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At this time, the silence was louder than the sound.

The female students in the club were all stunned.

They didnt expect their club president to be so awesome.

She spun 360 degrees in the air and so accurately kicked the basketball back.

It was amazing!


Mengmeng looked at Chen Liangliang and the other boys and announced, “Im telling you, they are all my girls now.

If you ever bully them again, I wouldnt go soft on you like this time.”

“Ouch, help me up, help me up.”

Chen Liangliangs voice was feeble.

After Fang Jingwen helped him up, he stood there for more than a dozen seconds, his face brimming with anger.

Whether the girl was pretty or not, he had put all that out of his mind.

“Third Bro!” Chen Liangliang called out when he found a few friends of his were still watching the fun in the distance.

When those people saw that there was really going to be a dispute, they put down the basketball and hurtled over.

In an instant, there were around 13 people on Cheng Liangliangs side.

“Is there something wrong with your brain” Chen Liangliang glared at Mengmeng and yelled grumpily.

“Do you think youre something because that you have the face of August 15th” Mengmeng raised her eyebrows and stretched her arms, feeling that it was time to show her martial arts in front of the girls in her club.

“Haha, do you think I dont dare to fight girls” Chen Liangliang was filled with anger and pain, and he had kind of lost his mind.

What was more, with many people watching them, he couldnt afford to lose face.

“Is that so”

Right at this moment, a loud and clear voice came from beside him.

“In front of whom are you pretending to be high and mighty You prats”

Li Muen didnt even need to look to know that the arrogant voice was Xiao Mas.

Zhou Lei took the lead and marched over with more than 20 people with a menacing air.

Many people on the basketball court knew him.

Seeing him approaching, their countenance altered slightly.

“Its elder brother Lei of the third year of junior high!”

“Haha.” Another cold laugh rang out.

Bei Jinnan, who was flanked by a dozen of boys that he had gathered when nobody was looking, also stalked over.

The two parties immediately surrounded Chen Liangliang and his buddies.

Xiao Ma pointed at his face and said, “Im asking who you two are Have you asked for my permission before you decided to put on airs before Sister Mengmeng”

“Mind your own business!” Mengmeng rolled her eyes at him and said, “Im not your Sister Mengmeng.

Im a member of the Cloud Shadow Club.”

“Hehe, Im just afraid that the fight might get your clothes dirty.” Xiao Ma turned his head and smiled at Mengmeng.

Then he looked at Chen Liangliang and began to say his lines.

“Elder brother Lei, how should we deal with him Since he dared to get on Sister Mengmengs nerves, we cant let him off the hook easily.

D*mn it, Xiao Chen, fetch me my weapon.

If I didnt teach him a lesson today, I wouldnt be surnamed Ma.

Hurry up and bring it here.”


His words made the faces of Chen Liangliang and his pals turn pale.

“He is asking for his weapon! This is going to get big!”

For a moment, Chen Liangliang was in a panic.

Many people around were also shocked.

“Is this buddy of elder brother Lei in the third year really so ruthless”

Seeing that Xiao Chen didnt move, Xiao Ma turned back and muttered something to him.

“No, no, no! Were still at school.

How can you use your weapon” Xiao Chen quickly covered his pocket with both hands, in which there was a pencil case.

Seeing the bulging pocket, Chen Liangliang and the other boys became even more panicked.

“Give it to me!”

Xiao Mas voice was even louder as if he was quite furious.

Then, he flung himself at Xiao Chen trying to snatch the “weapon”.

“I cant give it to you.”

The two of them wrestled with each other as if there was no one around them.

A few seconds later.

Chen Liang and Fang Jingwen both caught on to their intentions.

“Dont, dont get violent.

Im sorry.

I apologize.

Im really sorry.”

Cold sweat broke out across his forehead.

“Sister Mengmeng, Sister Xiao Lian, and other sisters, Im sorry, okay I will never upset Xiao Lian anymore.

Im really sorry.”

“Me too.

I wont lay a finger on her anymore.

Please spare us.”


Seeing that they were so scared, Mengmeng snorted and said, “Im telling you, if theres a next time, I wont be so easy to deal with.

Sisters, lets go.”

After that, she turned around and led the girls away.

The looks on the faces of Xiao Lian and the others were sort of complex.

Xiao Lian, in particular, suddenly realized that sometimes it was necessary to resist.

