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Li Muen couldnt help but simmer with laughter.

“How funny this is! Both of them want to give their ribs to Mengmeng, but they both dropped them halfway.

What are they playing”

Mengmeng was also amused.

She pursed her lips to suppress her laughter and murmured in her head,

“Who is doing it Is it Auntie Xue or Auntie Jiang Or it might be Uncle Liu.”

Since Mu Xue hung out with Mengmeng all the time, she had already told Mengmeng that she, Auntie Jiang, and the security group or other mastered had been keeping an eye on her in secret every day.

So, Mengmeng had to be careful from now on.

Because the walls might have ears as well as eyes.

Even so, since Mengmeng had long been used to it, she still did whatever she wanted.

Sometimes, she even totally forgot about the surveillance.


Zhou Lei was befuddled for five seconds.

Then, he picked up his new pair of chopsticks and said in a low voice, “Lets eat.”

“Yeah, dig in,” Bei Jinnan echoed.

The two boys lowered their heads and began to eat.

They emptied their lunch boxes almost at the same time when Mengmeng finished eating.

After lunch, Zhou Lei wiped his mouth and then looked at Mengmeng.

“Do you like to go outdoors and play”

“Play what” Mengmeng asked casually.

Regarding the way of speaking and many other aspects, Mengmeng had inherited Zhang Hans advantage—being casual.

Why always think twice before speaking That would be too tiring.

Even if one said something wrong, it would not be a problem as long as one explained it later.

Sometimes, one wouldnt even need to give an explanation.

Nevertheless, because of Zi Yans proper education plus Mengmengs intelligence, she had rarely made any ill-considered statements.

At this moment, Zhou Lei intended to ask about Mengmengs hobbies.

He had also realized that his pursuit for Mengmeng could be a lengthy process.

Perhaps she was not interested in him in the first year of junior high school.

But what about the second year The third year If not that, he would still have a chance when she was in the first year of senior high school.

Anyway, he would continue to court Mengmeng even if he had to stay down at school for two years.

She was certainly worth the wait.

“Well, Id better cater to Mengmengs pleasures.”

That was Zhou Leis plan.

He thought for a moment and said, “For instance, go to an Internet bar with classmates, hit a coffee shop, an amusement park, a billiard room, or a swimming pool.”

“I havent been to an Internet bar yet.” Mengmeng was taken aback for a moment.

But soon, she said, “Nor have I been to a coffee shop or a billiard room.

Swimming is fine by me.

But Ive already had my own amusement park.”

“You have your own amusement park”

Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnans expressions stiffened.

Could it be the kind of small indoor amusement park

“Dont you like to surf the Internet” Zhou Lei asked again.

“Yes, she does.” Bei Jinnan glanced at him indifferently and added, “We often play computer games together.

Its called Demonic Dragon.

Now your question is answered.”

He was being frank.

But, in fact, he just joined Mengmengs gaming team yesterday and played only for a while.

He was not even a match for Mengmengs secret account.

“Oh, then, all the more reason for you to try an Internet bar,” Zhou Lei said with a smile.

“I also go to one occasionally.

Its quite interesting to play online games with several friends all together.”

“Oh, well, Ill try it next time,” Mengmeng replied.

“Im also playing the Demonic Dragon.

Which level are you guys at” Zhou Lei looked at the three people at the table and inquired.

Bei Jinnan gave him an indifferent look but didnt say anything.

Li Muen chuckled and offered, “Im at Level 45.”

“Im at Level 73, and Im about to reach the full level.” Zhou Lei said with a smile, “Some tasks are quite fantastic.

Its a game that requires team play.

My skill is pretty good.

If theres a chance, we can go hit the instance dungeon together.

Mengmeng, which level are you at”

After all, Zhou Lei was a wily old bird.

He was more mature than Bei Jinnan.

Without asking for permission, he already called her “Mengmeng” instead of “Zhang Yumeng”.

“Turns out that youre merely at Level 73.

I sure can let you tag along when I kill enemies.

Beibei cant do that.

Hes too weak,” Mengmeng said.


Bei Jinnans gaze paused.

He was emotionally hurt by the pretty girl.

He swore in his head that when he went back, he immediately would buy a full-level account with the best equipment and then take Mengmeng to kill enemies!

