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The next day, Mengmeng went to class.

The students studied by themselves in the first class.

The lead teacher and the students got to know each other through chatting.

After the self-introduction and lively atmosphere collected on the first day, some of the students set themselves free and showed their true temperaments.

Qian Chao was the tallest and also a little chubby, but the lead teacher was very kind and warm to him.

She was a little indifferent to others, but no one could feel it.

When it was time to go to the playground to learn how to do exercises, the students left the classroom quickly.

Li Muen took a crystal bouncy ball out of her pocket.

She patted the ball beside Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, I seem to have forgotten something.”

“What is it”

“Yesterday, I forgot to call my dad,” Li Muen thought of this and added, “Mengmeng, dont you also want a mobile phone I forgot.

Do you want to make a phone call now”


Mengmeng suddenly remembered the matter.

“I forgot, too.

Well, umm, theres no need to make a phone call.

Ill talk to my PaPa about it when he picks me up this afternoon.”

“Its Daddy, not Papa.”

“Well, Daddy.

Ill talk to Daddy about it when he picks me up this afternoon,” Mengmeng muttered.

She repeated Daddy and Mommy in her mind.


Right at this moment, a figure, who was considered tall to them, ran past them quickly and grabbed Li Muens crystal bouncy ball.

It was Qian Chao.

“Why did you snatch my bouncy ball Give it back to me!”

Li Muen was stunned at first, and then she said angrily, “How could you snatch my toy”

“I didnt snatch it.

I just took it,” Qian Chao retorted.

“Thats mine.

Give it back to me!” Li Muen became even angrier.

“No, no, no, I wont.

Come and catch me!” Qian Chao made a face and jumped a few more times.

Li Muen was so annoyed that she almost cried.

“How, how could you rob Muen of her toy, you evil boy Give the bouncy ball back to her, or well get mad!” Mengmeng snorted.

“No, I wont give it back to her.”

“Ugh, give it to me!”

Li Muen ran up to Qian Chao quickly, but she was no match for him.

Qian Chao ran ahead, followed by Li Muen and Mengmeng.


Li Muen ran too fast.

She didnt step properly and suddenly fell to the ground.


She burst into tears at once.

“Muen, dont cry.

Lets go and find the lead teacher!”

Mengmeng was also a bit angry and tried to soothe Li Muen.

When he heard that Mengmeng was going to find the lead teacher and Li Muen was crying, Qian Chao stopped and walked back.

“Isnt it just a rotten bouncy ball Its nothing serious.

Why are you crying Youre so annoying.”

“Why did you snatch Muens toy! Youre annoying! Ill tell the lead teacher about it!” Mengmeng said loudly.

The commotion over here had attracted quite a few students.

Seeing that everyone was looking at them, Qian Chao was kinda annoyed.

“Hes so annoying!” Li Muen cried and said, “Mengmeng, lets complain to the lead teacher about it.”

“Do whatever you want.

I dont even bother picking this lousy ball up from the ground!”

Qian Chao suddenly threw the bouncy ball in his hand into the distance.

The ball bounced up a few times on the ground and then fell into the flower bed.

“Youre bullying us!”

Mengmeng stood up and looked at Qian Chao.

She felt wronged deep inside and almost burst into tears.

“Who bullied you You like to cry and take a lousy ball as a treasure.

Its something I disdain to play with usually.

Do you know how many toys I have in my house Im afraid Ill scare you to death if I tell you…”

Qian Chao was a typical naughty boy.

He was fearless, and he shouted loudly with his eyes wide open.

Not far away, a teacher noticed the situation and hurried over.

Before Qian Chao could finish his words, Mengmengs mind suddenly went blank as she looked at him.

She was angry and wronged.

There were so many people watching them, and Li Muen was still sitting on the ground crying.

She didnt know what to do.

Nonetheless, she hated the boy in front of her so much that she subconsciously thought of the kick that Zhang Guangyou had taught her.

Under many students gazes, Mengmeng bent her body slightly and raised her right foot.

Suddenly, she sped up and kicked Qian Chao directly on his belly.

She didnt have much strength, but she stood quite steady.

Her body moved a little backward due to the impact.

Although Qian Chao didnt stand stably, he was considerably heavy.

He took a step back because of the kick.

It didnt hurt much, but he was shocked.

“Did I get beaten”

After making a move, Mengmeng immediately turned around, jumped a little higher, drew a circle with her right leg, and kicked Qian Chao on the shoulder.


Qian Chao felt the pain this time.

He leaned over and sat down on the ground.

As a result, he felt pain in his butt.


As soon as Qian Chao cried, his crying directly drowned Li Muens.

The PE teacher, who came over at the beginning, saw Mengmengs movements, and his eyes lit up.

They were standard front kick and side kick.

“This little girl must have been taught by a real martial artist!”

That was what he was thinking.

But when he saw Qian Chao sitting on the ground and crying after being kicked to the ground, he had a headache immediately.

“Oh my God, its really troublesome.

How could I handle such a thing”

He sighed.

He hurried over and said, “All right, all right, all right.

Stop crying.

Why did you fight

“You should show consideration for each other.

Its normal to have conflicts.

If theres anything you dont understand, go to find your teacher.