As long as you were strong, no one would bully you.

When you were strong enough, everyone would give way to you.

It could be said that the solidarity of the club had been cemented.

“President Mengmeng, you were so amazing just now.”

“Of course.

If those guys didnt come over to interfere, I would have displayed even more powerful moves.”

“Thank you, president.”


The group of girls began to chatter in high spirits as they walked to the teaching building.

Zhou Lei looked at them for a while.

It was not until they entered the teaching building that he turned to look at Chen Liangliang.

“Im Zhou Lei, in the third year of junior high.

If you ever do this again, you wont get away so easily.”

He tapped Chen Liangliang on the shoulder and then took off with his men.

“If there is a next time, Ill deal with you before he gets you.”

Bei Jinnan snickered, then, turned and left as well, leaving behind a group of students staring at each other in a daze.

Chen Liangliang and Fang Jingwen really behaved themselves after they returned to the classroom in the afternoon.

They didnt provoke Xiao Lian in class at all.

During the break, they even listened to the discussion of their classmates who were researching about the Cloud Shadow Club.

They became curious and so took the initiative to ask Xiao Lian about it.

She generously answered a few of their questions.

After all, there was no irreconcilable conflict between her and the two boys.

Now that they were sorry for their wrongdoings, she quickly forgave them.

As a result, the reputation of the Cloud Shadow Club began to ferment.

In the afternoon, the club had accepted more than 30 new members.

They swaggered to the sports ground and had a brief meeting before they went back to their own homes.

On the fifth day of recruitment, the club already had 100 members.

There were 40 classes in the first year of junior high.

Half of those classes had members of the club.

The members had spanned 20 classes.

The most appealing thing about joining the club was that the members could meet new friends.

It even wouldnt take up their study time.

The members were quite glad to have fun together after class.

But that gave the teachers a headache.

In the past week, the stories about the Cloud Shadow Club had reached the ears of the teachers.

Bai Yilin felt quite troubled.

The dean had told him that the female students in his class were really something, for they were dying to heroines and bullied boys all day long.

The so-called bullying was pretty much the same as what Chen Liangliang did to Xiao Lian.

Some of the clubs female classmates were bullied, so the members of the club came to the bully to settle the count.

As time passed, more and more people joined the group.

Now, dozens of girls often stuck together, demonstrating their power.

Bai Yilin was very worried about this.

He talked with Mengmeng several times.

Every time, the little girl solemnly promised that the members of the club would certainly not bully anyone.

But why was the Cloud Shadow Club getting more and more famous

The school leaders began to get concerned.

The dean summoned the parents of the chief culprits—Li Muen, the secretary, and Mengmeng, the president of the club.

When Zhang Han and Li Kai arrived at the office, they looked at each other helplessly.

They had been summoned to the office again.

After they entered the office, before they could say anything, the Vice President came in and warmly exchange greetings with them.

That made the dean swallow back his harsh words.

So, he simply gave them some bland warnings.

But it did not seem to be effective.

As a result, the school held a special meeting to deal with such a matter.

The school decided to crack down on the typical organizations.

Therefore, the Cloud Shadow Club changed from an open club to an underground organization.

As a result, the teachers thought that the problem had been resolved.

In addition, since the club did not cause real trouble, so they left the matter pass.

But to everyones surprise, the Cloud Shadow Club became more and more famous among the students.

Even the students in the second and third year of junior high knew about it.

“Not long ago, there was a Beibei who was quite powerful.

But that has become history.

Right now, the Cloud Shadow Club is the most powerful one.”

“I heard that the president of that club is Zhang Yumeng, a student of Class 8 in the first year.

The last time Beibei and elder brother Lei got into a fight, it seemed to be because of her.”

“Thats right.

Now Zhang Yumeng has the two of them as her backers, who dares to provoke her”


Many people thought that the reason why the Cloud Shadow Club became so powerful was that it had strong backers.

In fact, Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnan both had bitter smiles on their faces when they heard that.

On September 30th.

Zi Yan and Zhang Han both came to pick up Mengmeng from school.

“Uncle Hu and Uncle Lius wedding will be held tomorrow.

After attending the wedding, I will go on the adventure with Daddy.

Mummy, you cant go with us,” Mengmeng said, sounding smug.

“Who said that I cant go If I want to go, I can go.” Zi Yan pinched Mengmengs face and then said, “Recently, Ive noticed that in the parents WeChat group, several parents often mentioned a club called the Cloud Shadow Club.

