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At this moment, thousands of people around couldnt help but retreat hundreds of meters.

They were all kind of scared.

Daofu looked at Zhang Han with a pale face.

He didnt intervene moments ago.

Now, he was even more unnerved to get involved.

Still, he retreated hundreds of meters for fear that the man in front of him would kill him as well.


The energy reserved for the Heavenly Demon Skin and the Heavenly Demon Flesh was almost used up.

Zhang Han exhaled and then looked at Yuanbing and Wuxi.

“Si Nan, kill them,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“You, can kill.

I, can kill, too!”

Si Nan glared at Zhang Han, sort of blaming him for stealing his thunder.

Two of the adversaries had already been killed before Si Nan got to display his Spirit Battle Methods.

Fortunately, there were still two opponents left for him.

“Burp, its so fantastic.

I, Wu Ming, will help you hold them back.

Go ahead.”

Wu Ming took a big gulp of wine, then, looked at Zhang Han with drunken eyes and assured Si Nan in the language of the Dark Shadow Clan.

Then, the four got into a fierce fight.

The two masters never knew that Si Nan was so powerful.

They had been steadily losing ground to Si Nan, which rendered them scandalized and aggrieved.

“How come we, the cultivators of the Kunlun Immortal World, got beaten up after we came down to the secular world

“What is going on

“Arent the secular martial artists supposed to be trash

“But why…”

After that, Zhang Han rested his eyes on Grand Elder of Wind Snow School.

“Its your turn.”


Unexpectedly, Grand Elder of Wind Snow School suddenly laughed wildly.

He lowered his head and looked at the people of the Wind Snow School who had been slaughtered, then swiveled his eyes to Dong Chen, and said in a sad voice, “Sure, you won.”

“Dong Chen, the fight we have been having for decades finally came to an end today.

“But I didnt lose to you.

You won because youve got a great figure in your Heavenly Knights Sect!


“Zhang Hanyang!”

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School looked at Zhang Han and let out a guffaw.

Then, he remarked, “When I found that you stealthily absorbed the dozens of divine objects the Wind Snow School prepared, I knew that you were a strong opponent.

Yet, I didnt expect you to progress so fast.

Now you can even kill people from the higher realms.

Good for you.


But there is no way you can kill me! No way!

“Now that my Wind Snow School has been defeated and destroyed, Id rather kill myself with my own hands than let you take my life! Hahahaha…”

As he laughed, he suddenly raised his right hand and slapped hard on the top of his head.


A loud bang rang out.

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School was dead!


Some people felt sorry for him.

Even Dong Chens face froze for a moment.

Then, he sighed, “Yeah, its time to end our fight.”

The Wind Snow School that had been their greatest enemy over the past few decades was gone!

The scene made Dong Chen sigh with emotion.

Nonetheless, the battle between martial arts sects was always ruthless.


Dong Chen raised his right hand and shouted to his force.

The members of the Heavenly Knights Sect, Yun Feiyang, Jiang Bing, and Wang Xiaowu all rushed forward and fought boldly.

The force of the Heavenly Knights Sect bore down on the Wind Snow School like overwhelming dark clouds.


Zhang Han darted into the air.

A few Heaven Realm martial artists of the Wind Snow School were still alive.

Zhang Han gave each of them a punch.

In less than a minute, no Heaven Realm martial artists were left in the Wind Snow School.


At this time, a stream of light flew to the east at full speed.

It was Shi Fenghou.

He was fleeing as fast as he could.

Noticing this, Zhang Han lifted his left hand slightly.

He was ready to cast the Air-shattering Hand.

Shi Fenghou knew that Zhang Han could shake the space to reduce other peoples flying speed, so he shouted in fear, “I quit the Wind Snow School.

Dont kill me.

I still owe you 80,000 crystals!”


Zhang Hans left hand paused for a second.

Shi Fenghou seized the chance and sped up.

Seeing this, Zhang Han withdrew his hand and refrained from taking on the Earth Realm martial artists.

Instead, he just floated in the air and watched the fast annihilation of the Wind Snow School.

This was a war.

It was just normality.

Not far behind him, an exclamation burst out.

With his Spirit Battle Methods combined with his martial arts, Si Nan demonstrated staggering power.

Adding that Wu Ming was assisting him, he soon succeeded in killing Yuanbing and Wuxi.

