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“Ill think about it,” Zhang Han replied casually.

This idea was workable and benefited each other.

Although there were a lot of resources on Mount New Moon, they could not withstand the great consumption of many people, such as the security group, Wang Xiaowu, and others, at the same time.

It was not a big deal to send them to the Kings Domain.

At least, as long as he was there, the people in the Kings Domain would not dare to hurt them at all.

“Am I going to Lord Nan Shans place or the Black White Palace”

There was no need to consider Lord Qing Lan of the Black White Palace.

With Yue Wuwei, she might have a way to get out.

There should be a way, right

Zhang Han was also confused.

If so, how could Yue Wuwei not bring his wife and daughter out

Could it be that Yue Wuwei could not find any loopholes in the rule

This possibility could not be ruled out.

After all, he had the knowledge at the ninth level of pass-tribulation.

Although Yue Wuwei was strange, he might not be a tough character.

Since he couldnt figure it out, Zhang Han stopped thinking about it.

During the time, the group of people had already reached the exit.

They left the worldlet and came to the small lake.

“Is this the Main World, the secular world you speak of”

Si Nan quickly surveyed his surroundings, took a deep breath, and suddenly sneezed.

“What the hell is it Why is there no energy of heaven and earth What is this misty white fog Its too choking.”

They were wisps of smoke from kitchen chimneys.

The nearby villagers were all making lunch, so there was smoke from kitchen chimneys.

What Si Nan had just inhaled, at least, consisted of the smoke within a radius of a hundred meters.

It was more enjoyable than taking a deep drag on a cigarette.

“This place… seems to be different from what I have imagined.”

Lord Liu looked around and was a little surprised.

Dong Chen replied, “The secular world is a world of science and technology.

You probably dont even know what technology is.

Some firearms are also very powerful.

Some weapons can even hurt us.

A very small number of heavyweight weapons can kill people at the Heaven Peak Stage.”


Si Nan was shocked.

“Science and technology can kill people at the Heaven Peak Stage Are there many of these things If so, isnt it too dangerous in the secular world”

“But they basically wont use that kind of weapon unless you kill them wantonly and disturb ordinary society.

You can also feel that the spiritual Qi here is almost exhausted.

They are basically ordinary people, and there are not many martial artists,” Dong Chen said.

“There are also some ordinary clansmen in our Kings Domain.

Its quite normal.

Not everyone has the talent for cultivation,” said Lord Liu.

At this time, he shot a serious look at Dong Chen.

There was no doubt that he would be the leader of the trip in the next few days.

“Im going back.

Send them away in nine days,” Zhang Han said.

“Dont you want to invite us to your place” Lord Liu smiled.

He wanted to go to Zhang Hanyangs place as his first stop.


Zhang Han agreed without hesitation.

“Take it.

Let me show you how technology conquers the sky first.”

So they came to the airport of Sanmen City.

Looking at the people coming and going, especially those in suits and leather shoes, Si Nan frowned and thought, “These people in the Main World are wearing ugly clothes.”

As for the crowd passing by, they also looked at the two of them.

“That tall man is wearing armor”

“The other black man is wearing cloth”

“What are they doing Cosplay”

Fortunately, they took private planes.

“I can smash this piece of scrap metal with a single palm.

Can it fly”

Si Nan got on the plane with some contempt.

However, Lord Liu was quiet.

He looked around curiously and was full of interest in new things.

“Have a drink.

Heres red wine.”

They sat together, and a flight attendant in a short skirt came over.

Her two white legs attracted the attention of Si Nan.

“Zhang Hanyang, is this your plane You suck at choosing people.

Not only is this woman ugly, but her clothes are also exposed.

She is a vamp.”


Zhang Han didnt know what to say.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He had witnessed Si Nans taste before.

After all, he had stayed in his imperial harem for a few days.

However, Lord Liu, imitating Zhang Han, took a small sip of red wine, left it in his mouth for a few seconds, and then slowly swallowed it.

“It tastes a little strange.”

Lord Liu smiled slightly and said, “But the woman just now has fine features and is pretty.

The sense of beauty in our Kings Domain is similar to yours.

Yet Si Nan likes robust women.

Si Nan, before I came here, I told you that when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and dont easily deny anything.”

“Yes, I got it.”

Si Nan grew serious and quickly nodded.

If Lord Liu didnt speak, he could act casually.

As long as Lord Liu opened his mouth, he had to behave himself.

He could tell who was the big brother.

“Zhang Hanyang, Ive studied your Spirit Battle Method for several days.

Its very mysterious.

I admire it very much.

That Spirit Battle Method will improve many peoples strength, so Ive prepared a gift of thanks for you.

Later, Si Nan will give it to you.”

“Youre welcome.”

“If you have a better one, I think we can communicate again in this respect.

As for resources, I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer,” Lord Liu added.

“Ill think about it.”

Zhang Han did not give a definite answer.

It was not good to let the Dark Shadow Clan grow too fast.

The world maintained a balance.

If one side broke it, it would break layer by layer and affect the whole situation.

Not to mention whether Zhang Han had the ability or not, he also thought that this balance was pretty good at the moment.

He liked a peaceful life.

Coincidentally, life was very peaceful now, wasnt it

Soon, the plane arrived in Xiangjiang.

