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“How did you tell By Breath-detecting Skill”

Zhang Han found it a little strange.

He was able to sense something just by feeling someones aura According to what Wu Ming had said, he must have honed something like the Breath-detecting Skill.

“I cant say for sure.”

Wu Ming shook his head repeatedly.

“Anyway, I can feel that you are different, so I was willing to help you.

Im going to stay in the secular world for a few years, so I just wanted to play around and make my presence known.

Zhang Hanyang, you are about the same age as me, and also powerful, so thats why I want to be your friend.”

Zhang Han ignored what he had said.

It was meaningless to flatter him.

He had already grown tired of it.

All of a sudden, his expression changed slightly.

He asked, “Do you know Yue Wuwei”


As soon as he asked the question, Wu Ming suddenly spat out a mouthful of baijiu.

He looked at Zhang Han with a stunned expression.

“How do you know that old fellow”

“The Black White Palace Master is a woman.”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a smile, “It seems that the second mysterious person you mentioned is probably Yue Wuwei.”

“Youre not the only one who cant see through him.”

“He is the man of your Palace Master.

Since your Black White Palace is in the Kings Domain, is your Palace Master the daughter of someone from the Dark Shadow Clan and a secular martial artist By right, it is unlikely to be a secular martial artist as its too difficult.

Maybe its someone from the Kunlun Immortal World Given Yue Wuweis personality, if he has a woman, he probably wouldnt send her to the Kings Domain, unless there are some difficulties.

But Ive never seen anything too difficult for him unless its about the Black White Palace Master.

He has two bloodlines, and the bloodline of the Dark Shadow Clan makes it difficult for him to leave the Ancient Mine.”

Zhang Han pondered for a while and he had his speculations.

“You, you, you…” Wu Mings eyes widened in shock.

“Youre a monster!”

It seemed that he had gotten it right.

However, Yue Wuwei already had a family, so why was he always wandering around in the secular world




After two big gulps of baijiu, Wu Ming asked, “Zhang Hanyang, you know Yue Wuwei When did you meet him”

“Two years ago.

“Yue Wuwei…

“Is very strong,” Zhang Han said in an affirmative tone.

The more he thought about it, the more he could not figure out what was going on.

“Thats indeed the case.

There seems to be some secret between him and our Palace Master, but they have never spoken about it.

When our Little Princess was born, Yue Wuwei made a trip there.

Each time the Palace Master met him, there would be a fight.

He would then leave after staying there for three days.

When the Little Princess was three years old, he went there once, and then another time when she was six.

He would go there every three years.

Now the Little Princess is eight years old, so Yue Wuwei will go there again a year later.”

Since Zhang Han had already guessed it, Wu Ming decided to just tell him the truth.

There was still one thing that he did not tell him.

Yue Wuwei and Wu Ming would drink a few rounds during each visit.

At the same time, he would also refine Wu Mings martial arts skills.

He cultivated fast, and he could even improve his cultivation while drinking and sleeping.

Yue Wuwei was more friendly towards him, and he also taught him a lot of mysterious moves.

Therefore, Wu Ming was the number one among all the younger generation in the entire Black White Palace.

He had the strength in a Middle-stage Elixir Realm in the Kings Domain.

On any given day, he could easily break through again while drinking.

“I met Yue Wuwei once more than a year ago.

He said he was going to do something,” said Zhang Han.

“Oh, then there are only a few places.

It could be in the depths of the Boundless Sea, or at the bottom of the Northernmost Sea.”

Wu Ming said slowly, “There is no place in this world that he cant go, even heaven or hell.

Only he knows what is in the depths of the Boundless Sea.

He has been to the Kunlun Immortal Realm and the Bone Devil World.

Every time he sees the little princess, he will give her a large number of treasures.

I have seen them once.

They are really a large number of treasures.”

His tone was filled with sentiment.

“Shes his biological daughter after all,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Zhang Han could more or less understand the situation, but he just found it a little strange as Yue Wuwei looked as if he was around 70 or 80 years old.

“How old is your Palace Master” Zhang Han asked.

“Uh, in her forties” Wu Ming answered with some uncertainty, “You should know that I dont dare to ask about this.

Our Palace Master has a bad temper.”

“It seems that Yue Wuwei has more secrets than I thought.”

Yue Wuweis image appeared in Zhang Hans mind once again.

He could not see through him.

“Anyway, as strength increases, some secrets no longer remain as secrets.

Theres no hurry.” Wu Ming thought for a moment before saying, “I dont have anything else to talk about.

Ill head to the Boundless Sea first and come out after a while.

If Yue Wuwei shows up, can you help our Palace Master to bring him out Dont worry about resources.

Our Palace Master is very rich.”


Zhang Han nodded.

Wu Ming also broke into a smile.

This was the main thing he wanted to talk about.

Now that he had said it, his job here was done.

“Oh, by the way, is it okay for our Little Princess to come out Her cultivation had just reached the God Realm, and she has never seen such a blue sky.”


Zhang Han nodded again.

This widened Wu Mings smile.

Wu Ming uttered softly, “Our Palace Master will be extremely happy to hear this news.

This trip is not wasted.

This is good news, this is amazing.”

Then, he headed down the mountain.

Before leaving, he did not forget to praise Zhang Han for being able to bring out those from the Dark Shadow Clan.

It seemed that even Yue Wuwei was unable to do so.

Of course, this was just Wu Mings thought.

“Kunlun Immortal World, secular world, worldlet, Ancient Mine, Kings Domain, Dark Shadow Clan, Bone Demon.”

