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About half of the students raised their hands.

Even Bei Jinnan wanted to raise his hand, but when he saw Mengmeng sitting on the other side and not doing anything, he subconsciously refrained from doing so.

“Nan, didnt you go for the tutoring classes too”

Ning Hui turned to look at him and asked in confusion.

Her voice was so loud that it attracted Teacher Bais attention.

“Oh, I didnt.

I only went there twice.

Then I played games at home and learned to play some musical instruments,” Bei Jinnan said with a smile.

His voice was also loud and everyone in the class could hear it.

He had some thoughts.

He could play two songs with his guitar.

Having the same hobby might help him have something in common with Mengmeng.

He did indeed attend the tutoring classes.

However, seeing that Mengmeng did not raise her hand, he merely followed her and said those words.

However, hardly had he finished speaking when Mengmeng raised her right hand.

Bei Jinnan was speechless.

He felt as if there was a dagger in his heart!

When he simply covered up for it, she changed her mind.

His expression was a little stiff and he felt as if he was always hitting a wall.

“Zhang Yumeng, you raised your hand a little late.

Did you also stop going to tutoring classes after taking several of them” Bai Yilin asked casually.


Mengmeng did not expect the teacher to question her on this.

After pondering for a while, she replied, “My mother taught me the lessons for the middle school, and then I learned a few other things.

I traveled for a few days during the summer vacation, but I didnt have much time to play.

I was so busy.”

“I see.” Bai Yilin smiled.

“Although Zhang Yumeng is a lively girl who likes to have fun, we cant judge people on the surface.

According to what I know, Zhang Yumengs grades are among the top five in our class.”

His simple words caused a commotion in the class.

The students looked at Mengmeng in shock.

They did not expect that her grades were so good in the key class.

Actually, everyones grades were remarkable in their previous primary school.

Even though they ranked low in the key class, they were very outstanding in ordinary classes.

It was not a big deal.

What was surprising was that Mengmeng was so beautiful and seemed to be very fond of playing.

Therefore, this was rather shocking.

Just as the students were dumbfounded, a figure walked toward the door.


Bai Yilin became tense when he saw that.

It was the vice-principal.

He quickly got up and walked over.

The former principal said, “Im looking for Zhang Yumeng.”

“Zhang Yumeng, please come over.” Bai Yilin waved his hand.


Mengmeng swept past them, then walked out of the classroom and greeted the vice principal.

“Did Mr.

Bai deal with what happened just now”

“What” Mengmeng asked.

“The incident that happened early in the morning.”

“Oh, oh, the incident with Ning Hui.

Its all right now.

Teacher Bai has taken care of it.” Mengmeng had a good impression of Bai Yilin.

It was extremely hard to find an interesting person in this world.

She felt that Teacher Bai was an interesting soul.

“Thats good.

My office is in the innermost room of the hall on the fifth floor.

You can come to me at any time if anything happens to you.

Oh, by the way, you may not be used to the food in the canteen here.

Will your family send someone to deliver the food to you” Her old principal asked with a smile.

“No, I want to try the food in the canteen first.

If its not appetizing, then Ill ask my father to send me some food.” Mengmeng shook her head.


Her old principal gave a genial smile, cast Bai Yilin a meaningful look, and turned to leave.


Bai Yichen touched his forehead.

He felt as if he was drenched in cold sweat.

“Lets go.

Lets go back to class.

Well, Mengmeng, you are a good girl.

If there is anything else in the future, you can look for Teacher Bai at any time.

The vice principal is in a high position, so he is very busy.”

“I know, Teacher Bai.” Mengmeng nodded obediently.

Only then did Bai Yilin feel a little relieved.

It was obvious that Mengmeng had a powerful background.

He needed to set aside the idea of getting any job opportunity from Mengmeng for now.

What was crucial was that he would be finished if they constantly sought out the vice-principal if such things happened every time.

After all, he had fought so hard to settle down.

Walking back to the class, she had barely started chatting with the other students when the class bell rang.

Bai Yilin went out.

After class, he brought back a stack of papers.

“This is our class schedule.

Each of you will get one copy.

You can take a look at it after class.

Now its the lead teachers class, mathematics…”

Bai Yilin took the stack of class schedules and asked the students to pass them around.

Then, he began to teach his first lesson in middle school.

The textbook was placed on the lectern, but he did not refer much to it.

When he was making his lesson plans, he already knew all the key points that he needed to elaborate on.

It goes without saying that the students of the key classes were very competent.

They basically listened carefully in class, especially Mengmeng, who was very attentive.

She would also be distracted after a while, occasionally glancing around in the class.

It was difficult to stay focused throughout the entire class.

Although they zoned out, they were still attentive in their lessons.

The students went to the canteen for lunch.

The food there was plain.

Mengmeng and Li Muen were sitting at a table.

Bei Jinnan wanted to join them, but he and his three friends already occupied one table, so he did not have any reason to sit with Mengmeng.

After class in the afternoon, the middle school lessons officially began.

Their dismissal from school was a bit late, at six oclock in the evening.

Mengmeng got in Zhang Hans car and sat in the back seat with Zi Yan.

“First day in middle school.

How do you feel” Zi Yan took off Mengmengs cap and put it aside.

“Not bad.

I had a quarrel with someone in the morning.”

“A quarrel Why” Zi Yan was stunned.

