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“This time around, even if the Wind Snow School wins, they will still flow rivers of blood.

Yesterday, I heard from Ye Tianlang that people from the Kunlun Immortal World are coming.

Their skills will be suppressed here and they wont be able to unleash their standard potential.

This is an opportunity for the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Even so, they still have the capacity to crush the Heaven Peak Stage.

If you want to restrain Nan Shisan, you have to send an army.

Besides, I heard that the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School has also had a breakthrough.”

“There are far more people in the Wind Snow School that are at the Heaven Realm as compared to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Right now, the Heavenly Knights Sect, Luo Fu Sword Sect, and the Shuiyun Sect have formed a three-sect alliance.

They should be about the same.”

They were expecting rivers of blood from this battle…

… Although the outcome had already been decided.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

All of a sudden, four figures flew towards them rapidly.

They were the four members of the Kunlun Immortal World—Daofu, Langfan, Wuxi, and Yuanbing.

Judging by their aura, they were obviously here to watch a show.

On the other side, there were hundreds of people from the National Security Agency.

Ye Tianlang glanced at the four of them and a slight hesitation showed in his eyes, but he said nothing in the end.

He was worried that these people from the Kunlun Immortal World would take action.

But what was the point of saying that Apart from the eldest one, the others all looked down on martial artists from the secular world.

Azure Dragon kept silent for a while and whispered to Ye Tianlang, “Big Brother, the Vermilion Bird is still there.

Should we… act according to circumstances later”

Ye Tianlang shook his head and said nothing.

“Big Brother, this battle… how should I describe it…” Black Tortoise the fatty scratched his hair and continued, “The fight between Wind Snow School and Heavenly Knights Sect has been going on for decades.

Ive always leaned towards the Heavenly Knights Sect, but the National Security Agency is a neutral party, so its not easy for us to intervene.

However, the Vermilion Bird is involved, so I feel a little in dilemma.

I dont want to see her die in the battle.

Right now, I plan to follow her to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Theres nothing holding me back.

Big Brother, Im applying to fight.”

“Theres a 90% chance that youll die.

Are you sure you want to go” Ye Tianlangs tone was flat, it was as if he had no emotions.


Black Tortoise gritted his teeth and said, “In this battle, the Divine Realm is the main force.

Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals.

I want to join the battle! Besides, given my defense, there is nothing the Earth Realm can do about it.

I just dont want to leave any regrets.

If there is a life-or-death threat, I will retreat.”

Ye Tianlang closed his eyes.

“Go then.”

“Big Brother… take care.”

A beam of light flashed across Black Tortoises eyes.

He looked at Ye Tianlang with a deep gaze, as if he wanted to imprint him in his mind.

Then, he turned around and flew towards the side of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Two of Ye Tianlangs four right-hand men had already left.

White Tiger did not say anything, nor did he intend to participate in the battle.

After all, someone from the National Security Agency should remain alive.

Other than Captain Xuanwu, there were also a few other people whose hearts pounded with excitement when they saw this scene.

In the Kun Xu World, a few people flew in one after another.

They did not have a very clear definition of defeat or death.

They just knew that they wanted to participate in this battle between individuals of great disparity in strength.

There were not many people, only about 20 or 30 people.

This did not cause much impact on the overall situation, but it still instilled excitement in everyones heart.


The tens of thousands of people who were watching the battle suddenly became excited and collectively looked towards the horizon on the west.

They saw a mass of dark clouds rushing towards them at a low altitude.

The main army of the Wind Snow School had arrived!

“Guangyou, you have just entered the Heaven Realm, dont go in.”

Dong Chen said slowly with a grave expression, “I will enter with Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, Third Elder, and Fifth Elder.

Together, we will pin down Nan Shisan.

Meanwhile, First Elder and Sixth Elder will take five people with him to restrain the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School to test his strength.

If he really managed to break through, lets try to stall for as much time as possible.

As for the other Heaven Realm martial artists, try your best to kill those in the Earth Realm.

Our numbers should not be lesser than theirs.”

Dong Chens gaze was extremely sharp.

From a distance, he could see that the Wind Snow School had actually lost a lot of elders.

“Oh Luo Fu Sword Sect Shuiyun Sect”

When those from the Wind Snow School were just one kilometer away from them, the First Elder raised his eyebrows slightly.

“They actually found help”

“Hahaha.” The Caprice Mo Sect Leader broke into laughter and said, “Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Guangyou… your preparations are for nothing.

I can tell you straight away, First Elder is not the only one who has reached the Heaven Peak Stage.

Theres also me, the leaders of Limitless Sect and Ten Tiger Sect, as well as the invincible Lord Nan.

Even if you have double the size of your people now, it will still be for nothing.”


Zhang Guangyous expression fell slightly.

Had he really made a breakthrough

Nan Shisan glanced indifferently at the Caprice Mo Sect Leader.

Whatever the three of them had… was that counted as a breakthrough as well

Only the status that First Elder was at could be considered a real breakthrough.

However, his realm had not been solidified yet, and his strength was not much stronger than that day when he was at the Heaven Peak Stage.

The rules of this world were really annoying.

Otherwise, he could have killed those thousands of people in front of him with a simple wave of his hand.

“Ive nothing to say.”

Dong Chens gaze narrowed slightly.

All of a sudden, he let out a roar.


The crowd from the Heavenly Knights Sect whooshed towards them instantly.

Nan Shisan said calmly, “Kill them all.”

Then, those from the Wind Snow School also went forward and attacked.


The tens of thousands of people surrounding them could not help but gasp.

This unprecedented battle of the century was finally about to begin.


Dong Chen glanced at Sect Leader Mu and the others, and they quickly flew towards Nan Shisan.


