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While Yan Ying was making a call, three desks away from her in the office, a male and female teacher in their 30s were sitting opposite each other.

They couldnt refrain from discussing.

“If Im not mistaken, the father of the boy named Qian Chao must be Qian Li, right Hes the CEO of Gexin Finance, rich and powerful.

I heard that Qian Li is on terms with Patriarch Ye in our Eastern District.

The Ye family is powerful and can make things work simply with a few words.

Theyre really big shots.

The more important thing is that Qian Lis uncle is Qian Hao, a senior in the Education Bureau.

Ive heard that Qian Haos grandson was going to attend our school long ago, and I didnt expect that hes in Yan Yings class.

If she takes good care of him, her career will take off,” the male teacher said with envy.

“But if she fails, that wont necessarily be true.” The female teacher shook her head.

“The truth is she must have taken good care of him.” The male teacher smiled.

“Youre right.” The female teacher nodded.

“Look at Yan Yings attitude and youll know shes definitely biased toward Qian Chao.

She wanted to resolve the problem on her own, but Qian Chao wanted to call his parents, so Yan Ying directly changed her attitude.

She got on Qian Chaos side and called their parents.

This is completely a competition to find out whos got a more bad*ss dad.”

“Bad*ss dad…” The male teacher burst into laughter.


When kids get into quarrels, theyll rely on their dads.

None of them wants to lose.

Their quarrels are actually about trivial things.

But when they keep getting their parents involved, things will develop into something even we dont know.

I hope those two girls parents can take the pressure, otherwise, the girls wont be happy in school.”

“Yan Ying didnt handle it well either.” The female teacher mumbled, “Why does she have to call them so quickly Its nothing major.”

“Theres no other way.

Her uncle Yan Bin is a director at school.

He can be promoted to vice principal with the help of Qian Li, then Yan Ying will be closer to the position of vice director.

I even got a feeling that she was glad that something like this happened.

How could she appear important without the problem”


The female teacher sighed.

Seeing that Yan Ying had finished her call, she did not say anything more.

It was a realistic society.

Even in private schools, that was the case.

It was arduous for a teacher without a benefactor like her to move one step up the career ladder.

In the meantime, just when Zhang Han was about to cultivate, a call came.

“You said Mengmeng had a fight with someone”

It was a call from Elder Meng.

As the apple of Zhang Hans eye, how could he leave Mengmeng unguarded When she attended school, the security group was divided into several units, guarding her nearby.

When the students went to the playground, Elder Meng saw it all.

He even burst into laughter upon seeing Mengmeng dealing out the kick.

“She really learned something from her grandpa!”

Elder Meng saw it as a friendly competition between kids, and Mengmeng did not lose, so he took it lightly.

However, her teacher should call their parents.

Therefore, he had to inform the boss.

Thus, when Zhang Han first learned the news, he froze for a while.

“What the… Mengmeng fought with someone She didnt suffer, did she

“No way.

They were there, so how could they leave her to suffer”

“I see.

Ill head over right now.”

Zhang Han answered and went downstairs to start the small panda car he usually drove and headed for Eastern District.

After five minutes, instead of Yan Ying, Zi Yan called him.

“Mengmeng had a fight in school and hit a classmate.

We need to head over.”

“Im already on the way.”

“Huh Youre already on the way” said Zi Yan.

“Why didnt you pick me up then”

“You dont need to handle such a trivial thing.

Ill deal with it.”

“Hubby.” Zi Yan sounded very helpless.

“Our daughter hit a classmate.

At the end of the day, hitting someone is wrong.

We shouldnt bully them.”

Zi Yan knew very clearly how Zhang Han cared for Mengmeng.

He definitely wouldnt be reasonable with the other party.

Thinking like that, Zi Yan felt unsure so she said, “Ill go there now too.”

“Its no big deal.

Our daughter didnt lose.

And if they made Mengmeng hit them, they must have crossed the line,” answered Zhang Han.

“But… Ill be downstairs right away.

Slow down and wait for me.”

After saying that, Zi Yan hung up.

Zhang Han considered and didnt wait for Zi Yan.

He just went to the school to handle such a trivial matter.

He didnt want to ruin Zi Yans mood.

At the same time, on one side of the school parked a black Mercedes Benz.

Elder Meng was sitting in the drivers seat, while two others sat in the back seats.

“Lucky that damn kid didnt hit Mengmeng, or the boss would definitely explode.”

“Thats right.

The boss might be gentle usually, but if someone bullies Mengmeng, hell definitely go hard on them.”

Elder Meng shook his head slightly upon hearing that and looked sideways at the teaching buildings.

“You can suck up to important people, but you have to be reasonable at the same time.

This school isnt as moral as Saint Kindergarten.

I think a change in management is needed.

Luo Shan has recently been busy with recruiting teachers; the principal just took office and hasnt handled these matters.”


If he hears that on the second day of school, a teacher called the boss, Im afraid he will storm back.”


They laughed and talked while waiting there.

After more than 20 minutes later, the small panda car arrived.

The few people got alerted and got out of the car.

Zhang Han lightly nodded his head as he looked at them.

He didnt say anything and just parked near the school.

