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Luo Shan had been thinking about taking over the administration step by step.

After all, there were still many good teachers.

However, now, he would rather convict them all than let a single suspect slip away.

At the same time, Zhang Han was holding Mengmengs small hand.

“PaPa, did I do something wrong I was expelled.

Does that mean I cant go to school anymore” Mengmeng asked in a low voice.

The little kid didnt want to go to school before, but now she still felt sad about being kicked out.

It would be better if it was her own idea to leave.


Were just taking a day off.”

Zhang Han smiled.

“My daughter knows how to be a hero.

Youre awesome.

You made me proud, and you definitely have learned some kung fu from your grandpa.

So I have to reward you.

Well go to Smile for ice cream.

I think theres a Smiles shop on this street.”

“Mm! PaPa is the best.

Uh-huh, Dad is the best.”

After Mengmeng remembered the tone, she said it again.

Nonetheless, she was still in a good mood.

Mengmeng had visited many ice cream shops in Xiangjiang, and she preferred the one Zhang Han talked about.

Zi Yan didnt allow her to go there all the time and only allowed her to go occasionally as a reward.

While talking, they walked out of the school, only to see a man writing a ticket for the small panda car.

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly.

“Alright, Ive parked illegally.”

The man also saw Zhang Han and Mengmeng coming over.

He thought it over and said, “Try not to park illegally in the future.

It will badly affect traffic.”

“I got it, Mr.

Policeman,” answered Mengmeng in a serious tone.

Zhang Han also nodded, got into the car, and dialed Zi Yans number.

“Im finished.

Im going to take Mengmeng to Smile for ice cream.”

Zi Yan was speechless after hearing that.

“Going for ice cream That must be a reward!


“Her dad just spoils the kid.”

“Ill be at the school in a minute.

Wait for me.”

Zi Yan quickly hung up after saying that.

In less than one minute, the limited Bugatti drove over.

Zi Yan got out of the car and attracted many peoples attention.

At the school gate, the guards eyes widened.

Seeing her walking to the panda car, he couldnt help feeling shocked.

“You came.”

In front of his kids mother, Zhang Han couldnt afford to stay cool.

He got out of the car, forced a smile, and hurried to open the back door.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes and sat inside.

Zhang Han informed Elder Meng behind him; then someone came to drive the sports car back.

When she saw Mengmeng, Zi Yan didnt become angry.

Instead, she stroked her small head and asked, “Mengmeng, what happened today Tell me.”

“MaMa, today I became a hero.”

Mengmeng said seriously, “I did learn something from Grandpa.”

The two sentences froze Zi Yans face.

“Without a doubt, Zhang Han taught her this.”

“Today, I went to the playground with Muen.

She had a ball, but another classmate named Qian Chao snatched it away.

He wouldnt give it back to Muen and snapped at us.

Then, he threw Muens ball so far away that it got lost.

Then Qian Chao said it was a stupid ball, so I kicked him.

I didnt cry, but he did and told the teacher that we bullied him…”

Upon hearing what happened, Zi Yan didnt know what to say.

“Should I say that she was in the wrong

“That stinking guy in the drivers seat definitely doesnt agree.

“Though shes not in the wrong, its still wrong to hit people.

“Though it was nothing serious, dont forget she just started to learn kung fu.

If she had learned cultivation, she might have killed him out of carelessness.

“Apparently, she should wait until shes older.”

Zi Yan thought about it and said, “Mengmeng, even though it was like that, next time…

“Well, never mind.”

Zhang Han smiled.

“Honey, dont you think some people deserve a beating Let alone elementary school students, even some adults are like that.

So its not bad that Mengmeng got physical.

At least she wont be bullied out there in the future.”


Zi Yan was slightly dazed.

“Why does that sound right, but at the same time wrong”

“Mengmeng, dont listen to your dad.

In the future, we wont easily hit someone.

You can only do that when someone really bullies you.

And youre a girl.

Think about it, if you wear a beautiful dress and kick someone, you might have a wardrobe malfunction.”

“MaMa, why cant I kick when I wear a beautiful dress And whats a wardrobe malfunction”

Mengmeng looked puzzled in her eyes.

“A wardrobe malfunction means that your important parts are seen by others.

So you have to protect yourself from that.

You cant let others see your important parts,” Zi Yan explained.

Mengmeng didnt receive much education on this subject; Zi Yan had taught her little.

Zi Yan had also considered if she should be explicit and if it was right to be explicit.

“The important parts are your face, lips, neck, skin below your neck and above your tummy, and parts between your waist and thighs.

These are all important parts.

You cant let them be seen by others, and you definitely cant let them be touched,” answered Zhang Han directly.

“That is, you cant let others kiss your lips.

You cant let boys touch you.

Of course, they can shake your hands.