But it turned out…

That night, he finally made an appointment with Mengmeng to play game together.

He then sent a voice message to her.

“Mengmeng, I just found out that a buddy of mine is also a full-level player.

What a coincidence! I nearly purchased a full-level account.

But now, that sum of money is saved.

I can use my buddys account to play.

Im now very powerful.

I rank 89th on the server-wide List of Top 100 Players.

Do you know the number one on the List of Top 100 Players is… Princess Mengmeng”

Bei Jinnan was instantly rendered dumbstruck.

Staring at the screen, he didnt know what to do.

He began to doubt his life.


He was emotionally hurt by the pretty girl.

On the other side, Zhou Lei also saw this four-word name.


He was emotionally hurt by this girl schoolmate.

He was so shocked that he could not even utter a word.

A moment later, he hastily called his elder brother.

“Brother, arent you also playing the Demonic Dragon Princess Mengmeng ranks first on all the servers.

How much you said last time that her account is worth”

“As I said, all equipment that player has got at least cost 30 million yuan.”


Zhou Lei finally realized that this junior schoolmate named Zhang Yumeng seemed to have an exceedingly strong background.

She had spent so much money on an online game! How prodigal could she be


Zhou Lei didnt know what to say.

Thinking that he lacked experience in this field, he decided to ask his elder brother again.

Right at this time, Mengmengs crisp and pleasant voice came from the speaker.

“Cut the crap.

Follow me to slay the enemies!”

Mengmeng, who was cool and domineering, led the team to kill the evil.

Along the way, all the players who saw her and her team went as far away as they could.

“Are you kidding me Thats Mengmeng, the Big Devil.

She claims that she is a princess.

Who is she kidding She slew a ton of people last time.”

As a result, the boys hope of helping Mengmeng play the game was dashed.

She had already taken first place on all the servers.

What help could they provide then Or should they also spend 30 million yuan on this game

How could they ever get their hands on so much money Their allowance was limited.

And they certainly couldnt ask their parents for such a sum…

Thinking of this, Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnan were both slightly deflated.

“Does her family own a gold mind or something How could they allow her to spend so much money on a computer game”

The pressure suddenly doubled.

In the beginning, neither of them had thought about finance, for both of their families were already very well-off in Xiangjiang.

At least they were in the upper class.

But now, they were slapped by the cold reality.


It was heart-wrenching.

They continued to play the online game.

Soon, it was 11:30 p.m.

Zhou Lei sighed and switched off the computer.

There were only him and his elder brother in the villa because his parents went to North America for a business trip.


Walking to Zhou Hes bedroom, he found that his elder brother was also playing a computer game, which was a kind of competitive game.

“I want to pursue Zhang Yumeng.

She is the Princess Mengmeng in the game called Demonic Dragon.” There was a hint of dejection in Zhou Leis voice.



Zhou He spat a mouthful of hot water on the keyboard.

“Is she from a rich family”

“Im not sure either.” Zhou Lei looked confused.

“Two days ago, Xiao Ma saw Mengmengs father come to pick her up when school was over.

He drove a car that cost less than 100,000 yuan, which was very similar to that panda model.

So I assumed that her family was just average.”

“What the heck”

Zhou Hes eyes widened as he exclaimed, “He drove a little panda car Amazing, amazing!”

“You know about this” Zhou Lei was stunned.

“What could I know I heard from your father that those who drive small panda cars are the ones we cant afford to offend.

It seems that in Xiangjiang, there are several particularly powerful big shots who drive small panda cars occasionally when they go out.

For example, Patriarch Chu, Patriarch Luo, the Ma family, and the Hong family all have small panda cars.

The reason is unknown.

Even though those rich people already have numerous luxury cars, they still keep the small panada cars.

Maybe its one of the hobbies of the moguls that we cant understand.”

“What does it have to do with Mengmeng Her full name is Zhang Yumeng.

Could she be a member of the Zhang family in Linbei That family seems to be very powerful.

But even they wouldnt have let her squander more than 30 million yuan on a computer game,” Zhou Lei said in a baffled voice.

“She cant be from the Zhang family in Linbei.

The familys total asset is worth no more than 200 million yuan.

Its impossible for them to let her spend 30 million yuan on the game.”

