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Chapter 95 – Wet seduction

“Oh, thats fine too.” Zhang Han nodded.

Seeing that his employer didnt mind, the professional let out a sigh of relief, then smiled and said, “Bosss pond looks like its been made not long ago, I really dont know where I got such high-quality water, I almost cant see this water source in the market, and there arent any microbes in the water.

If thats the case, Ill need you to feed me some fish food at regular intervals.”

“Ive prepared some fish food at the bottom of the lake.” Zhang Han nodded his head, with regards to food, there was meat and grass, there was no need for Zhang Han to worry.

“That wont do!” The professionals expression changed slightly as he said:

Feeding fish is something to be learned; it cannot be too much.

After a fish is satiated, it will speed up its breathing and increase its oxygen demand to help it digest; if the body is hypoxic, then the fish that is satiated will definitely die; and if you feed the fish, you have to choose carefully, some inferior fodder cant be fed too much, and some inferior fodder will expand when it encounters water.

When it entering into the stomach of the fish, it eats too much will cause the organs of the fish to burst.

“Yes.” Zhang Han replied indifferently.

The rules that the bespectacled man spoke of were all reasonable, but this was the Mount New Moon, not something that could be judged by common sense.

Water hypoxia Dont mean it; this is the spirit water.

Chould it died with enough food Sorry, the fish ate the meat and grass.

That would never happen.

Nothing could be concerned.

Zhao Feng could see through Zhang Hans intention, so he looked at the man with glasses and said: “Alright, lets begin.”

“Fine.” The professional nodded and said to his companions, “Come on.

Get to work.

Lets bathe the fish seedlings!”

After the fish entered the pond, it seemed to sense something and happily swam around in the pond.

From time to time, it would jump out of the water, causing ripples to form on the surface of the water, filling the pond with life.

After placing the fish and shrimp seedlings into the pond, Zhao Feng waved and let them leave.

They begged to take a photo here.

When they saw Zhang Han nodding his head in agreement, they were overjoyed.

They took several pictures together and even wanted to take a picture at every corner, but a few minutes later, Little Black came over and lit its fangs at them, and they obediently went down the mountain.

After they finished with the fish pond, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei slowly walked over from the mountain.


Zhang Li ran over and said excitedly: “Brother, those flowers in front are too beautiful! How do you raise it ”

“Yeah, yeah! Brother-in-law, youre too awesome! I really have a lot of things to kowtow to you! I didnt expect brother-in-law to be able to create such a paradise! Heavens, this place is too beautiful!” Zhou Feis eyes widened, as she spoke with exaggerated expression.

“If you like those flowers, pick some and go back to raise them.” Zhang Han casually replied.

When these words came out, Zhou Feis eyes lit up, but Zhang Li shook her head continuously and said:

“That wont do, we dont have time to take care of the flowers.

If they were died, how sad would it be”

“Thats true.

Sigh, everyone likes beautiful flowers.

However, they are too beautiful and do not dare to raise one.

Truly a bunch that have big balls.” Zhou Feis face turned bitter.

Those beautiful flowers were something they did not dare to grow.

They were afraid that they would not be able to raise them themselves, so they might as well leave them here.

It would be better to come here to admire them when they had time.

However, what they did not know was that as long as they had the spirit soil of the Mount New Moon, coupled with the nourishment from the spirit water, not only would they not die, but the flowers would bloom for a long time.

Unless the spirit water were nourished, they would wither away.

In the current market, technology was developed.

In a certain countrys flower company, they had developed a kind of beautiful woman and wild beast rose, which could blossom for more than three years without sunlight or water.

If it were placed in a glass bottle, the price of this flower would be between ten thousand to thirty thousand, not to mention the flowers that were grown in the Mount New Moon.

If there were no comparison, then there would be no harm, and if they were to compare the things on the market with those of the Mount New Moon, they would probably be depressed to the point of vomiting blood.

“Oh yeah, boss …” Just when Zhao Feng was about to say something.

“PaPa, quickly come over here!”

Zhang Han was there for a while, and she couldnt wait for him to go over to play, so she shouted with all her might.

Hearing the Little Princesss call, Zhang Han immediately walked over, with an expression as if he was ignoring everyone else.

The corners of his mouth slightly trembled, and with a face full of powerlessness, he followed Zhang Han over.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei who were at the side saw Zhao Feng and started to laugh.

“Hey, PaPa, why are you so slow Mengmeng wants to use the remote control to fly; I cant wait any longer.”

Walking forward, Mengmeng carried the remote control aircraft box and eagerly ran towards Zhang Han.

The Little Princess insisted on asking PaPa to open the box and get the remote control aircraft ready, not even allowing her Mama to touch it.

“I am Coming.” Zhang Han walked a few steps forward and hugged Mengmeng, then returned to the seat beside Zi Yan and sat down.

He opened the box and prepared to play with Mengmeng on the plane.