And theres the problem about baring…”

Zi Yan went straight ahead and told Mengmeng about what was common sense on the subject.

“Shes in elementary school; she has to know something about this.”

“When Mengmeng gets older, even Dad cant change your clothes or kiss your lips.

Men and women are different.

Mengmeng, you have to remember this.”

While she was talking about that, Zhang Han quickly added, “Why cant PaPa PaPa can!”

Nonetheless, Mengmeng immediately refuted it.

“Hahaha, its just because men and women are different.

Lets go to have ice cream and then hang out in the afternoon.”

After talking for a little while longer, Zhang Han started the car to go to the nearby ice cream shop.

Many customers were in the shop, so Zi Yan put on sunglasses and a baseball cap again.

She placed two orders and sat beside the windows.

However, in less than three minutes, Qian Li, Qian Chao, and another person walked in.

They bought three ice creams and sat behind Zhang Han.

“Well, youre still in the mood for ice cream.”

Qian Chaos mother spotted Mengmeng right away so she smirked.

“Shouldnt you be looking for your next school Dont think the new principal you know will help you.

Even private schools go by the rules.”

Her words made Qian Chao notice Mengmeng.

He made a face and said, “You hit me, and now you cant even go to school.


“Dont talk.

This is a public facility.”

Qian Li didnt even look back and said flatly, “We cant be impolite, like some people.”

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

Zi Yan didnt expect to run into them.

However, their tone, expressions, and the way they talked even annoyed Zi Yan.

She smiled and gracefully stroked Mengmengs head, then spoke in a voice slightly louder than usual.

“Your dads right.

Some people do deserve a beating.

As your reward, we can have another ice cream tomorrow.”

Mengmeng had been worried that MaMa would scold her if the two families met.

She didnt expect that MaMa would completely support her!



Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“He deserves a beating, so can I hit him again to have two more ice creams”


Zhang Han burst into laughter.


The moment he was about to say yes, he felt a harsh look from the kids mother.


Zhang Han didnt say it out loud in the end and just motioned to her.


We can have another one tomorrow.

Dad told you that you dont have to care about how those irrelevant people look at or talk about you.”

“Uh-huh, I got it.

I wont care about them.

Theyre bad guys,” mumbled Mengmeng.


Qian Chaos mother became furious, and her face reddened with anger.

Even Qian Lis face fell.

“Youre not sorry and act arrogantly like this.

Hehe, okay.”

She took out her phone in anger, opened WeChat, and started to text someone.

Qian Li knew who she was texting but remained silent.

“Who am I Am I a person you should taunt It might not be a bad idea to teach you a lesson.

At least you should know your place.

Weak people shouldnt act recklessly.”

Normally, if they surrendered, they would get up and leave dejectedly.

Qian Chaos mother had pictured this.

If they ran away, she would taunt them mercilessly.

Then she would have some schools blacklist that little girl, leaving her with no school to attend.

At that time, those people would realize that there were some people they couldnt afford to offend.

However, the idea was beautiful; the reality was cruel.

They didnt look like they were going to flee at all, but just sat there, leisurely eating ice cream.

“Then dont blame me for being rude.”

Qian Li coldly watched.

Three minutes later, four Toyota Prados parked in the parking lot outside.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

A few people got out of the car.

The person in front was none other than Ye Han, who had witnessed Zhang Han driving a sports car.

At that time, the Ye family was influential in Eastern District.

Someone from the upper class had wanted to discipline them, but they managed to escape unscathed with their acquaintance with Zhang Han.

In the past, he had sold so many collectible cars to Zhao Feng, offered many kindnesses, and benefited a lot from it.

At that time, the Ye family abandoned many underground businesses and got back to the decent trade industry, so they laid the foundation of their stable status.

Their businesses in the past still mattered, so Ye Han was still reputable.

In fact, he became more and more acclaimed as if he were a young master from an old-money family.

He was pretty influential in the Eastern District, and of course, had many followers.

However, when he was getting out of his car…

“Holy sh*t!”

A curse escaped his lips.

A follower asked, “Whats that, Master Ye”


Zhang is here!”

Ye Han thought that he had made a mistake.

During the past years, he had always been sensitive to a small panda car, so he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

However, after a closer look at the plate, he cursed.

One of his followers knew about Zhang Han, so he shivered and suggested, “What Mr.

Zhang Then what do we do Lets get out of here, shall we”

He really couldnt nerve himself to get closer to Zhang Han.

“Why should we” Ye Han said, “We all respect Mr.


And Im kind of close to Zhao Feng and call him often.

Hes Mr.

Zhangs important assistant.

Hes with us.

Look at yourselves.


“By the way, Mr.

Ye, the old man asked you to help Qian Li.” The young man beside him suddenly slapped his forehead.

“Didnt he say Qian Li wanted to deal with someone Is that someone Mr.



Ye Hans heart skipped a beat.

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