The second round of the battle only lasted for five minutes.

Corpses were scattered all over the field.

Of the 6,000 people of the Wind Snow School, only 40 or so managed to escape.

The rest were all obliterated, including the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his league.

Now, four of the five masters of the Kunlun Immortal World had been killed, leaving Daofu as the only survivor.

“Theres one more.”

After Zhang Han adjusted his breath for moments, his eyes finally landed on Daofu, who was not far away.

The temperature seemed to have dropped a few more degrees.

A chill instantly ran down Daofus spine, and his scalp went a little numb.

Daofu hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “I have stayed out of this battle since it began.

This is a battle between the sects in the worldlets.

It has nothing to do with my mission.

I even defended the Heavenly Knights Sect yesterday.

Im not involved in this matter.


Zhang… dont vent your anger on me.

It would be unjustified to make me suffer for others errors, wouldnt it”

Daofu began to reason with him.

The thousands of people on the scene were also pondering over his words.

The martial artists who visited the Kunlun Mountain Range yesterday nodded in agreement.

Although Nan Shisan and others looked down on the secular warriors and held themselves above them, this Daofu was truly nice to them and even put in a few good words for them.

But they didnt expect that some people just didnt want to reason.

“I kill if my heart wants me to,” Zhang Han said blandly.

Then, stepping on the air, he marched toward Daofu.

“Is he the Devil King”

All the people present became tense.

Daofu almost broke out in a cold sweat.

He was ready to take flight at any moment.

“Burp, Zhang, Zhang Hanyang.”

Right at this time, Wu Ming said, “Well, at least leave one alive.

He still has a task to fulfill.”


Daofu hastily cupped his hands and explained, “The five of us belong to the five different sects.

This time, we came here on behalf of the Kunlun Immortal World to recruit some outstanding disciples.

We are all on the task, but were not on the same team.


Zhang, please judge judiciously.”


There was a hint of hesitation on Zhang Hans face.

He clenched his right hand and mused for three seconds before taking it back.

In truth, Zhang Han never intended to kill Daofu.

He just wanted to scare him a little.


Since you are not involved, Ill spare your life.”

Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “Whether you need to complete your task or recruit more disciples, its your freedom.

Ill let you do your thing as long as you dont disturb me and my force.”

This time, if Wu Ming didnt show up, Daofu and the other four masters could play hardball and abduct some disciples back to the Kunlun Immortal World, and no one would dare to stop them.

For this concern, Zhang Han was warning him not to mess with Mount New Moon and the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Deal,” Daofu let out a sigh of relief and answered with cupped hands.

He was really worried that the man in front of him would take action against him.

Although he had kept enough distance from Zhang Han and could totally escape, how could he continue to recruit disciples if he fled back to his world

Now, he was the only one of the five masters left… There was certainly no way for him to visit the Ancient Mine this time.

“Forget it.

Ill just recruit disciples in the worldlets these days.

I can get the work done in a couple of days.”

After contemplating for a while, Daofu said, “The five of us come from five sects in the Kunlun Immortal World.

Although there are many sects in the Kunlun Immortal World, we represent them on the whole.

Well, now, I, as the only representative of the Kunlun Immortal World, announce that all the sects in the Kunlun Immortal World are recruiting.

In this world, you can hardly make your way to the Heaven Peak Stage.

But in the Kunlun Immortal World, you can enter the Elixir Realm and pursue advanced martial arts.

I hope you can all think it over.

Later, I will visit every worldlet in person.

I will give you three days to think about it.

If you decide to seize this opportunity, you can follow me into the Kunlun Immortal World.

Thats all Ive got to say.

Now, before I overstay my welcome, Ill leave.”

After saying that, Daofu glanced at Zhang Han and turned to leave.

However, three seconds after he left, Zhang Guangyou secretly talked to him through the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

After Daofu heard his words, a hint of hesitation surfaced on Daofus face.

To be honest, he wanted nothing to do with Zhang Hanyang.

After all, Zhang Hanyang was capable of killing him.

After thinking for two seconds, he understood what Zhang Guangyou wanted to know, so he stopped in his track and stayed.

The whole place fell into silence.

All eyes were riveted on the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“A great victory!”

Dong Chen held up his right hand and said loudly, “Thank you, Young Lord!”

