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“Im not a ghost.”

The elder smiled.

“You can call me a cultivator.”


The youth suddenly found that he could speak again.

“Thats right.

In this world, you havent heard of martial artists”

“Martial artists People who are skilled at martial arts Ive witnessed battle among those martial artists.”

Hearing that, the old man realized what was going on.

He said, “Martial artist means just a low level.

But there are indeed some great ones.

And mine is cultivation, like this, this, this…”

In an instant, the young mans body floated five meters above the ground and then fell.

When the man pointed forward, a red energy ball appeared, changing into different shapes, which was weird.

The youth shook from the scare.

“You, you, you, an immortal”

“To you, I am.”

The old man chuckled and casually cast a mark on him, saying, “Ill give you one day to say goodbye to your family.

Ill take you away early in the morning tomorrow.”

The youth actually refused.

“I, I wont go.

I dont want to.”

“Oh Cultivation will extend your life to even a thousand years long.

To us cultivators, after a hundred years, the secular world people just turn into bones, but we remain.

Dont you want immortality”

“No, no, I dont want immortality.

I dont want to go.

Ive got my family.” The youth couldnt stand the pressure and burst into tears.

“I didnt say that you couldnt come back.”

“I can”


“Then can I think about it”

“You have no right to think about it.

Youll leave with me tomorrow morning.”

After saying that, the old man slowly disappeared.

As if he had never shown up.

The old man was Daofu.

They came from different areas to find the few with excellent talents.

He did promise the youth that he could return, but that wouldnt happen until a few decades after their departure.

“Perhaps when the passage between Kunlun Immortal World and the secular world stabilize, you can return every few years.”

Daofu lightly shook his head.

Without thinking about it further, he headed to the next destination.

However, just when he left Sanmen City, two God Realm martial artists came up to him respectfully.

“Senior, were from National Security Agency, showing the way for you.”


Daofu paused for a second and nodded.


It was always easier if someone could show him the way.

The important thing was that it was the first time that Daofu had been in the secular world.

There were many things he didnt understand.

He only felt that the skyscrapers had been well built.

He was also amazed by the cars on the roads and the planes as well.

He didnt expect those normal people to have conquered the sky and sea with technology.

It was the same for the other four; they all had people from National Security Agency leading the way.

They were fast.

A quick tour in every city, and they would leave immediately.

It was especially so for Nan Shisan because no one really qualified in his eyes.

At dusk.

Two men who were leading the way for Nan Shisan said respectfully, “Senior, whats ahead of us is Xiangjiang, a relatively prosperous city.”

However, Nan Shisan didnt respond.

He despised his two companions too.

Flying in Xiangjiang for a while, Nan Shisan nodded.

“Indeed, there are more Grand Masters and God Realm Stage Masters.



They can block my sense”

Suddenly, Nan Shisans face froze and he flew quickly to New Moon Bay.

When he arrived near Mount New Moon, the two accompanying God Realm masters faces were already red; they couldnt fly anymore and finally quickly fell toward the ground.

Nan Shisan looked even more surprised.

“This formation is nice, even restraining me a little bit.”

“It must take someone unusual to cast such a formation.

Prince Nan Feng said that I only need to take caution when it comes to Ancient Mine and Black White Palace in the secular world.

Since the Ancient Mine people are trapped, is this a mansion of someone from Black White Palace

“Should I break in”

Feeling the formation surrounding the sect, Nan Shisan suddenly faltered.

If it was really Black White Palace, he had to be careful; it explained a lot if it could even make the third prince give him a heads-up.

Near Mount New Moon, Nan Shisan descended onto the ground, looked at the two, and asked, “What is this place”

“This place belongs to Zhang Hanyang, whose father is the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

And Heavenly Knights Sect is the greatest sect in Kun Xu World.”

“Heavenly Knights Sect That sounds familiar.”

Nan Shisan frowned, thought a few seconds, and asked, “Is it Black White Palace”

“Well…” The two exchanged glances and looked hesitant.

One of them reacted fast and answered, “We dont know about that, though a lot of people did suspect that Zhang Hanyang is from Black White Palace because he can level up his martial arts amazingly fast.”

“Is it”

Nan Shisan collected himself and gave up the idea of breaking in.

He only observed the gate for a few minutes.

Two batches of people entered it, one of them being six God Realm Masters, and the other ordinary people.

Nan Shisan examined their talents and realized that even among the ordinary people, one of them was really talented, and the rest of them were also okay.

The talented one was Zhou Fei, or more specifically, Zhou Feis child in her belly.

“Inform them that everyone here, including Wu Dao Grand Masters, martial artists, and ordinary people, should go to Kunlun Mountain.

If I see a single person tomorrow morning, Ill destroy here.”

Nan Shisans tone was calm.

He decided to test them first.

If they all came, he could do whatever he wanted to them; if they did not and no strong experts showed up, he could then break in.

Soon, people in Mount New Moon learned Nan Shisans decision.

Early in the morning, they also learned the news from Jiang Yanlan.