“The city of the secular world is very prosperous.

There are tall buildings and various entertainment activities.”

Dong Chen added with a smile, “Young people like you should like them.”

“Young people”

Lord Liu raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Ive lived for 230 years.

How old are you”


Dong Chens head buzzed.

“This guy is more than 200 years old

“He looks quite young!”

“I, I… Im much younger than you,” Dong Chen replied awkwardly.

Lord Liu didnt mind it.

In the beginning, he couldnt be bothered to pay attention to Dong Chen because he was not qualified.

People in the Kings Domain, especially Real Kings, valued identities, strength, and qualifications.

The hierarchy was rigid.

In normal times, Dong Chen would have been killed if he talked to him in such a tone.

But now he had to save Zhang Hanyangs face, so he simply didnt think about that.

He would also exchange a few words with Dong Chen.

After all, he was the guide for the next few days.

“Is this your place”

Lord Liu looked at the company and felt that it was nothing special.

“This is my company.

I live on the top of a mountain not far away.”

“As expected, I already felt a hint of suppression before,” Lord Liu nodded.

He was talking about the no-fly zone.

They got on an MPV.

Lord Liu really observed the customs here.

Since he had the experience of taking a plane, he just looked at it with calmness now.

Si Nan looked over and fixed his eyes on the small screen.

“What is this…”

As he spoke, he began to fiddle with it.

He didnt stand on ceremony.

He drank bottles of red wine and ate without any scruples.

After all, Zhang Hanyang had swindled the limited treasures out of him.

More than 10 minutes later, they arrived at Mount New Moon.

The Third Elder, the First Elder, Yun Feiyang, Zhang Guangyou, and Chen Changqing all came over.

Lord Liu from the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine appeared.

They were also full of curiosity.

“Its pretty good here.

I didnt expect that youve already collected four kinds of thunder yang treasures.”

There was a strange look in Lord Lius eyes.

Zhang Han smiled but didnt say anything.

“The Lord of the Dragon Scale City.”

The Third Elder was the first to greet them, “Is this Lord Liu”


Dong Chen looked at the crowd in front of him and began to introduce them, “Everyone is familiar with this person beside me.

Hes Si Nan, the Lord of the Dragon Scale City, and this is Lord Liu.”

“Lord Liu.”

Zhao Feng and the others were a little shocked.

They had never expected that even the Real King in the Kings Domain of the Ancient Mine would come here to pay a visit.

“Nice to meet you.”

Lord Liu didnt seem to put on airs at all and waved his hand at the crowd in a very easy-going manner.

Zi Yan, Wang Ya, and the others were also curious about the Dark Shadow Clan.

As soon as Zhang Han left, the news had spread all over Mount New Moon.

Therefore, at this point, Zi Yan and the others also came over, and there was a large crowd of people.

“Hes Lord Liu.”

Mu Xue looked at him from head to toe.

The locations of the white and black of the eye of the Dark Shadow Clan were opposite to these of people here.

Although they used a formation to hide their eyes, Mu Xue and the others could still see through them.

It was quite novel.

They knew nothing about the Kings Domain and didnt know what kind of world it was.

“The scenery is so beautiful.”

Si Nan looked around and repeatedly praised, “Zhang Hanyang, youve found a good place, havent you Woah, there are two fierce beasts.”

Seeing Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot behind them, Si Nan was a little surprised, “These two guys seem quite obedient.”

He was talking about Dahei and Little Hei.

He couldnt see through Tiny Tot.

It was just an ordinary animal.

However, after it appeared, Lord Lius pupils shrunk, “This is… the aura of a beast king!”

There were 13 magnates in the Kings Domain, but in the Northernmost Sea and the depths of the Beast Land, there were even more beast kings with the strength of a Giant.

He had never expected that Zhang Hanyang could raise a beast king.

Although it was not a beast king now, it also meant that it was a beast kings child.

This kind of reaction made Zhang Han look at him in a different light.

This Lord Liu should have some kind of supernatural power to detect the aura.

They sat on Mount New Moon for a while and enjoyed their leisure time.

Then Zhang Han drove them out of the house.

He was going to show them around the south island in the remaining hours.

“At first sight, I thought it was the Boundless Sea ahead.

It turned out to be an ordinary sea.”

As the car passed by the beach of New Moon Bay, Si Nan and Lord Liu decided to walk there and have a look.

At this moment, Si Nan had also changed his clothes.

He was no longer an alien in peoples eyes.

He stepped on the beach and felt the impact of the sea breeze.

“I didnt expect that in the real world, there would be a blue sky that could make the world so colorful,” Lord Liu muttered with some emotion.

It was as if the sky had dyed the entire world.

There were quite a few beautiful sights in the Ancient Mine, but it was a pity that there was no blue sky.

That was why they felt impressed here.

“Eh A clan member”

Suddenly, Si Nan saw a black man who was more than 1.8 meters tall coming from the side.

He frowned slightly and said, “Our clansmen are in the Main World as well”

For a moment, he didnt respond.

He walked over and asked in the Dark Shadow Clans language, “How did you stay in the real world Why are your eyes different from ours Are you our descendant”

The other party was stunned, “What”

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