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“Oh” Zi Yan shifted her eyes and looked over.

The name “King of Storms” sounded quite domineering.

“Yes,” the only woman among the five said, “in this battle, King of Storms An He and the rising new star of the Authentic Martial Arts Sect, Qiao Sen, fought against each other.

Havent you ever heard of them”

“I dont seem to have heard of it,” Mengmeng blinked her eyes and answered, “I only know a few people in the martial arts world.

There are my grandfather, Uncle Chen, Aunty Xue, Aunt Jiang, Uncle Feng, Uncle Hu, my grandfather, grandma, my father, and Uncle Yun.

I think there are only a few dozen people.”

There were a hundred people in the security group.

Mengmeng knew some of them but couldnt call out their names, because they kept a low profile and some people were not good at words.

These people were not as good as Zhao Feng and others.

They spent all their time cultivating and didnt have many chances to meet with Mengmeng.

On the other hand, the yellow-haired man chuckled and looked much more amiable.

“It turns out that these three people come from a martial arts aristocratic family.”

It was just that he had never heard of what she said.

No one had said these words like uncles and aunts to her.

Maybe they came from a small martial arts family.

This kind of family was normal in the vast Hua nation.

“Little girl, since you were born in a martial arts family, you should know that talent like the King of Storms cant be spoken ill of behind his back.

He doesnt have a good temper! If their people hear about it, you will also get into trouble for no reason.

I think you are also here to see the world.

This battle is very important.

The two of them, who have been at the Heaven Stage for a long time, are waiting for an opportunity to break through to the Grand Master.

Whoever wins may directly break through and become one of the most important figures in the world!”

While speaking, a look of admiration appeared on the yellow-haired young mans face.

“I dont know when Ill be able to compete with them.

Oh, by the way, Im from Hao Ri Villa, Xiangnan.

My name is Zhu Hui, and Im also at the Earth Stage now.

I like to make friends with all kinds of people.

Maybe you can visit Hao Ri Villa someday if given the chance.”

“Well, okay,” Mengmeng responded in a clear voice.

“Lets go.

Maybe they will fight when we reach the mountain.”

Seeing that Mengmengs family of three had never heard of him, Zhu Hui suddenly felt bored.

He waved his hand and took his friends up the mountain quickly.

“Dad, he seems to be very enthusiastic.”

Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han.

“Well, he is kind of… an interesting person.”

Zhang Han smiled lightly.

“Zhu Hui is a Heaven-stage Master, but he claims that he is a master of Earth Realm.

Is he trying to be a dark horse”

However, this was also normal.

“All good-looking things are the same, but interesting souls are one in a million.

It seems that he is the latter,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Where did you learn those words” Zhang Han was a little confused.

“A book holds a house of gold.”

“You didnt read so many books in vain.”

Zhang Han smiled and walked forward with Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

About three minutes later, they arrived at the top of the mountain.

There was a hubbub of voices.

“There are so many people.”

Seven or eight hundred people gathered at the top of the mountain, looking very crowded and lively.

“Its just a small number,” Zhang Han replied, “In the vast Hua nation, there are martial artists in almost every place.

However, only an earth-shattering battle will attract tens of thousands of people to watch it.

Small ordinary fights wont attract many people, and most of them are local martial artists.”

Although Zhang Hans voice was low, a small number of people nearby still heard it.

“A small-scale fight”

Some people laughed but didnt say anything.

In their opinion, saying such words here at this time was tantamount to showing the extent of ignorance.

Finally, someone couldnt stand it.

It was a man in his early 30s.

“Dont talk nonsense.

There are nearly a thousand people present from all over the world.

If the battle between the King of Storms and Qiao Sen of the Authentic Martial Arts Sect can be regarded as a small one, what kind of battle is a big scene One should be knowledgeable and self-aware.”

The middle-aged man with a sharp face frowned and glared at Zhang Han.

He didnt like Zhang Han, especially his calm tone.

At this time, he couldnt help mocking him, “You said that the fighting is just a small matter, but you still come here to watch it.

Isnt it like a b*tch claiming herself virtuous”


All of a sudden, there was a burst of laughter from the crowd.

On the other side, someone recognized the man who was talking and whispered, “Isnt that Shi Haoran of the Shi family I heard that he has just got into martial arts world for about two years, and now he is an Earth-Stage Master, ranks in the top three of the Shi family, and is pretty famous.”

“Your news is wrong.

A week ago, Shi Haoran had already broken through to the Heaven-stage Master level and became famous in Jiang Province.

Now some of the rich people in his hometown have called himMaster Shi with great respect.”

As soon as he said these, people around him couldnt help but gasp.

“It turned out to be Shi Haoran.

He also came to watch the battle.”

“This is a great battle.

Shi Haoran has broken through to the Heaven Stage, so he must have been enlightened.

He will benefit a lot from the battle between the King of Storms and Qiao Sen.”


Mengmeng also heard their discussion.

When she saw such a scene, she became a little nervous.

