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Grand Elder of Wind Snow School and the heads of the Caprice Mo Sect, the Ten Tiger Sect, the Limitless Sect and the other three sects were now literally generals without an army.

Except for the heads, all the other high-level members had died.

The Wind Snow School had also suffered a great loss.

They had brought dozens of their members over, but now, only 18 were still alive.

In addition to the seven head masters, there were only 11 people from the Wind Snow School who had survived.

It was a heavy price to pay.

But what they got in return were a large number of resources in their Space Rings.

Although the resources were abundant, none of those were above the sixth grade.

And the only sixth-grade treasure they could lay their hands on was a short way ahead of them.

It was the best of the sixth-grade treasures!

Even Zhang Hans eyes would turn green with envy if he saw it.

The sixth-grade treasure in front of them was better than all of his sixth-grade treasures.

However, this treasure had to be shared among the group.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

The group quickly flew over and stopped in their tracks 20 meters away from the treasure.

They stood in different positions.

The 11 members of the Wind Snow School stood together and the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and the other six heads were together.

Their meaning was very obvious.

If things did not go as they had agreed on before, then the two parties would fight each other.

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School hated this kind of confrontation immensely, but he had no choice.

He pondered for two seconds and said, “There are a total of six fruits.

According to what I said earlier, Ill get three.

The other three will be split among you.

The seven of you will have three fruits in total.

I guess those who want to get one would have to give up most of their resources in order to make the others give up their share, right”

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School was indeed very experienced.

His words made the heads of the seven sects become suspicious and undecided.

The problem with the opposite side had not been solved yet and there were new problems with the distribution among themselves.

Nevertheless, according to the previous agreement, they should focus on taking the fruits first.

“Then lets divide the fruits among us.”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader said, “I need one.

Although the fruit is strong, it is not enough for me to make a breakthrough.

I still need some basic resources.

But I can give up the rest.”

“I need one, too,” the head of the Ten Tiger Sect called out.

“As for the last one, Ill take it,” the head of Wuji Sect said.

The other four pondered for a long time and finally nodded in agreement.

The four of them also wanted to help their sects grow stronger.

Having been accustomed to being the head of a sect, they naturally would seize any chance to make a breakthrough.

However, after Immortal King Zhang made a breakthrough, he still was not able to kill the martial artist at the Heaven Peak Stage.

It was clear that the breakthrough only brought ones strength up above the Heaven Realm, which would not make much of a difference.

Moreover, as they had found one Dark Fire Mountain Range in the Ancient Mine, there were surely more of such mountain ranges waiting to be discovered.

When their sects grew stronger, they could also come here to explore.

The heads of the Caprice Mo Sect and the other six sects had discussed it before.

In fact, four of them wanted the fruits.

Yet, the fourth head, who did not call dibs on the fruit, hesitated for quite a while and eventually chose the resources.

“Thats settled then.

Lets take the fruits.”

A trace of pity flashed across the eyes of the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School.

He wanted to see the other party having an internal strife.

That way, he could act according to circumstances and seize more benefits.

However, that was merely his wish.

He knew that the other party might not act as he had expected.

It turned out that the decision they actually made was quite close to his surmise.

In the end, the members of the Wind Snow School set up a formation and took the fruits out.

After they divided the fruits, Grand Elder of Wind Snow School slowly remarked, “After this, I will go back to the sect to do closed-door training.

You can also go to the Wind Snow School to do closed-door training.

The day we make our breakthrough will be the doomsday of the Heavenly Knights Sect.”


The head of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and all the heads of the other two sects who had received their fruits, nodded firmly.

They planned to go there to do closed-door training.

The other four, however, prepared to return to their own sects.

Before they came over here, they also arranged their members to recruit more disciples in the secular world and so had a bigger team to lead.

They could develop at their own pace.

Anyway, ten years was not a long time for them.

Yet, the people of the outside world were not aware of this.

Even a large number of members of the Wind Snow School did not know what Grand Elder had gained.

Zhang Han paid little attention to them.

But with the help of the Heavenly Knights Sect, he had already learned that these people had gone down the Ancient Mine, only that he could not figure out what they had gained.

Zhang Han now cultivated every day.

More and more of his acupoints had lighted up.

While cultivating, he also spent a lot of time with Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Zi Yan had won an Oscar and a Xiangjiang Film Award.

Generally speaking, those rewards represented honor and wealth and the award winners often started to shoot more films after.

But Zi Yan was more of a “slacker”.

She went to the company only occasionally.

And she took up the position of a CEO because she was bored.

Now, she was only managing some small projects in the company.

Sun Dongheng had also become a celebrity, but he did not give up his hobby.

He still did live streaming once a week and Zi Yan was more than happy to arrange some programs for him.

Zhang Li had decided to let it be.

She went to the Starry Sky Bar to have fun every now and then.

Her husband, Liang Hao, had worked hard and his cultivation was improving rapidly.

The Liang Clan had moved out and were now settled down in a manor in the north of New Moon Bay.

Soon, it was August.

One night, Zi Yan leaned on Zhang Hans chest, holding her notebook and whispered, “Honey, you see, there are several suitable elementary schools in the south island, which are the Linai Elementary School, the Public Elementary School of the South Island, the Baotian Elementary School, the Qingheng Elementary School, the Huaying Elementary School, the Classical Learning Elementary School, and the Dongli Elementary School.”

The elementary schools that Zi Yan mentioned had all been carefully selected.

Whether in terms of safety or the facilities, those elementary schools were all top class schools.

There was no doubt that the tuition fees would be very expensive.

Yet, in this place where every inch of land was as expensive as gold, the fees meant nothing.

