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Mengmeng put her arm and leg on Zhang Hans stomach and accidentally touched Zi Yans knee.

Zi Yan held Mengmengs leg and pushed it away.

“This is my place.”


Mengmeng felt dazed and quickly put her leg back.


Papa is mine!”

“Hes mine.” Zi Yan teased her.


“Wanna steal my man Im gonna hit your butt.”

“Papa, shes being mean to me again.” Mengmeng pouted and slipped into Zhang Hans arms.

“Quick, deal with her.”

“Yeah, Ill deal with her.” Zhang Han patted Zi Yans butt.

“Haha.” Mengmeng giggled seeing that.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan as he said with a smile, “Alright.

Your guess.”

“Who is it” Zi Yan hesitated for seconds.

“From the way you say it, I suppose its someone we know.

Since Luo Shan invited and trusts them, is it Ms.



Zhang Han affectionately pinched the tip of Zi Yans nose.


Lu will come tomorrow.”

“Then, Mengmeng, listen to Ms.

Lu in school, okay” Zi Yan smiled lightly.


Lu will come” Mengmengs big bright eyes lit up a little.

“Got it.

Ill listen to her.

So will I be getting red flowers too Does Ms.

Lu have them Ive got 110 of them, but its not enough.”


“Why does she want so many red flowers”

Zi Yan really couldnt figure out what Mengmeng was thinking.

If she wanted something from Zhang Han, this guy would immediately agree.

What was the use of red flowers

After chatting for a while, the family of three went to sleep.

The next day, Mengmeng and Zhang Guangyou were learning martial arts.

Every move was particularly beautiful.

This was both a cool and practical set that Zhang Guangyou had worked hard on.

Elder Meng, Xu Yong, Yun Feiyang, and Wang Xiaowu, a group of bachelors were watching nearby.

When Zhang Han came to ask Mengmeng and Zhang Guangyou to have breakfast, those people swarmed to him.

“Young Lord, I feel very enlightened after learning your skills.

Shall we exchange a few moves later”

“Me too.

Ive learned a few moves, but I dont think Ive performed them properly.”


They came to Zhang Han for skill enhancement like they always did.

“After I drive Mengmeng to school, Ill give you guys two hours.”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to cry or laugh.

That being said, those people were actually gifted and Zhang Han wanted to help them grow as well.

Yun Feiyang and his friends were becoming stronger and stronger; young talents in the Heavenly Knights Sect were growing more and more.

Maybe they almost saw Mount New Moon as their home.

After breakfast, he drove Mengmeng to the school.

Li Kai arrived earlier and was waiting in front of the school until he saw Mengmeng.

Li Muen walked to her with a smile, and then the two girls walked into the school hand in hand.

During that, Li Kai said a few things emotionally, but Zhang Han didnt have much time, so they had a simple chat before he headed back to Mount New Moon.

When they were walking into the classroom, a few classmates came to greet them.

“Mengmeng, what did you do with Muen yesterday”

“What did you do Did you skip class”


“We didnt.”

Mengmeng answered seriously, “We went out to play yesterday.”

“Qian Chao hasnt come yet.

Did he play with you too”

“Who played with him” answered Li Muen, “We did not play with him.”

“Thats right.

He snatched your toy yesterday and was rude.

I dont like him either.” A boy nearby echoed.

“He shouldnt snatch toys.

My mom said boys should protect girls.”

Mengmengs pretty deskmate said, “Hes so tall but he doesnt protect girls.

Instead, he bullies them.

Hes wrong.

Mengmeng, Im not like that; I can protect you.

Yesterday, if I had been there, Id have helped you get the teacher.”


Mengmeng was a little surprised but then smiled.

“Youre so nice.

Well be good friends then.”

Kids friendship was always so easy to form.

Since it wasnt class time, students were chatting and laughing; the classroom was lively.

Soon, Lu Guo walked in.


Everyone was puzzled.

However, Mengmeng and Li Muen greeted her affectionately.



Lu Guo nodded with a smile.

“Mengmeng, Muen, nice to meet you again.”

“Hello, class, Im your teacher, Lu Guo.

You can call me Ms.


Ill be your lead teacher from now on.

And there are also some new teachers in Class One.

Let me introduce them to you.”

Saying that, Lu Guo looked outside the door; the four teachers who had been waiting walked in with smiles on their faces.

Two of them were from Hua nation, while two of them were foreigners.

“This is Luo Anna.

Shell teach you English.

And this is… As for me… Ill teach you Hua language.”

Lu Guo was good at languages but teaching in an elementary school had been challenging for her.

After careful consideration the night before, she chose Hua language.

She believed that she would teach them more than what was just in the books.

Dongli was aiming for the all-around development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics, and labor education.

Having introduced the teachers, she started the first class.

It was a self-study session, which had been rearranged into the morning schedule.

