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There were about 30 students in the classroom.

When they saw this scene, their eyes were widened a little.

Several mineral water bottles and drink bottles were aggressively lobbed over.

For a moment, the three male students were sort of stupefied.

When they came to their senses, it was already too late for them to duck.

“Bam, bam!”

Being hit by the bottles, the three students realized that things were not going well for them and dashed toward the side of the stairs with their hands covering their heads.

When they arrived at the stairs, they were all out of breath.

“Shoot, the bottle left a large bump on my forehead.

It hurts so much! Who threw me that bottle filled with mineral water Thats vicious, isnt it”

“Gee, this new junior girl is good.

Shes got a bit of a temper.”

“Well, thats a close call.

They almost got us.”

“Run, run! We cant afford to mess with them.”


The three of them muttered a few words and hurried back to their classroom.

“Hahaha, cool!”

“They ran so fast.”

“Humph, if they ever come again, well kick them out!”


The atmosphere in Class 8 of the first year was very hot, and the students were all chattering lively.

In an instant, more than a dozen students rose to their feet and came to Mengmeng.

“Zhang Yumeng, I also want to join your club.”

“Me, me, and me.

Let me hang out with you guys, would you”

“Humph!” In the face of their requests, Mengmeng snorted softly and declared, “Youve missed your chance.

Muen and the other five girls are the founding members.

Its fine to let you join us.

But for the time being, you can only be minions.

When the club later thrives, Ill consider giving you some other titles.”

“That will do as well.”


About six boys also edged toward Mengmeng.

Even Bei Jinnan, who was wearing a smile on his face, got up and walked over.

“Our club doesnt accept boys.”


The smile on Bei Jinnans face froze, and then he sat back down obediently.

“Why dont you accept boys” someone asked.

“We are all heroines.

We dont need any boys.

No need!” Li Muen shook her head again and again.

“But we also want to throw bottles at others with you.”

Hearing this, Mengmeng suddenly smirked and said, “We dont accept boys, but I cant do anything if you want to throw bottles.”

“Okay! That can work, too!”

“If more boys come here, lets throws things at them together.”

The students were all absorbed in their scheming.

From the end of the corridor came Xiao Ma and his three buddies.

Xiao Ma was holding a rose in his hand, which he would give to Mengmeng on behalf of Zhou Lei.

“Brother Ma, why dont elder brother Lei come here by himself Elder brother Lei is not afraid of anything.

How can he be afraid of a first-year girl”

“What do you know” Xiao Ma glowered at him and said, “Havent you watched any TV drama The CEOs always make their subordinates send over flowers, dont they That will save them the embarrassment when the female leads toss the flowers away.

Also, the subordinates will tell the female leads that the male leads are missing them.

You insensitive straight man, get out of here.

Talk to me no more, lest Im influenced by your stupidity.”

“But our elder brother Lei really has good taste.

Ive also seen that Zhang Yumeng.

Shes otherworldly pretty.”

“Hey hey, here is Class 8 of the first year.

Eh Why did the two boys at the door of the classroom run away the moment they saw us Is Brother Ma also very famous among the first-year students”

“You were not with me yesterday, so you didnt see that several freshmen almost fainted out of fear when they saw me.” Xiao Ma laughed.

He turned around and swaggered to the door of Class 8.

The expression of the male leads in the TV dramas popped up in his mind, and a smirk instantly appeared onto his face.


“Whats that Starlight all over the sky


Seeing that numerous mineral water bottles were falling on him, Xiao Mas pupils contracted.

“Bam! Boom! Bam…”

His head, face, arms, and legs were all hit by the bottles.

He was also hit by a “critical strike”.


Xiao Mas face was wet.

He spat and roared angrily, “Its fine that you hit me with water bottles.

But who didnt screw in the fu*king cap”

Drenched and bedraggled, Xiao Ma now felt a little deflated.

He muttered in his head, “For the sake of elder brother Lei, for the sake of elder brother Lei, I cant lose my temper!”

Looking at the drenched rose in his hand, he didnt know whether he should give it to the girl as planned or not.

“Be prepared!” Li Muen said loudly.

“F*ck, run!”

When Xiao Ma saw that some students even took out filled-up bottles, he was unnerved and quickly left with his men.


Many students in the classroom laughed out loud.

Even Bei Jinnan chuckled.

When the laughter finally began to fade, a boy in the front row murmured with dissatisfaction,

“How annoying! Its fine to play a game by yourself.

But youve disturbed others.

Thats just rude.”

The student was wearing a pair of nearsighted glasses.

He seldom talked to other students.

He was a little dull and introverted.

Being a straight-A student who didnt like noises, he launched a complaint.

All of a sudden, the class became much quieter.

“Its break time.” Mengmeng looked at him and said, “Do you want all of us not to play during the break but to keep studying as you do”

“I didnt ask you to study during breaks as I do.

Nor did I need you to do so.

Im just saying that you can go out to play.

Because when you make a racket in the classroom, it will distract others.

Otherwise, whats the sports ground for What is the equipment in the field for Cant you play on the basketball court or on the football field” The boy wearing glasses countered Mengmeng without hesitation.

“Do you mean that we cant even talk in the classroom during the break” Mengmeng slightly raised her eyebrows.

Li Muen knew that she might say something that would render others speechless again.

“Im not saying that you cant talk.

Its just that youd better not make a scene like this.

Not only will it affect others, but the teacher will also tell you off if he catches you doing this.

Besides, I hate clamor, so I advise you to go out and play.”

His words made the faces of many people in the classroom fall.

Bei Jinnan, in particular, had already stood up.

As soon as he moved, about six students who didnt like what the boy said also got up.

“What a good piece of advice!”

Mengmeng suddenly became serious and earnestly said to him, “I bet youre a descendant of Archimedes, arent you Because all you know is how to lever others out.”