Nan Shisan questioned in surprise and then smiled disdainfully.

“Theyre coming to find me on their own”

He had initially planned to watch the scene unfold for a while.

There were many on the other side, perhaps it was going to be an exciting battle.

However, he did not expect these guys to take the initiative to find him.


Nan Shisans expression was full of scorn.

Before he could take action, the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader, the Leader of Limitless Sect, and the Leader of the Ten Tiger Sect all moved.

“Dong Chen, your opponent is me.”

The Great Elder of Wind Snow School said lightly, “We have been fighting for decades.

For a long time, the power of the Wind Snow School has been monstrous and youve always been barely surviving.

My Leader and Zhang Mu battle with one another.

You are Zhang Mus most capable subordinate, and I am my Leaders.

The two of us have also been fighting for a long time.

Ever since their deaths, weve been fighting for more than a decade.”

Speaking of this, the Grand Elder sighed gently with a hint of sentiment.

“Now, I have made a breakthrough, and you are far from being a match for me.

Today, this battle will be lonely.

If it werent for the sudden appearance of Zhang Hanyang, your Heavenly Knights Sect would have been destroyed last year.

Although this day had come late, it has still arrived nonetheless.

Are you ready”

“Youre not worthy for the Grand Elder to make a move.”

The First Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect faced the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School directly.

He charged towards him with his men.

“Do you want to die”

The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School sneered and said, “Dong Chen may be able to put up a fight with me, but you, I can kill you with just one palm!”


As he spoke, the spiritual force in his body surged, and an insurmountable amount of heaven and earth energy was absorbed into his right hand.

He pushed his palm forward and the clouds changed color immediately.


A seemingly gush of a wave, it rushed towards the First Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect.

He did not have time to think and immediately pulled a magic formation to defend himself at the same time.

However, to everyones surprise, the magic formation only lasted for a second before this gush of wave tore it down and collided with his magic defense formation.


A heavy, sonorous sound was heard, and the magic formation was broken.

The First Elder once again activated his defensive moves, but he still failed to block the attacks of the Great Elder of Wind Snow School.

Broom Broom!

It was as if the sky was exploding.

The First Elder retreated quickly.

His body was covered with blood, and his breath was rushed.

His gaze was full of horror as he said, “You!”

The faces of Dong Chen, Sect Leader Mu, and the others all fell slightly.

He did not expect that he would become so powerful after breaking through this step.


The Sixth Elder dashed towards them with the rest.

Unexpectedly, those with the Caprice Mo Sect Leader were also slightly stronger than those at the Heaven Peak Stage.

They gained the upper hand and completely took over the battlefield.

Fortunately, with the three sects combined together, they had more Heaven Realm martial artists than the Wind Snow School.

The Wind Snow School had lost a significant number of people in the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

Even those who were at the Heaven Peak Stage had also died.

Otherwise, this battle would have ended in just a few minutes.

But even so, in terms of numbers, the Heavenly Knights Sect was still being continuously defeated.

Dong Chen, Sect Leader Mu, and Sect Leader Jiang all rushed over with their men.

The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School did not stop them.

He was focused on suppressing his opponent in front of him, which was also a good chance for him to witness Nan Shisans kung fu for himself.

Although he addressed him as Lord Nan, he still believed that he was also a capable subordinate of his Leader.

It was hard to say who would win in the future.

“How can a tiny pearl ever compare to a bright moon”

Nan Shisan said those words calmly.

Then, all of a sudden, his eyes started emitting a soft glow that turned into a bright light, reflecting two light beams that were as thick as a mans arms.


The light beams punched toward Dong Chen and Sect Leader Mu like a hot knife through butter.

Feeling the overwhelming pressure, Dong Chens face fell.

The two of them quickly rose to the sky to avoid this move.

However, the light seemed to follow them like a shadow and gradually became closer to them.

Seeing this, Langfan, who was not far away, shook his head slightly.

“Hes only dealing with a few ordinary practitioners, why is he using the Bright Moon Pupil This supernatural power is one of the secret skills known to a Wind Snow Temples Law Enforcement Hall master.

Who wouldve thought that Nan Shisan had learned some of it”

“That is in name only.”

Wuxi sneered, “Although our cultivation has been suppressed, our comprehension of the supernatural power is still there.

Nan Shisans comprehension of this move is less than one-tenth of what the Law Enforcement Hall master has!”

“Even so, its already sufficient to deal with these secular practitioners,” added Yuanbing.

The three of them have been watching the show right from the start.

However, Daofu the old man said somewhat helplessly, “I hope there wont be too many deaths.”

The Kun Xu World and the Saint Serene World were central to their distribution and these were where he chose his people.

The five of them were not the only sects in the Kunlun Immortal World, but if each of them could bring many men back, which would be also a great contribution.

Their expressions were indifferent, but the tens of thousands of onlookers were shocked.

“Its too bloody!”

It seemed as if there was someone dying every second.

The dim light emitted by various weapons flashed in the skies, and all kinds of immense energy exploded in the same space.

It even felt like it was raining blood as they splattered everywhere.

Seeing this, their breath became ragged and they were extremely nervous.

“The Heavenly Knights Sect is in danger.”

Ye Tianlang heaved a deep sigh.

Anyone could hear the helplessness in his tone.

The battle had only lasted for a minute, and the Heavenly Knights Sect had already retreated hundreds of meters.

Dong Chen and Sect Leader Mu were seriously injured by Nan Shisans punch.

The Bright Moon Pupil was simply too powerful.

The two of them looked at each other and they both saw the seriousness in each others eyes.

“So powerful!”

Dong Chen inhaled a deep breath and looked at Nan Shisan, who was slowly walking in the air towards them.

He grinned and said, “Lets fight with all our might!”

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