“Its our first day so Im gonna get to know all of you.

You might have introduced yourself to the class before, but can you introduce yourself to me again”


They also thought self-introduction fun.

Last time, they were so nervous that they failed to do it well.

This time, when they heard what Lu Guo said, they all started preparing.

“Well start with the first student in the first row.”

The self-introduction continued.

Lu Guo listened carefully and remembered many students.

“Its the third day today.

You need to keep getting to know each other too.

Next week, well select a class monitor, a class representative in charge of studies, subject representatives, etc.

Well vote to select them.

This class is over.

Do focus on the next math class.”

Seeing that Lu Guo was about to leave, Mengmeng became a little restless.

She raised her hand and asked, “Ms.

Lu, do, do we have red flowers”

Lu Guo answered with a smile, “Red flowers… let me think.”

She didnt say yes or no because she didnt think red flowers would work well for students in an elementary school for six years.

Of course, Mengmeng was an exception; she loved red flowers.

Then again, toys wouldnt make a good reward either because they all seemed to have a lot of them at home.

Lu Guo considered and finally decided it would be okay if she rewarded them with red flowers after exams.

Since Mengmeng started to attend an elementary school, Zhang Han now had the entire day to himself.

The movie was suspended because of one thing.

“Hubby, Feifei is pregnant!”

Just after Zhang Han pointed out problems in the cultivation of Yun Feiyang and his friends, Zi Yan dragged in Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing, saying in an excited tone, “No wonder Feifei hasnt had an appetite and has been vomiting lately.

It turns out to be morning sickness.

Haha, Feifei and Changqing are going to have a baby.”

“Look at how happy you are.” Zhang Han couldnt help smiling and looking at the dazed Chen Changqing.


“Haha, you too, you too.” Chen Changqing scratched his head.

“Brother Han, Ive worked so hard to have a baby, but if its due next year, Mengmeng will be seven years old then…”

“What are you thinking” Zhang Hans face froze and then he said calmly, “Im telling you, dont think about that useless stuff.”

“How can you call it useless” Chen Changqing refuted.

“If its a boy, wont we be even closer I dont think youll feel safe marrying Mengmeng to anyone else.

So how about my son”


“I mean it.

Brother Han, think about it.”

“I suppose your cultivation improved a lot recently; you even talk more confidently.

Lets exchange some moves.”

Seeing Zhang Han was going to beat him up, Chen Changqing smiled in embarrassment.

“Im not going.

Im just saying.

Perhaps its a girl.”

“Itd better be.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“It might really be a girl.

Im telling you, a daughter is so sweet that everyone should have one.”

“Tsk, a son is fine too.” At that time, Zi Yan refuted.

“Feifei, you know how shes going to steal your man away all the time once you have a daughter.”

“So, what if I have twins, a boy and a girl,” said Zhou Fei in a low voice.


The group froze.

They had forgotten about that possibility.

“Twins are good.

I like them, ha ha ha.” Chen Changqing laughed.

“Ill inform my family now.”

“Hang on.” Zi Yan waved at Chen Changqing.

“Ive told you, Feifei is going to stay here, not Shang Jing.

She took care of me back then, and Ill take care of her this time.

Ive been pregnant once.

Im experienced.”

“Youre right.

Were not going anywhere.” Chen Changqing chuckled and walked away with his phone.


On the very night, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Patriarch Chen, and other seniors all came to catch up with each other.

The entire house was full of happiness.

However, Mengmeng could only ask in doubt.

“Whats being pregnant”

“That means you have a baby.

Mengmeng was in Moms tummy for ten months…”

Zi Yan explained it simply to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng also felt pleasantly surprised that she would be having a younger brother or sister.

However, there was still no news from Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi, or Liang Hao and Zhang Li.

They probably didnt plan to have kids in the near future.

A week later.

The class was going to select a class monitor, subject representatives, etc.

“Were going to select a class monitor, a class representative in charge of studies, a class representative in charge of sports, a class representative in charge of literature and art, and a class representative in charge of physical labor.

We have three groups so well have three leaders.

Other teachers will choose their own subject representatives.

Theyll announce that when they have their classes…”

Lu Guo explained so that everyone knew what those students would be responsible for.

Mengmengs deskmate asked, “Mengmeng, do you want to be a class monitor I want to be a class representative in charge of sports.

Will you vote for me later”

“Mmm, I will.

What should a class monitor do”


Lu has just said.

A class monitor will stop classmates from making mistakes while the teacher is away.”

“So should I be one”

Mengmeng hesitated and thought about it.

She felt good about the idea so she raised her hand to apply for the position.

There were five students in total.

When the vote started, Mengmeng suddenly became nervous.

It turned out that she had won so many votes, easily obtaining the post.

Then, when she saw Zhang Han in the afternoon.

“Dad, Im a class monitor now.”

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