The boy wearing a pair of nearsighted glasses was stunned.

Then, his face reddened in embarrassment as he protested, “You are being too rude!”

“I didnt slander you.”

Mengmeng smiled scornfully and said, “Im planning to treat you to dinner someday.

Well have fish.

Well, I think youre good at picking bones.”


In an instant, there was a burst of laughter in the classroom.

Even Bei Jinnan paused in his tracks.

He decided to deal with that guy after Mengmeng finished speaking.

“You, you, you are unreasonable!”

The boy with glasses blushed and said very crossly, “How could you talk like this”

“Im not a fortune teller in the square.

I dont have so many good words that you like to hear.” Mengmeng curled her lips.


The boy with glasses jumped to his feet and threatened, “Im gonna report this to the teacher!”

“Okay.” Bei Jinnan sneered and said, “But before you go for the teacher, lets have a talk first.”

With that, he and a few friends of his dragged the boy with glasses out and, well, went to the toilet.

They all came back when the class started.

Nothing serious seemed to have happened.

But the nearsighted boy appeared to be particularly submissive.

He then scurried out dejectedly the moment the class was over.

It was true that some people always regarded themselves as the sun, the moon, or the center of the world.

There were also some who liked to teach a lesson to such people.

It was obvious that Bei Jinnan had just taught a lesson to a student wearing glasses.

It seemed that no violence was involved.

As for how Bei Jinnan dealt with the boy, that was only for him and those of his friends to know.

When the morning classes were over, many students in the third year of junior high had heard about the incident.

Those who went to see that junior girl schoolmate in Class 8 in the first grade had all taken blows.

And they had all been struck by mineral water bottles.

Those who threw the bottles really meant business.

Some of them even threw filled-up bottles.

And some didnt even screw in the cap.

When Zhou Lei heard that Mengmeng was the one who took the lead in the battle of throwing bottles, he was shocked.

But soon, he became more interested in this girl.

“She seems to be quite spirited.”

During the lunch break, Xiao Ma outran other students in the race to the canteen and occupied several best seats.

Zhou Lei strolled leisurely at the rear.

When he arrived at the canteen, he waited for half a minute before he saw Mengmeng and Li Muen come over.

“Zhang Yumeng! Come here!” Xiao Ma held up a hand and shouted.

However, not far from them, six girls called, “President, were here!”



“Whats going on”

Those students were a little stunned.

More than a dozen girls had occupied three tables in the canteen.

They appeared to be quite eager to have Mengmeng join them.

Mengmeng took a seat next to Li Muen at the table in the middle.

When Bei Jinnan arrived, he walked over and talked with the girl who was sitting across from Mengmeng with a smile.

It seemed that he had promised her something, so she let him have the seat.

When Zhou Lei saw this, he couldnt bear it anymore.

Bei Jinnan and Mengmeng already had a lot of time to talk in class, but he didnt.

Without hesitation, Zhou Lei got up and strode over.

“Hi, can we exchange seats”


That student decisively turned him down.


“Hey, hey, hey,” as Zhou Lei was thinking about what to say, Xiao Ma hurried over and tugged the girl by the arm.

“Sweetie, I think youre very pretty.

Im third-year student.

Let me treat you to lunch.

Lets go…”

The girl had no choice but to be dragged away.

Zhou Lei smiled bashfully at Mengmeng and sat down.

Bei Jinnan gave him a distant look but didnt say anything.

“Mengmeng.” Li Muen snorted.

“Look at them.

Theyre up to no good.”

“I know.” Mengmeng said innocently, “You two had better stop hitting on me.

Youll be in danger.”

“But I cant control myself.” Zhou Lei smiled.

“Fortunately, Brother Bei and I had a talk at the campus gate.

Otherwise, those guys in the third year of junior high would also want to tag along.

Well, it turns out that its good to have that bottle fight.”

“Alas, dont regret it if you dont listen to my advice.” Mengmeng curled her lips at the two boys.

“Ill go buy lunch.

Youll still have the wonton noodles” Li Muen asked.

“Lets go together.”

Mengmeng and Li Muen went to buy lunch.

By the time they returned, Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnans meals had already arrived.

Coincidentally, both of them were having boxed lunch.

Seeing Mengmeng nibble at the wanton noodles, Bei Jinnan was kind of tempted by a thought.

“After all, weve known each other for half a month.

Its not a big deal to share food with her, is it”

After contemplating for moments, Bei Jinnan picked up a piece of pork rib.

There were only two pieces in his lunch box, which he picked up with a new pair of chopsticks.


As soon as he picked it up and made to hand it over in Mengmengs plate, the rib dropped on the table.

“It slipped off”

Bei Jinnan was taken aback.

Then, an awkward smile appeared on his face.

“It seems that Brother Beis ribs are not meant to be taken by Zhang Yumeng.”

Zhou Leis eyes lit up.

With a smile playing at the corner of his mouth, he picked up a piece of pork rib from his lunch box.


As soon as he smiled, the rib fell off, right to the floor.

For a moment, Zhou Leis smile froze.

“What you said is true.”

Bei Jinnan sneered.

Then, he picked up another piece of pork rib and flaunted at Zhou Lei.

“But I still have one.”


One of his chopsticks broke, and the rib fell on the table again.

The two pieces of pork rib were now both inedible.

He certainly could not pick them up from the table, wipe the dirt off, and eat them.


Zhou Leis face was gloating.

“It seems that this is the will of heaven.

Brother Bei, thank you for letting me have the chance.”

While speaking, he picked up his second piece of pork rib.


But his chopsticks were immediately snapped, and the pork rib also fell to the ground.

“What the f*ck!”

Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnan were both at a loss for the moment.

“What the hell”

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