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“Why are you going down to the Ancient Mine” Zhang Guangyou asked curiously.

“When we go to attack the Wind Snow School, they surely wont just sit there waiting for our strikes.

Some of them may come to Mount New Moon to harm Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

So I need to make sure that wont happen,” Zhang Han replied.

“Well, why dont we let them stay in the Heavenly Knights Sect Or keep staying on Mount New Moon.

After all, the Heaven-earth Formation here is even stronger than that of the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“That does make sense.

But there are more reasons for it.

Mengmeng has to attend school, and Ive always wanted to refine a defensive treasure for her.

Now there is a chance.

Ive found out that there is a Beast King called Lingxi in Lingxi City, and its Inner Elixir can be refined into a supreme defensive treasure.”

“What Lingxi City Thats not gonna work, is it” Zhang Guangyous countenance altered slightly.

“If you went there alone, you would be besieged by many masters in Lingxi City.

That way, you would be in danger.”

“Who says Im going there alone”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “The City Lord of Dragon Scale City would help me.

It all thanks to him that I took those resources so effortlessly last time.”

“The City Lord of Dragon Scale City Has he betrayed the Dark Warriors” Baffled, Zhang Guangyou put deep creases in his brows.

“Weve made a deal.

Besides, I have something to ask him.

If I dont go now, that guy may leave,” Zhang Han explained.

This made Zhang Guangyous expression freeze for a while.

Eventually, he signed softly and said, “Han, youve all grown up and have your own family.

When you were single, you tended to be quite daring.

Now that you have others in your life, you cant do things like you used to.

No matter what you want to do, your safety must come first, understand”

“I know, Dad,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ill first go to Dragon Scale City and talk with Si Nan.

He knows more about Lingxi City and White Lotus City.

Ill ask him for his opinion.

Dad, you also know how amazing the Cultivation Methods I know are.

He will certainly be tempted.

Ill just make a deal with him.”

“Youre prepared to give him your Cultivation Methods” Zhang Guangyou was a little taken aback.

“Wont those Dark Warriors in the Ancient Mine be more powerful then”

“Their high-level fighters will grow a little bit stronger.

But it wont be a big deal,” Zhang Han replied.

“Then its fine.”

Zhang Guangyou pondered for two seconds and said, “In that case, you should go there as soon as possible.

The reason why I suggested us to attack the Wind Snow School is that the Wind Snow School has made a lot of racket recently.

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School and those from the Caprice Mo Sect have been in closed-door training since they came out of the Ancient Mine.

Its been some time.

I suspect that they have also found some supreme treasures to make a breakthrough.”

“Thats possible.

After all, there are many great treasures in the Ancient Mine.”

Zhang Han nodded, then said, “When I pick up Mengmeng from school in the afternoon, Ill tell her about this.

Then, Ill leave in the middle of the night.”

So the matter was settled.

When Zhang Han arrived at the school to pick up Mengmeng in the afternoon, the little girl ran over and called out sweetly, “Daddy!”

Then, with her face glowing with pride, she continued, “I came first in my class in the last test!”

After saying that, Mengmengs big bright eyes were filled with expectation.

She was looking forward to Zhang Hans praise.

“Is that so My daughter is really awesome.

I never won first place when I was in school.”

Zhang Han laughed heartily and said, “You must be rewarded.

Shall I go and buy you a mobile phone”


Mengmeng was stunned.

“Really Am I going to have my own mobile phone”

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled at her.

“But, but, Mommy hasnt agreed to it yet.

Daddy, you dont have a say.” Mengmeng lowered her head slightly and pouted.


Mortified, Zhang Han proceeded, “Who says I dont have a say If I say you can have one, you can.”

“Then buy me one without telling Mommy, or she will confiscate it.

Mommy said that only the winner of the final exam would be rewarded with a mobile phone.”

“Its all right.

Daddy can decide this.

Lets go and buy you a mobile phone now.