People from Kunlun Immortal World had come!

Therefore, many people returned to Mount New Moon as soon as possible.

“Kunlun Immortal World”

Zhang Guangyous expression slightly changed.

He summoned everyone back to Mount New Moon; even Mengmeng had to take a leave.

Since people from Kunlun Immortal World had come, they had to be cautious; moreover, Kunlun Immortal Worlds target was that their disciples existed in the entire Hua nations land.

Then they heard that Nan Shisan had ordered everyone in Mount New Moon to go to the east of Kunlun Mountain.

Immediately, they all realized how serious the situation was.

“Well go as they ordered What is this Kunlun Immortal World When Master comes back, hell kill all of them.”

Mu Xue snorted and wasnt convinced.

Zhang Guangyou felt unsure either.

He asked Wang Xiaowu near him, “Did you get him”

They, the entrance of Kun Xu World, Heavenly Knights Sect, and Ancient Mine all sent people to contact Zhang Han.

“Theres no update since the last news.

Lord of Dragon Scale City is missing, lords of Lingxi City and White Lotus City went deep into Ancient Mine.

Young Lord is absent.

Yun Feiyang and the others called out everywhere in Hidden Dragon Land for quite a while but received no response.

I guess hes in some city.”

“How about we go back and stay at Heavenly Knights Sect until everything is over” First Elder said, “According to Ye Tianlang, their level is much higher than Heaven Peak Stage, and there are five of them.

We cant compare with them.”

“But with Heaven-earth Formation here, this is the safest place, isnt it” Rong Jiali sighed.

“Well have to decide about this matter in the end.

Han just entered Heaven Peak Stage and is alone, but there are five of them.”

“But if we stay… that man said that hell attack if he sees anyone here tomorrow morning.

If he dares to say such a thing, Im afraid hes capable of breaking our formation.” Wang Zhanpeng said with a frown, “Ive heard from Han that though the Heaven-earth Formation here is powerful, there is still a weakness.

If he knows about it, well face a more terrible situation.”

“Hang on!”

Jiang Yanlan checked his phone and suddenly added, “Ive just got the news.

Theyll also go to worldlets and even plan to go down to Ancient Mine.”

“How about we go abroad Singapore, or North America”

“The situation is the same abroad.” Jiang Yanlan shook her head.

“Many experts show up for no reason everywhere.

And the person is right in Xiangjiang.

If we leave, he might immediately appear.”

“We cant do this, and we cant do that.

Dont we have a choice” First Elder gritted his teeth.

This kind of feeling infuriated him.

“How about this Yan, Mengmeng, security group, and First Elder, youll go to Heavenly Knights Sect.

I, Master Wang, and others will go to check at Kunlun Mountain.”

Zhang Guangyou finally opened his mouth after a while of silence.

“Wed better go early.

Well set off now.”

Noticing the gloomy atmosphere, Jiang Yanlan said, “Dont worry too much.

Our official organizations also reacted.

Theyll use some weapons when necessary.”

“Will it work Those people arent sitting targets.” Mu Xue pursed her lips.

“Who knows.”

Jiang Yanlan shook her head, also feeling unsure inside.

Therefore, people in Mount New Moon all got ready and went into the cars.

When they were about to leave.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Hundreds of martial artists surrounded Mount New Moon.

Zhan San, the Wind Snow School Sky Dragon in Kun Xu World back then, was in the lead.

Zhang Guangyous face instantly fell.

“Zhang Guangyou, show your face.”

Zhan Sans voice was calm.


Zhang Guangyou got off the car.

With a flash, he came to the gate of Mount New Moon.

Formations rose behind him, protecting the mountain.

“Hahaha, Zhang Guangyou, I suppose you also heard some news, didnt you”

Zhan San looked smug.

“Let me tell you, the master who told you to go to Kunlun Mountain Range comes from Wind Snow School.

In Kunlun Immortal World, Heavenly Knights Sect is finally going to fall.

Whos going to save you this time”

“Is it”

Zhang Guangyou felt cold inside but still managed to maintain calm on the surface as he said, “Well fall as long as its for good cause.”

“You sure sound heroic.”

Zhan San lightly answered, “Master Nan said all of you in Mount New Moon should go there, but I dont think so.

Tomorrow, everyone above Grand Master Stage goes there.

Zhang Hanyang has to go, okay If not, Master Nan will strike out to destroy Mount New Moon.”

While saying that, Zhan San appeared a little grim.

He hated Zhang Hanyang very much.

“That guy has stolen so many resources and almost got me suspected by First Elder.” Thinking about that, Zhan San shook from anger.

“Oh, right, dont they say Zhang Hanyang has a very beautiful woman Take her too.

Were right here.

Master Nan is taking a rest.

Go ahead and try if you want to run away.”


Zhang Guangyou smiled in a low voice and turned around to walk through the Mount New Moon gate.

Only after he walked in did he allow his hands to shake.

“After just a few days of prosperity, well meet our doomsday”

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