Zhou He shook his head and said, “In the beginning, I also suspected that Princess Mengmeng was an official decoy.

Although that question has been answered, I still thought so.

Who knew that your classmate, oh no, your junior girl schoolmate could be playing with that account Could it be that the Demonic Dragon is actually developed by her family Or that her parents are high-ups in that company Both of the assumptions are plausible.

If she did really pay that sum of money just for the game, it would be rather astounding.”

“Yeah.” Zhou Lei nodded but already lost interest in pursuing the subject.

“By the way, my father got three invitations to a wedding ceremony.

Originally, he intended to give your parents two.

But they didnt have time because they were on the business trip.

So, he decided to take me and my mother there.

I heard that its the wedding of that Master Hu in Xiangjiang.

Itll be a very grand ceremony.

I think Ill take you to that event and expand your horizon.

Youre about to go to high school, so youre allowed to familiarize yourself with such occasions,” Zhou He said.

“Why should I attend the wedding” Zhou Lei hesitated.

“You only have three invitations, and you and your parents are already going.”

“Our invitations are the infield ones.

Do you understand All the big shots will be there.”

Zhou Hes interest was aroused.

With his eyes gleaming with excitement, he said, “Do you know who Master Hu is He is the most prestigious person in Xiangjiang.

Even Patriarch Luo, Patriarch Chu, and other masters of big families have to be courteous to him when they meet.

Im telling you, his wedding will be a gathering of celebrities and many magnates.

My father only got the invitations by relying on his connection with Gu Chen.

We can only stay in the peripheral area of the inner field.

For people like you who dont have an invitation, they can just wait in the lounge outside the venue.

Ill come out after being there for a while.

Since all big shots are gonna be there, I wont have the guts to say a word.

Ill feel suffocated if I stay too long there.”

“Master Hu Never heard of him.” Zhou Lei shook his head and said, “I dont want to go.

It sounds boring.”

“Its my dad who asked me to take you there.

How dare you say no” Zhou He stood up and kicked Zhou Lei on the butt.

“Youll soon be in high school.

How could you still only care about having fun every day Your parents are both brilliant and awesome entrepreneurs.

You cant let yourself become a burden to them.”

“Got it.

Fine, Ill go.

Which day is it”

“Its on the first day of October at the Blissful Dragon Hotel.

Let me tell you, even in the lounge, there will be many powerful figures.

Our Zhou family cant be compared to any of them.

We and those figures are not in the same niche of society.

When youre there, you should be careful with your words and just quietly observe the way other people communicate on this kind of occasion, understand”

“I will go to bed.”

Zhou Lei didnt want to listen to his lecture, so he turned around and left dispirited.

At the same time, Bei Jinnans mother, Wu Sisi, was also talking with Bei Jinnan.

“Beibei, we wont make the trip to Zhuhai on October 1st.

Theres a wedding to attend.

Its a very powerful figures wedding.

Although youre just in the first year of junior high, its good for you to see the world more.

At the wedding, you and your brother will stay in the outer field.

I and your Daddy will go to the inner field for a while.”

“Ah, okay, then I wont go on the trip.

Now I can make an appointment… Im gonna play games with my classmates.”

“Dont play for too long.

Go ahead.”


Bei Jinnan ran back to his bedroom.

“Mengmeng, are you going out in the first week of October If you dont, lets ask some classmates to hang out with.”

He sent a WeChat message to Mengmeng.

He had gone to great lengths to learn about Mengmengs WeChat account.

Mengmeng said, “I still have something to do in the first week of October.”

Bei Jinnan typed, “I was planning to go to Zhuhai.

But my mom asked me to attend a wedding ceremony on October 1st.

to see the world.

So I cant go on the trip.

Thus, I think I can ask you and others to play.”

Mengmeng said, “Youre going to the wedding as well Im going to attend a wedding ceremony on October 1st.”

Bei Jinnan said, “Isnt that perfect After attending the wedding, lets go find our classmates and have some fun.”

Mengmeng responded, “No, I cant.

I have something important to do.

Im going to take a shower and go to sleep.


At this time, the piece of the song that was playing in Bei Jinnans room happened to reach his ear.

“Why does she want to take a shower as soon as she chats with you online Its because you dont look good.”


It was heart-wrenching.

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