Dont cry.

Ill take you to your lead teachers office.

Get up quickly.

Which class are you in”

Mengmeng was somewhat confused at this point.

“Did I hit someone

“Did I make a mistake”

She didnt know what to do.

When she heard the teachers words, she pouted and said, “We are in Class One, Grade One.”

“Class One, Grade One Youre Ms.

Yans students.

All right, all right, everybody, stop watching and get in line.

Ill take you to Ms.


The PE teacher had no choice.

Seeing that Qian Chao and Li Muen were still crying, he said nothing and took them straight to the office.

During this period, he was sort of impressed by Mengmeng.

“Her parents have educated her well.

She knows some martial arts moves and doesnt like to cry.

Moreover, shes beautiful.

How wonderful she is! When my baby is born, I can teach my baby… gymnastics, I think.

I hope itll work as well.”

When they arrived at the teachers office, they saw about a dozen people in it, and Yan Ying was sitting by the window in the middle.

When she saw the two of them crying, Yan Yings expression changed slightly.

She stood up and asked, “Whats going on”


Yan, she hit me!” Qian Chao was no longer in pain, but he was still crying loudly.

He pointed at Mengmeng and added, “She hit me several times.

It hurts.”

“No, thats not the case!”

Li Muen was anxious.

She wiped her tears and said, “He snatched my toy first and didnt give it back to me.

How could he blame anyone else”

“Yes, yes.” Mengmeng felt wronged when she saw Qian Chao put the blame on her.

She pouted and said, “He didnt give the toy back to Muen and even threw it away.”

“Boohoo… She was the one who hit me.

I was just playing with them, yet she hit me.

Im still in pain.” Qian Chao cried.

For a moment, about eight or nine teachers in the whole office looked over.

Some shook their heads slightly, some were accustomed to it, and some just laughed and ignored it.

Yan Ying seemed to be somewhat angry, and her face darkened.

She glanced at the PE teacher and asked, “Whats going on”

“Im not sure, but this boy must have snatched the toy.

He said something else, and then the little girl kicked him twice.”

The PE teacher didnt want to get involved in any disputes.

After saying that, he nodded and left.

By saying that Qian Chao said something else, he implied that the boy spoke some rude words.

He had seen too many little devils like him.

However, this was just a small dispute.

He believed that Yan Ying could handle this matter well.

After he left, Yan Ying took Qian Chaos hand.

“Dont cry.

Follow me to my desk.”

While speaking, she looked at Li Muen and Mengmeng with some dissatisfaction in her eyes.

After walking over, Yan Ying sat down in her chair.

Qian Chao was closest to her.

“Its time for morning exercises.

You have to learn how to do morning exercises.

Why did you bring the toy with you” she asked, looking at Li Muen.


Yan, its just a bouncy ball.”

“Thats also a toy.

I said yesterday that you should follow the rules.

You made a mistake because you took the toy to school.” Yan Yings tone was not soft, but when she saw Li Muen shed more tears, she lowered her voice.

With this, she looked at Qian Chao again.

“Why did you snatch her toy”

Qian Chao stopped crying and answered in a loud voice, “I didnt snatch it.

I was just joking with them.

Who knew that they would hit me without any reason I have so many such toys at home, and I dont give a damn about it.”

“Did you hear that Qian Chao just wanted to play with you.

Why couldnt you be more tolerant You have just entered the first grade, and you have to have group consciousness and learn how to fit in,” Yan Ying said to Li Muen.

Then she looked at Mengmeng.

“You are a girl.

How could you hit someone”

“He spoke evil of us first,” Mengmeng retorted, kinda scared.

“Speaking is a form of communication, but beating someone is a moral problem.

Didnt your parents teach you not to hit others outside” Yan Yings words sounded a bit ironic.

If it were an adult who heard her, he or she would definitely know that and get angry at the same time, but children wouldnt think so much, so Mengmeng just recalled what her family had told her.

It seemed that neither her parents nor grandparents had told her not to hit anyone outside.

No, MaMa seemed to have said that.

At this moment, Yan Ying tried to reduce the matter to nothing.

She didnt want to cause more trouble.

Unexpectedly, Qian Chao covered his ass and said, “Ms.

Yan, Im going to tell my dad about it.

My ass is hurting now! Im going to call my dad right now!”

Upon hearing this, Yan Ying instantly changed her attitude.

She looked at Mengmeng rather sternly.

“Its your fault to hit someone.

How did your family educate you It seems that I have to call your parents over and ask them in person whats going on! Did they ask you to go to school just to hit someone

“And you!”

She looked at Li Muen again and said, “You shouldnt have taken your toy to school.

You played with it while doing morning exercises.

I should also call your parents over.”

Her stern attitude and words caused Li Muen to cry again, and even Mengmeng felt kinda afraid and wronged.

For no reason, she was a little scared to call her parents in front of the lead teacher.

It was obvious that she would say something bad about her.

In a moment, Mengmengs eyes turned misty.

Seeing this, Qian Chao grew even more unscrupulous.

“Ill go back to the classroom and get my phone!”

“Theres no need to do that.

Take my phone and call your father.”

Yan Ying took out her mobile phone in public and dialed the number of Qian Chaos father.

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