.

Time flew.

When it was spring time, the best time of a year begins.

Though the capital veiled in willows is picturesque, the spring scenery is far more appealing.

After the winter vacation and the Spring Festival, Mengmeng was already six years old.

The little princesss delicate aura had subsided a little, but she was somewhat more resourceful and also more lovely and outgoing.

Spring arrived in March.

Mengmeng also started the last semester at Saint Kindergarten.

She was now in the second semester of the top class.

On the first day of the new semester, in the Dark Fire Mountain Range in the Ancient Mine…

The last Beast King let out an earth-shaking roar.

Every part of its body was bleeding.

It eventually died of self-detonation.

The turmoil soon swept in all directions.

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