He had his name registered by the guard and walked in.

He stepped into the office.

It was now class time.

Other than Yan Ying, there were only four teachers, including the two teachers who had been discussing, in the room.

Li Kai was already there.

He was sitting casually in a teachers seat while Li Muen and Mengmeng sat next to him.

However, Qian Chao was standing in front of Yan Ying and Yan Ying looked a little annoyed.

“It looks like she didnt get things straight with Li Kai.”

If he didnt care, then Yan Ying didnt dare to say anything harsh either.

It was just that she was growing impatient while waiting for Qian Chaos father, Qian Li.

“When he comes, Ill see how you can still be arrogant.”

Yan Ying was furious and glared at Li Kai a few times.

However, Li Kai wasnt bothered by that.

“Youre impatient with waiting Im also waiting for someone too, okay”

Seeing that Zhang Han had come, Li Kai hurriedly rose.

Yan Ying smirked.


Zhang, I think its time that we talk about this seriously.

I dont know about your education at home, but its only the second day of school, and yet she hit a student.

I wonder if shell be able to hit a teacher in another one or two months.”

Hearing Yan Yings words, Mengmeng looked nervous and felt scared inside.

She tightened her lips and looked a little aggrieved in the eyes.

The moment he saw that, Zhang Han felt hurt inside.

He scoffed at Yan Yings words.

“Let alone simply a lead teacher like you, so what even if she hits the principal”


Yan Ying felt dazed.

“What did you say

“Hit the principal

“No wonder they say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree!

“Hes just arrogant!

“Too arrogant!”

Yan Ying was furious, and the other four teachers in the office were also dumbfounded.

The male and female teachers who sat next to each other exchanged glances.

“Hes something to even be able to say something like that in a teachers face.

He either has something up his sleeve or is stupid.

The situation can be flexible.

But if he acts like that in the first place while he doesnt have any connections, his kid will be expelled.

That will simply cost him too much.”

This was their common view.

Zhang Han ignored the others and trotted over to Mengmeng.

At that time, Mengmeng had already got out of the chair and stood there.

She looked like she had when she first met Zhang Han, a little timid.

“Its okay.

Dads here.

Its okay.”

Zhang Han squatted right away and held Mengmeng in his arms.

Only at that moment did the little kid start to sob.

“Dad, it was really not my fault.

He had Muens toy and blamed it on us.

I, I just kicked him.

I sprained my ankle.”


Zhang Han looked nervous.

“Quick, sit down.

Dad will help you massage it.”

While saying that, Zhang Han lifted Mengmeng up and put her on a chair.

“Which one”

“This one.”

As she found that Zhang Han did not blame her and was still as gentle as usual, Mengmengs fear and panic completely faded away.

The little princess looked at Zhang Han and lifted her right foot.

Then Zhang Han took off Mengmengs shoe.

He examined it and found no serious injuries; she had just used too much force.

Then he gently massaged it.

Many people were stunned to see that.

“Your daughter hit someone, and yet thats your reaction It doesnt seem right.

Wont parents normally try to please the teacher”

Li Kai was a little surprised and he turned to look at Li Muen.

“Muen, do you feel hurt Ill massage you too.”

“My knees hurt a little,” answered Li Muen in a low voice.

“Sit down.”

Li Kai also put Li Muen on a chair.

He really knew how to blend in.


Yan Ying finally couldnt refrain from smirking.

“What a good parent you are! Since youre so good at educating, why did you send her to school to bully others in the first place”

“Shut up.”

Zhang Han didnt want to waste his breath.

His voice was low but heart-shaking.

Yan Yings expression froze.

“One more word and Ill hit you too!”

Li Kai seized the chance to glare at Yan Ying.

This time, Qian Chao was the one to feel scared and swallow his words.


Youre great.” Yan Ying looked cold, picked up a landline telephone nearby, and dialed an internal number.

“Hello, Director.

Im stuck in something here.

There are two parents who are just too rude.

Their kids hit a student, and the students name is Qian Chao.”

After hanging up, Yan Ying felt confident.

At the same time, the principal was making a daily inspection at the building of Class One and Class Two.

He used to be the principal of Saint Kindergarten; now he became the principal of an elementary school.

He had more things to manage and became busy; however, he knew what he was responsible for there.

“Class Five, Class Four, Class Three, Class Two, Class One.

Here I am.”

The principal took a look while he was beside the back rows of the windows.


“Why isnt Mengmeng here

“And there are three empty seats

“Did I make a mistake”

He checked another time and still failed to see her.

Therefore, the principal went toward the front rows of the windows to check again; she really was not there.

The teacher also saw the sneaking principal.

“What is the new principal doing

“He doesnt like me”

The teacher started to think like that.

Suddenly, the door was opened and the principal walked in to ask, “Who are those three absent students”

“Theyre Zhang Yumeng, Qian Chao, and Li Muen,” answered the teacher.

“Where are they”

“Theyre in the office.” The teacher hesitated and walked near the principal to whisper, “I think they had a fight and are waiting in the office for their parents.”

“What… what did you say!”

The principals face changed dramatically.

As if he were fleeing from something, he stormed out of the classroom.

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