“Thank you, Young Lord!”

“Thank you, Young Lord!”

Many disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect shouted at the top of their lungs.

They were all gazing at Zhang Han as if they were looking at a god.

The whoops of victory came one round after another.

Even seniors, such as Yun Feiyan, had tears streaming down their faces.

They had fought against the Wind Snow School for decades and weathered through many life-and-death moments.

Thus, they knew more clearly how precious this scene of celebration was.

“Younger Martial Sister, the Wind Snow School has been destroyed! The Wind Snow School has been destroyed! You can now rest in peace!”

“Third Older Martial Brother, the Wind Snow School met its doom today.

Its a pity that you cant see it with your own eyes.”

“Martial Uncle, our Heavenly Knights Sect now has a Young Lord.

He just led us to finish off the Wind Snow School.”


“Our Heavenly Knights Sect has won gloriously!” Zhang Guangyou said with a trembling voice, his eyes welling with tears.

Seeing that the decades-long war had come to an end, he felt more emotional and even a little sad.

War was actually equivalent to the death of countless men.

Inevitably, he felt sorrowful for the dead.

But that sorrow only dwelled on him for half a minute before it was replaced by lofty spirits and a heroic ambition.

Today, the Wind Snow School, the most powerful sect in the worldlets, was overturned!

It was done by the Heavenly Knights Sect.

It was done by Zhang Hanyang!

“Young Lord!”

“Young Lord!”

“Young Lord!”

Countless members of the Heavenly Knights Sect shouted Zhang Hans name and fixed their eyes on him again.

Rounds of cheers came one after another, which thoroughly astonished the thousands of martial artists who had come here to watch the battle.

“Who would have thought that the Heavenly Knights Sect would have such a great man Zhang Hanyangs name hasnt been seen in the martial arts world for quite a time.

Some have even forgotten the daunting power he had demonstrated.

The reason he has laid low is not that he failed to make a breakthrough but that he has already become too mighty.

He can even kill anyone at the Heaven Peak Stage in a second.

This world ought to bow its head to Zhang Hanyang! Because the one that is invincible in this world is none other than Zhang Hanyang.”

Many martial artists of the older generation were trembling.

So were their hearts.

“Cant imagine it! The legend that those at the Heaven Peak Stage couldnt be killed has become history.

Zhang Hanyang now represents the highest combat capability of the martial arts world.”

“The Heavenly Knights Sect is rising to power.

With Zhang Hanyang the freak backing them, who would ever dare to provoke them”


More importantly, Zhang Hanyang… is not a reasonable man.

He kills if his heart wants.

If he doesnt like you, he may kill you at once.”

“On what ground did you say that I live in Xiangjiang.

Let me tell you, Zhang Hanyang treats his people very well.

He usually leaves others to their stuff and seldom intervenes.

Even if you said something that might offend him, he would probably just ignore you.”

“Is he really that easygoing I heard thats not the case.”

“Its not that he has a good temper, its just that he cares about different things.

I dare you to pick on his wife and daughter.

If you did, he would definitely send you to hell.”


The thousands of martial artists around burst into an uproar.

They had been deeply shocked.

It took everyone by surprise that Zhang Hanyangs return would crush the Wind Snow School and bring this battle to an end.

In the crowd, not only the Heavenly Knights Sect but also many people from the Luo Fu Sword Sect and the Shuiyun Sect were whooping, unable to not contain their emotions.

They seemed to have forgotten that the two Sect Masters were still standing beside them.

There was no doubt that Zhang Han was the man of the moment.

“How strong! Hes too powerful! With such strength, even if the Kunlun Immortal World sent more people here, he could handle them or even kill them.”

Ye Tianlangs eyes glimmered with excitement.

“Hahaha, he is also the director of the National Security Agency.

Were really lucky to have him on our team.

How could he be so strong Its incredible! After this battle, the status of the Luo Fu Sword Sect and the Shuiyun Sect will definitely soar.

These two sects who have shown their loyalty and boldness will soon rise.

Sadly, the National Security Bureau didnt take action this time.

So, I couldnt do anything to help.

I really couldnt.

If something had gone wrong, the secular world would be in chaos.

What a shame!”

After getting over the excitement, Ye Tianlang felt a little disappointed.

He actually wanted to join the others and fight, but he didnt dare to act at his will.

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