She didnt know how powerful these warriors in front of her were.

The middle-aged man who just spoke was arrogant as if he were an unreachable big shot.

Some people flattered him, but he seemed to ignore them.

Zi Yan raised her eyebrow slightly.

“Its just a comment.

We will say what we want, and you dont get to ridicule us.

Bad temper for a man with little strength.”

If it were just a few sarcastic remarks, Zi Yan would not have spoken.

However, this man had an arrogant look on his face and said insulting words.

The childs mother was unhappy at that time.

“Are you talking to me”

Shi Haoran pointed at himself with his right hand as if he couldnt believe it.

At the same time, his face darkened.

“Mom, not only does he have a bad temper, but he is also ugly.”

Mengmengs innocent voice made Shi Haoran extremely angry.

As for Zhang Han, he was lost in thought.

During these few seconds, he had a lot of thoughts in his mind.

Since he had taken Mengmeng to see the martial arts world, there must be some harsh truth.

There was not only chivalry but also cold-bloodedness and heartlessness, along with a lot of other things.

“And the person in front of him…

“Slap him to death

“Is it too bloody for Mengmeng

“She is only eleven years old now, so its okay for her to learn about the martial arts world slowly.

“Or should I kill him with a flick of my finger Or kill his soul directly”

Shi Haoran had never expected that the man in front of him, who didnt say anything, would be thinking about how to take his life!

A Grand Master couldnt be insulted.

This seemed to sound a little strange in the current martial arts world.

Many people knew that if they insulted a Wu Dao Grand Master, he would kill them.

At present, Zhang Han was many times stronger than a Wu Dao Grand Master.

“You two…”

Shi Haoran looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng with a deep frown.

His face was full of displeasure and majesty.

He was just about to talk when…

“Shi Haoran, are you bullying my friends”

A strange laugh suddenly came from the side.

It was Zhu Hui.

He strode over with his four friends, and there was a will to fight in the depths of his eyes!

“Does he want to use Shi Haoran to establish his prestige”

“Zhu Hui Why are you everywhere”

Shi Haorans expression darkened slightly, “Just because youre backed by the Hao Ri Villa, it doesnt mean I wouldnt dare to lay my hands on you.”

“Is that so Would you like to give it a try”

When they got closer, Zhu Hui nodded to Zhang Han, looked at Shi Haoran, and said in a low voice, “Why dont I break your legs before the two figures come”

“Hahaha, Zhu Hui, Ive found you annoying for a long time.

You dare to come here on your own.

You even make this terrible excuse.

What friends How can three ordinary people be your friends”

“They crossed the river with one reed and are also from the circle.

Why cant they be my friends” Zhu Hui sneered.


These words made a few people nearby laugh.

“Crossing the river with one reed.

A rookie who has just entered the martial arts world can do that.

Zhu Hui, if you want to find an excuse, you should find a better one.

Or if you want to fight with Haoran, just say it directly.

As martial artists, we do what our hearts desire.

If you dont like him, just fight.

You just had to use a few irrelevant people as an excuse, which really makes me look at you in a negative light.”

A man behind Zhu Hui sneered.

“They are…”

Zhu Hui wanted to say, “They are a martial arts family.”

“Forget about the river crossing or something.

That little girl has said that some of her relatives are martial artists.

It is obvious that they are from a family.”

But he knew that even if he said it out loud, it would attract some peoples ridicule.

It was better not to say it at all.

“Then lets fight.”

He grinned and got ready.

At this time, Mengmeng held Zhang Hans hand more tightly and said in a low voice, “Dad, is he helping us”

Although the voice was low, everyone here was a martial artist so some nearby could hear it clearly, and they also looked over.

Bringing a 10-year-old girl, he must have come here to broaden his horizons.

He wanted to take a look at the King of Storms and Qiao Sen.

Now he had become the center of this small chaos because of his fault for talking behind the scenes.

He came to watch this battle and said that it was just a small fight.

Did he really think that everyone here had a good temper Moreover, Shi Haoran was even related to An He.

There was no change in their gazes.

They were all being lookers-on.

But unexpectedly, before Zhu Hui and the others got into a fight, the man was talking nonsense again.

He patted the little girls arm and helped her straighten her cap.

At the same time, he said lightly, “My daughter, there is a saying in the martial arts world thata Grand Master cant be insulted, because if you provoke a Wu Dao Grand Master, you may lose your life.”


Mengmengs eyes widened, and she couldnt accept it.

“Dad, I dont want to see it.

Im afraid of blood.

Lets go”

Mengmeng tightened her grip on Zhang Han.

Zi Yan compressed her lips and said, “Why dont we…”

“No need.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said as if there were no one else present, “This is just the beginning.

She has to accept it someday because this is the real world.”

The conversation confused Zhu Hui, Shi Haoran, and the others.

“What is he doing”

But they noticed that Zhang Han was slowly raising his right hand to face Shi Haoran.


A green light flashed in Shi Haorans eyes.

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