Looking at Wu Mings back, Zhao Feng sighed sentimentally, “I cant imagine how big this world is.”

“But its just a drop in the ocean.”

After saying that, Zhang Han turned around and walked towards the back mountain.

Zhao Feng was left behind with the corner of his mouth twitching.

Such a big world was merely a drop in the ocean in the eyes of his master.

He could only imagine that the vast universe was definitely an exciting world.

At that moment, Zhao Feng started looking forward to following his master towards the depths of the universe in the future.

After a short playtime and a meal with her parents, Mengmeng followed them up to the third floor to do her homework.

Not only was she fast, but she was also getting many questions right.

However, as she was in a hurry to watch cartoons, it was inevitable for her to be careless.

She got two questions wrong and Zi Yan explained the answers to her patiently.

Then, the family of three went to the movie hall to watch cartoons.

The next day.

Mengmeng came to the school and immediately found Ma Fei.

“Ma Fei, Ma Fei, what are you thinking about”

Ma Feis deskmate had yet to arrive, so Mengmeng sat there.

Looking at the absent-minded Ma Fei, Mengmeng had a curious expression on her face.

“I… Im not thinking of anything.

Mengmeng, why are you here”

Ma Fei was introverted and his voice was also particularly low.

As the classroom was noisy, Mengmeng could only hear him clearly by listening carefully.

“I want our group to get first place.

Your results are dropping too much.

Are you facing any difficulty”

“No.” Ma Fei shook his head.

He obviously had something on his mind, but he was not the type to talk about it.

“My parents and I want to visit your home after school today.

We want to have a chat with your parents.”

“No, I cant,” Ma Fei answered weakly.


Mengmeng was stunned by Zhang Hans straightforward refusal.

Then, she pouted and said unhappily, “Hmph! So be it then! Im not going to talk to you anymore!”

Then, Mengmeng got up to leave.

Now Ma Fei became anxious.

“No… Mengmeng, my mom has time, so she can go.” Ma Fei quickly changed his mind.

However, he looked a little guilty.


Mengmeng snorted again.

“Its settled then.

Dont go back on your word.”

“Got it.”

After hearing Ma Feis answer, Mengmeng then hopped back to her seat.

She began chatting with Li Muen and the other girls who gathered around her.

When class was about to start, Mengmeng waved her little hand.

“All right, all right.

Were starting class soon.

Everyone, go back to your seats.

Dont talk too loudly!”

This class monitor had quite a good demeanor.

Everyone followed her orders.

They went back to their seats and whispered to each other.

When Lu Guo arrived at the class, the students were completely quiet.

Without Lu Guo telling them, these students all knew that they had to keep quiet during lessons.

Even if you did not feel like listening, you should not disturb others.

During lunch, Lu Guo brought Mengmeng and her good friend Li Muen to a security office not far away from the school gate.

The office was very neat and tidy.

There were a bedroom and a living room that was used as a dining area.

There was a single bed in the bedroom, as well as other utilities such as a TV.

The standard was about the same as that of a hotels luxury suite.

Luo Shan had specially arranged this accommodation for Lu Xiong.

Of course, it was also the place for Mengmeng to have lunch.

Before noon, Mount New Moon would send people to deliver some delicacies.


Lu, my parents and I are going to Ma Feis house after school today.

Daddy said that Ma Feis results are falling behind, so hes going to talk to Ma Feis parents.

If hes facing difficulty, we can help him.

In this way, we can continue learning and win first place as a group.”

Mengmeng explained to him in a serious manner while eating.


Lu Xiong grinned and said, “Your dad can do two peoples work.

Hell definitely be able to help Ma Fei improve his grades.”

“Not necessarily.

Ma Feis family situation…”

Lu Guos expression froze.

Looking at Mengmeng and Li Muen, she shook her head and said, “The final exams are coming up.

Even if he starts revising now, his grades might not improve much.

Mengmeng, will you be sad if you cant get the first prize”

“No, I wont.”

Mengmeng spoke like a true adult, “My daddy said that as long as you work hard and dont have any regrets, its fine if you dont get first place.”

Lu Guo was amused by Mengmengs words.

However, she felt a little relieved.

Since Mr.

Zhang and Mengmeng wanted to pay them a visit, maybe this could also be a solution.

Lu Guo did not know how to deal with Ma Feis situation, and neither could she communicate with his parents.

If there were students who are good at studying, then there would be those who were not.

Although Dongli Elementary School was excellent, if there was first place, then there would be second, third, and last place.

Lu Guo had also always thought that good grades did not relate to a good future.

She had heard from her grandfather that Zhang Hanyang was also not good at studying when he was a young master in Shang Jing.

When school was almost over in the afternoon, Ma Fei borrowed a mobile phone to call his family, informing them that the class monitor was going to visit with her parents.

He also told them that he would be getting a ride from the class monitors fathers car, so there was no need to pick him up.

Ma Feis mother was a little surprised, but she still nodded and agreed.

Then, she began to clean up the house.

At Mount New Moon.

“Honey, if Ma Feis parents recognize me, do you think it will affect our chat Should I do a little makeover I cant wear sunglasses when I go to others house, can I” Zi Yan sat before the dressing table and muttered.

“Its okay.

Just be yourself.

Theres nothing to worry about.

Ill be there with you.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Why dont you put on a pair of no-degree glasses”

“No-degree glasses What about this one”

Zi Yan picked up a pair of glasses, put them on, and Zhang Han broke into laughter.

“Now this is something.

Put on a pair of stockings and youll look like an adult actress.”

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