Never thought the students in the first year of junior high could set up a club like that in college.

It is interesting.”


Mengmengs expression froze in place and she suddenly felt guilty.

“Yeah, its quite interesting.”

“Have you joined that club”

“No!” Mengmeng decided to play dumb.

“Goodbye, president.

See you next week!”

Suddenly, about eight female students passed by and waved to Mengmeng.

“Nice to meet you, president.”

“President Mengmeng!”


Mengmengs face darkened.


Zi Yan glanced at her and asked, “Are you the president of the Cloud Shadow Club”

“Im the president of the Study Club.

You know, I didnt get to be the class monitor, so I think I have to be responsible for the study of my classmates.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes.

She knew she could not hide it for long.

“Mummy is really smart.

If she found out, I would tell her that Daddy was the mastermind anyway.”

Zhang Hans expression changed as if he had sensed the impending crisis.

“Yes, I forgot to tell you that our daughter is the president of the Study Club, just like the commissary in charge of studies.

Well, she has set up a study group that anyone can join at will.”

The Cloud Shadow Club and the Study Club were essentially the same.


Zi Yan darted her eyes at the father and daughter suspiciously, and then snorted softly, “Mengmeng, Im looking forward to your grades in the monthly exam today.

If your grades turn out to be bad, yourStudy Club will have to be disbanded.”

“Oh, I see,” Mengmeng replied.

She was also musing.

“Did Mummy find out the truth”

“It seems so.”

She didnt mention that she did great in the test this time.

They got in the car and headed back to Mount New Moon.

The week-long holiday in October started.

The whole mountain was ablaze with lights and filled with the hubbub of voices.

The wedding of the princess of the Shuiyun Sect was certainly not a trivial matter.

Sect Leader Jiang had brought some family members over as well.

The sect disciples hadnt come, so they prepared to hold another wedding ceremony in the Mystical Martial World.

As for Ah Hus fiancee, Liu Jiaran, she was the apple of Liu Qingfengs eye.

Many businessmen and rich people were coming to attend the wedding.

The two pairs of couple-to-be were ready to hold the wedding ceremony together.

In the end, they decided to do the ceremony in a hotel.

It would be held on the third floor of the Blissful Dragon Hotel.

The brides dwells and their new homes were also their villas on Mount New Moon.

Early in the morning, the wedding procession set off to pick up the brides while doing a series of interesting games.

To get a wife, how could the grooms not pay the price

Drinking beer was no challenge.

Most of the games were unexpected tests.

Instructor Liu and Ah Hu were obviously going to suffer a lot.

Even Mengmeng and Mu Xue got in their way to give them a hard time.

In the face of these two little devils, Ah Hu and Instructor Liu admitted their defeat and negotiated with them in a low voice.

After a while, they were forced to hide in the corner and sing the song Conquering before they passed the test.

After breaking through all the obstacles, they finally met their beautiful brides and brought them to the hotel.

At 11 oclock.

Zhou Lei followed Zhou He into the hotel through the reception door, which was specially prepared for high-end parties.

“Did you see that, brother That white-bearded elder is a real estate tycoon called Hu Ze.

Hes the owner of the Blissful Dragon Hotel.

He must have come here in person for the sake of Chairman Liu.

“The man who just walked in from the stairs is Gu Chen.

Hes a leader of the south island.

He used to be quite close to Master Hu.

But sadly, he picked the wrong side back then.

Its said that Master Hu has a benefactor to help him.

Nowadays, there are few people in Xiangjiang who can compare with him.”

“Keep your voice down.”

Patriarch Zhou glanced at him and said, “Lets climb the stairs as well.”

“There are elevators over there.” Zhou Lei pointed to the left side of the square hall.

There were four elevators and few people there.

“Why take the elevator Brother, on this kind of occasion, if you dont have that kind of status and strength, you cant go take the elevator.

Didnt you see the people chatting near the elevators They are all unapproachable big shots,” Zhou He whispered.

“Even my eldest uncle cant take the elevator” Zhou Lei was taken aback.

“Your uncle is quite respected in the Jiansha District, but not here,” Patriarch Zhou said with a faint smile.

With mixed feelings in his tone, he added, “This is the real gathering place for big shots.

On this real grand occasion, you shall not upset anyone.”

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