As for Zhang Han, he glanced at the rearview mirror and asked with a smile, “With your eloquence, you wouldnt be at a disadvantage, would you”

“No, they went to look for the teacher.

Later, the teacher also asked us to go over.

By the way, we met the old principal and he was very partial to me.

He didnt say anything.

It was just a little conflict.

I really do not know what was the problem, really.

Muen said that her classmates brother liked me when he met me, so the girl was jealous.

When she came to me, she deliberately bumped into me.

As soon as I dodged, she fell to the ground.

Hmph, its good that I practiced martial arts with grandpa.”

While speaking, Mengmeng leaned back against the seat.

She was in a relatively comfortable position as she swung her legs.

“Jealous” Zi Yan frowned slightly.

“Its just the first day of middle school.

Whats there to be jealous about It seems that her thoughts are rather alarming.”

Zhang Han looked a little helpless and said, “As expected.

My daughter is so beautiful.

Someone fell in love with her on the first day of middle school.

Who is it”

He pretended to ask unintentionally.

“Its just a boy named Bei Jinnan in our class.

It doesnt matter.

Anyway, I dont feel anything.

Daddy, you dont have to worry about him,” Mengmeng replied lazily.

“Not worry I only have one precious daughter,” Zhang Han responded helplessly.

Mengmeng claimed seriously, “I have a high standard.

I wont like anyone who is not as excellent as my father.”

“Thats right.

Ive always told you that girls should have self-respect.

Mengmeng excels in this.

Dont worry.

Its just your father who is worried about nothing.” Zi Yan pursed her lips.

“Mengmeng, you promised Daddy.” Zhang Hans face became serious.

“When you grow up, if you meet any good boy who wants to pursue you, he has to beat your dad first.”

“Yes, I know,” Mengmeng replied.

She didnt know how difficult it would be to achieve this.

Moreover, Zhang Han made it clear that they had to wait until the boy could beat him.

This was an ambiguous statement, which meant that Zhang Han would still be the one to decide.

“Mengmeng, if you encounter such a thing again in the future, you dont have to endure it if someone is being unreasonable.

You can punish them, but you have to be careful about what you want to do.”

Zi Yan began to teach Mengmeng a lesson again.

After all, Mengmeng excelled in practicing martial arts now.

Although the little girl was beautiful and lovely, she could still make great waves when she threw a fireball.

“Daddy, how did you court Mummy” Mengmeng was excited.

“Didnt you see how” Zi Yan replied casually.

The sky above the whole city was filled with fireworks.

Such a romantic scene was still vivid in Zi Yans mind.

“No, at that time, I was only a few years old.

I want to know, from the beginning, how did you win Mummys heart before you guys had me”

“Thats a long story.”

Zhang Han chuckled.

Before Zi Yan could react, he said quickly, “When your mother chased me…”

“What did you say” Zi Yans eyes gradually widened.

She was about to be irritated.


Mengmeng was stunned and asked, “Is it Mummy who chased after Daddy”

“Humph! Ill give you another chance.

Tell the truth.” Zi Yan stared intently at Zhang Han.

“Tell the truth!” Mengmeng cheered.

“All right.”

Zhang Han found it funny.

After pondering for two seconds, he started, “Your mother is so stunning.

At that time, some bad guys went after her, and then your father saved the beauty, being the hero that he was.

After that, we had you.”

“How did you save the beauty Its too fast when you guys had me later.

Its not the same as what Mummy said.”


Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan.

“Its… its when your father chased me…”

Zi Yan began to tell stories.

Mengmeng listened with great interest.

During the hours drive, they were basically talking about this matter.

Zhang Han was glad that Zi Yan could help him tell the story.

He watched them with a smile.

They went back to the castle and after dinner, Mengmeng first did her homework within an hour, then ran to the back mountain to play with Dahei and the others for an hour.

They blew up things around the pond together.

Using the Fireball Skill had its limitations.

She had to rest for ten minutes every time she hit ten fireballs.

Two hours later, she went to the magic paradise and played for a while.

It was about 11 oclock.

Mengmeng felt that she was pressed for time.

After playing games with her classmates for more than half an hour, she went to bed.

The next day, Mengmeng got up early.

She ran to Thunder Yang Tree and fought with Chen Chuan.

She ended up kicking his ass and then went to the side of the pond, as Chen Chuan watched her dazedly.

There were no fish in the small area on the left of the pond.

They seemed to know that it was a forbidden area of life.

They didnt know when any terrifying incident would happen.

At seven oclock, Zhang Han drove Mengmeng to school after breakfast.

It was an hours drive.

They had to set off at seven oclock.

Mengmeng would arrive at school at eight oclock and start the first class at 8:10.

In this way, the whole day was extremely full.

Mengmeng even felt that she had a lot of free time in school during the day.

There were forty-five minutes of classes followed by a ten-minute break.

Then there were two hours of rest during the afternoon break, plus art classes, physical education classes, and so on.

She had plenty of time.

At home, she got up at six oclock every day and practiced the Fireball Skill.

She needed to train Chen Chuan every day and then hurried to have breakfast.

She then left for school after that.

At night, it was already eight oclock when she got home for dinner and finished her homework.

It was nine oclock after she played with Chen Chuan, Dahei, and the others for a while.

She also had to practice the Fireball Skill.

She was exceptionally busy.

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