Anyway, my daughter can also get first place in the final exams.”


“Of course.”


Daddy is the best.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.” Mengmeng snuggled into Zhang Hans arms and placed several kisses on his cheek.

Zhang Han then took Mengmeng to the mall, bought a pink mobile phone, selected the phone card, and then went back home.

Mengmeng was also happily fiddling with her mobile phone.

Since it was brand new, the sense of novelty hadnt worn off, though she had fumbled with Zhang Hans and Zi Yans mobile phones many times.

When Zi Yan came back…

“Zhang Han!”

“Ah,” Zhang Han said in a low voice, “Im thinking, um, anyway, she will take first place in the final exams, so it doesnt really matter if she gets her reward one month earlier.”

“W-whats the matter with you” Zi Yan yelled exasperatedly, “You just have to go against me, dont you”

“No.” Zhang Han smiled awkwardly and said, “Come on, our daughter is so brilliant.

It wont make a difference to reward her in advance.”

“Mommy, it was all Daddys idea.

I didnt say that I wanted to buy a mobile phone now.”

Mengmeng saw that Zi Yan was looking at her, so she immediately explained herself.

Hearing that, the corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled.

“Why do I feel that my daughter is setting a trap for me”

“Alas, you two are always in league with each other.”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes and said, “Fine, fine, whats done is done.

But Mengmeng, Im telling you, you cant use your mobile phone in class.

If I hear from your teacher that you misbehave, the mobile phone will be confiscated.”

“I got it.” Mengmeng giggled and said, “Im sure I wont use it in class.

Actually, I seldom need one.

I mainly use it to call you and Daddy.”

“Thats my girl.”

Zi Yan gave Mengmeng a bright smile and affectionately pinched the tip of her nose.

Most of the time, the little girl talked about her father.

But this time, she also took her mother into account.

After fumbling with her mobile phone for a while, Mengmeng kind of lost interest and put it on the sofa.

“Ill go play with Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and Tiny Tot.”

“Go ahead.

Dont run too fast,” Zi Yan responded.

It was not until that moment that Zhang Han brought up the next visit to the Ancient Mine to Zi Yan.

Of course, Zi Yan was concerned.

But after hearing Zhang Hans repeated assurance and the deal he had made with the City Lord of Dragon Scale City, she was much more relieved.

Well, it would surely be a problem to explain that to Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, Im going out.

I will be back in about five days.”


Mengmeng was stunned.

“Daddy, what are you going out for Why do you have to go again”

She sounded quite unhappy.

It seemed that it had been more than a year since Zhang Han went off for work last time.

“Im going out to make money so that I can buy pretty things for Mengmeng,” Zhang Han replied.

He might have to go out a few times in the near future, so he thought he needed to get Mengmeng prepared for that in advance.

Moreover, Zhang Han reckoned that competing for resources was not much different from making money.

However, Mengmeng was a little confused when she heard that.

“Make money to buy things for me”

It was not until then that it occurred to her that everyone in her family spent money every now and then, but she never saw how the money came in.

Many of her classmates parents also went to work for money.

“Daddy, Mommy, do we have any money”

“Were never short of it anyway.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and answered, “Your daddy makes a lot of money.

Hes very good at this.

So, surely you can understand that he has to go out for work from time to time.”

Originally, Zi Yan thought about it and planned to tell Mengmeng that it was not easy to make money.

However, the opposite was true.

Zi Yan now felt that to make money was a piece of cake.

Whats more, Zhang Han would never let Mengmeng be hard up for money.

Thus, on second thought, she decided not to tell her that.

She wouldnt understand it anyway.

Besides, it was true that Mount New Moon was affluent.

Even each member of the security group had about 10 million yuan sitting in the bank.

In addition to their salaries, they could also be rewarded with extra benefits after completing various tasks.

When a martial artists strength reached a certain level, money was no longer that appealing.

After discussing the matter with Mengmeng, Zhang Han left the castle in the middle of the night.

Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou, Third Elder, and Chen Changqing had long been waiting to see him off.

Dong Chen even traveled to the Kun Xu World along with Zhang Han.

Lately, there had been some unusual movements in the Wind Snow School.

Hence, he decided to make some arrangements in the sect.

Zhang Han already knew a lot about the Hidden Dragon Land, so he went to Dragon Scale City with ease.

The huge city gate was as magnificent as usual.

It had been quite a long time since Zhang Han last visited the city, but the City Lord of Dragon Scale City, Si Nan, was still there.

He was studying the Spirit Battle Methods that Zhang Han had left behind.

His cultivation improved fast, but he was more alarmed.

He was confident that once he mastered the Spirit Battle Methods, the two City Lords of Lingxi City and White Lotus City would definitely be no match for him.

Zhang Han also knew that Si Nan was still in the city.

Because when he modified the patterns on the wall on his last visit, he also left a secret mark.

Given Si Nans disposition, he would definitely destroy the pattern before he departed.

Zhang Han once again arrived at the city gate.

Three rows of members of Dragon Scale City were guarding the gate.

Everyone who wanted to enter had to take a blood test.

Seeing this, Zhang Han sighed softly.

Those Dark Warriors were truly resourceful.

Knowing that people like Zhang Han could disguise themselves as one of their men, they now adopted this measure to spot imposters.

Unlike the Dark Shadow Clan, the martial artists in the secular world could disguise themselves.

Yet, there was a way to expose their real identity by testing their blood.


Zhang Han waved his right hand, and the two Dark Warriors in charge of the blood test were stunned for a few seconds.

Zhang Han openly strode in before they came to their senses.

He employed this method all the way to the center of the city.

Even the martial artists in the Heaven Realm guarding Lord Hall failed to resist his confounding power.

No one could stop Zhang Han at all.

“Youve once again become stronger.”

Si Nan was sitting in the meditation room.

At the sight of an inconspicuous member of the Dark Shadow Clan, he said coldly, “After what happened in Lingxi City and White Lotus City, those in the Kings Domain became aware of the matter as well.

They even set up restrictive spells in the 108 cities of the Outer Domain.

The moment you entered the city, I was alerted.

As youve swaggered in like this, do you really think that I cant kill you”


Zhang Han laughed blandly and said, “If it were last time, I might really become your captive.

But now, I can go in and out of the cities of your Dark Shadow Clan as easily as walking on firm earth.”

“Is that so”

Si Nan shook his head.

“You can only move around in the Outer Domain.

If you were in the Kings Domain, you would die in the face of the Real Kings.”

“Are the Real Kings just those in the Elixir Realm” Zhang Han asked casually.

A strange look flashed across Si Nans eyes.

“Are you from the Kunlun Immortal Realm Only the people in that world use the orthodox names.

My Real King, Lord Liu, once said that the Dark Shadow Clan was the real master of this world, but unfortunately…”

Si Nan didnt continue because he didnt know what the rest of the remark was.

In fact, Lord Liu also broke off at that point.

Si Nan merely said that to impress Zhang Han.

Zhang Han didnt bother to overthink that remark.

He simply said casually, “It seems that some people in the Kings Domain know something.

Im starting to be a little interested in the Kings Domain.”

“But Kings Domain is not a place where you can enter and leave as you like.” Si Nan waved his hand and said, “Tell me, why did you come here this time If Im not satisfied with the answer you give me, Ill get to try the power of the Spirit Battle Methods.”

Since Si Nan obtained the set of Spirit Battle Methods, he no longer regarded Zhang Han as a threat.

He even considered killing him right on the spot.

Zhang Han had forced his Dragon Scale City to go bankrupt.

Si Nan was rather anguished because of that.

After all, it had cost him a lot to refine that Top-grade Crystal Palace.

“This time Ive come here for two things.

One is Lingxis Inner Elixir, and the other is the Dark Night White Lotus,” Zhang Han said.

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