Some parents with average incomes would even tighten their belts in order to send their children to one of these elementary schools.

They would do their best to let their children receive a better education.

To Zhang Han, money was no object.

But he did ponder over which elementary school Mengmeng should go to.

“I dont know.

But lets cross the Classic Learning Elementary School in New Moon Bay off the list.

When we pick up Mengmeng every day, the drive would take a few minutes.

Lets take a look at the other places.” Zhang Han gave his input.

He was used to spending half an hour driving Mengmeng to and from school every day.

It was quite an interesting time.

“Then which one should I pick”

Zi Yan was also a little undecided.

“How about I ask Mom for her opinion”

She was referring to Rong Jiali because Xu Xinyu was not in Mount New Moon at this time.

She was still working with Dong Qiang in the company.

“No need.

She will tell you that the nearest one is the best.” Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng, who was counting the small red flowers in front of the small blackboard at the side.

Beaming, he said, “My sweet daughter, come here.”

“No, I have not finished counting yet.”

“How much more do you need” Zhang Han asked.

“Just a few.

PaPa, dont disturb me.

I almost forgot how many I had counted.” Mengmeng answered Zhang Hans question while doing her counting.

After 20 seconds, Mengmeng finally counted all the red flowers and ran over happily.

She snuggled into Zhang Hans arms and said jubilantly, “PaPa, I already have 110 little red flowers.”

“Youve got so many of them! I cant believe youve done so many things.

You get one red flower every time you do something I ask you to do.

Now you have 110 red flowers, it means youve done 110 things.”

Zhang Hans tone was a little exaggerated.


Mengmeng laughed happily.

“Mengmeng, which school do you want to go to”

Knowing that the father and daughter would soon forget about the discussion once they started to play, Zi Yan hurriedly said, “Look, MaMa has picked some elementary schools for you.

Take a look and tell me which one you want to go to.

There are…”

Zi Yan repeated the names of the elementary schools.

“Mama, I cant do this.”

However, after Zi Yan finished speaking, Mengmeng replied seriously, “I dont have time to go to elementary school.

I still need to learn martial arts from grandpa.

I cant do so many things at the same time.”


Zi Yans face darkened.

She tossed a nasty glare at Zhang Han.

“Did you see that You still want to teach Mengmeng how to cultivate She is now refusing to go to elementary school.”

“Well, you still have to attend elementary school.

Besides, you only need to learn martial arts for an hour in the morning,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Then Ill do whatever PaPa tells me to do.”

Mengmeng lay in Zhang Hans arms and did not care too much about what school she would go to at all.

“So you two will simply pass the buck to me, right” Zi Yan said, feeling both annoyed and amused.

“Humph, then Ill pick one myself.”

After saying that, Zi Yan turned back to the notebook.

“Ive been watching other parents chatting in the parents chat group these days.

Martin wants to go back to his country to study.

In two years, he will go back to Xiangjiang and transfer to a local school.

Stefen, the little genius, will go back to England instead.”

“As for Wang Yihan, her parents are busy with work.

So, she is going to attend an elementary school in Shenzhen.”

Speaking of this, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and sighed inwardly.

In fact, Wang Yihan and Mengmeng were good friends.

In fact just a few days ago, Mengmeng was still very reluctant to part with her.

However, it seemed that to go to Shen Zhen to study was Wang Jiawens idea.

After all, the disparity in strength and status had put him under too much pressure.

Zi Yan could do nothing about that.

Anyway, everyone was entitled to their own opinions.

“Then Ill pick the Dongli Elementary School.”

Without any hesitation, Zi Yan said, “The Dongli Elementary School in the Eastern District is not far from our home.

We have visited that school before.

I like the environment there.

The only thing Im not very satisfied with is that the strength of their faculty is slightly inferior to that of the former.

Its just that Luo Shan talked to me a couple of days ago.

He said that we must tell him what school we chose once we decided, for he wanted to follow the education course through to the end.”

While speaking, Zi Yan could not help laughing.

Luo Shans agenda was quite blatant in that remark he had made.

Hoping to get closer with Zhang Han, he would buy off the elementary school Zhang Hans daughter attended at all cost.

The Dongli Elementary School was a private school.

Given the status of the Luo Clan in Xiangjiang, Luo Shan would certainly have no difficulty buying it off.

There was one thing that Zi Yan was concerned about.

Although Luo Shan had a purpose, his ability to do business was quite excellent.

Otherwise, the Saint Kindergarten would not have developed so well.

After thinking about it for a while, Zi Yan finally made up her mind.

“I pick the Dongli Elementary School.

The strength of the faculty will improve.

The environment and other aspects can also be improved in the future.

I believe that Luo Shan can also do a good job running this school.

What do you think, honey”

Although she had made up her mind, in the end, she still wanted to ask for Zhang Hans opinion.

However, Zhan Han did not contribute any opinion.

He just nodded and said, “Sure.”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him again.

“Then Ill tell this to Luo Shan.”

She took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Luo Shan saying, “I remember that there are also some students in Mengmengs class who chose the Dongli Elementary School.

It seems to be… Let me have a check.”

Zi Yan opened the WeChat chat group and looked through the chat history.

After a while, she said, “Yes, there is one.

Its Li Muen.

She also chose the Dongli Elementary School.”

“Is it Muen” Mengmeng sat up and said, “So, MaMa, are Muen and I going to the same elementary school”

“I suppose so.

But we have not gone through the admission procedure.

So, Im not sure yet,” Zi Yan answered.

One of the privileges the kids in the Saint Kindergarten had was that they had a lot of elementary schools to pick from.

Therefore, before the end of the admission period, any of them could change their mind and pick another one.

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