“Elder Sister Yan, Brother-in-law is really amazing.

To be able to create this place, my god, I really didnt dare to think of that before!” Zhou Fei sat beside Zi Yan and said with admiration.

“Thats right, sister-in-law.

I didnt even know that my brother had this ability.

It seems like he became even stronger after being with you.” Zhang Li laughed as she shook her head.

At the same time, her heart felt a little emotional, she had never seen her brother like this, with such a sense of responsibility, could this be the change after Mengmeng

Zhang Li didnt know what she was thinking, but she knew that compared to the previous arrogant and domineering Zhang Han, she liked the current Zhang Han more.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei both sat on cushions but Zhao Feng did not join in the fun.

Instead, he greeted Zi Yan with a light smile:

“Hello, Lady Boss!”

In the face of the few peoples words, Zi Yan merely nodded with a faint smile, and at the same time, glanced at Zhou Fei with a strange expression.

The meaning seemed to be saying that it was fine for Zhao Feng to call her the Lady Boss, because he was an outsider after all.

Zhang Li might call her sister-in-law, because she was Zhang Hans younger sister.

From last night to now, the namebrother-in-law has been mentioned more than thirty times by Zhou Fei, right

Towards this little traitor Zhou Fei, Zi Yan could only reply with the whites of her eyes!

“Heehee …” Zhou Fei giggled.

Seeing Zi Yans expression, she knew, Zi Yan did not really mind this form of address.

In other words, she did not reject Zhang Han at all, and there might even be a possibility for her to like him.

However, their words, on the other hand, attracted Mengmengs attention.

The Little Princess turned her head and looked towards Zhou Fei, pouting her cute little mouth as she spoke:

“En hmph, PaPa specially made this for Mengmeng, made it for Mengmeng.”

After saying that, Mengmeng looked at Zhang Li and continued, “My PaPa has always been powerful.”

In the end, Mengmeng looked at Zhao Feng with her clear and bright eyes, and said: “Hmph, you, you dont know how to speak.

You should say, beautiful boss lady, My mom is the most beautiful.”

After Mengmeng finished speaking, she turned around to look at Zhang Han, and said with an expression: “PaPa, is what Mengmeng said right”

“Hahaha …” Zhang Han laughed heartily; he then used his right hand to caress Mengmengs delicate little neck and laughed: “Mengmeng is exactly right.”

“Cluck, cluck, cluck …” Mengmeng laughed very happily.

Seeing Mengmengs cute appearance, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li and Zhao Feng could not help but laugh.

“Alright, Mengmeng, lets begin.”

Zhang Han placed the remote control plane in front of him and held the remote control handle, which looked like a game handle.

Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a demonstration as he said, “Look at the button on the left; this is the airplanes lift button.

The one on the right is the change in direction …”

“Aiya, PaPa, Mengmeng knew about this a long time ago.

Mengmeng wants to play, Mengmeng wants to play …”

Mengmeng had already played with the remote control plane before, so she knew how to control it.

Seeing that, Zhang Han laughed, and pulled Mengmeng into his embrace, passing the remote control to Mengmeng, and the Little Princess started to play with the remote control in Zhang Hans embrace.

“Waa, high up, a little higher, hmph, turn left, oh, turn right, aiya, PaPa, the plane is about to fall, what do we do, PaPa, quickly save me …”

Mengmeng was playing with it.

She did not manage to control the plane well, causing it to fall from the side.

Seeing that it was about tocrash, Zhang Han quickly saved the situation, holding onto her small hand and steadily controlling the plane.

This caused Mengmeng to burst into laughter.

The things she had done in the past were not as happy as the ones she had in PaPas arms.

After Zhao Feng, Zhang Li, and Zhou Fei chatted for a while; they looked at each other.

They all felt that they should give their family a room to themselves.

“Bro, then well be going back first.

Dont be late; we have to wait for you to go back to cook at noon.”


Zhang Han did not even turn his head as he responded with a grunt.

Thus, Zhang Li and Zhang Li left reluctantly.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng had come to the Mount New Moon a few times already.

After they left, Zhang Han and Mengmeng continued to play.

Beside them, Zi Yan looked at the father and daughter with a slightly blurred gaze.

At this moment, in the livestock area next door.

Tai Lake Black Swine, cows, sheep, and ebony sheep were wandering in their areas.

The ducklings and geese were playing by the waters edge, while the adult chickens were drinking water in groups of three or five.

Zhang Han unintentionally swept his gaze over.


Suddenly, Zhang Hans gaze stopped at the adult chicken herd.

After looking at it for ten minutes, he found a problem.

There were a total of thirty-one mature chicken, and on the day Zi Yan returned, they ate two of them.

It should be the last twenty-nine chickens, but now, after Zhang Han observed for a while, there were only twenty-seven chickens.

What was going on

Zhang Han passed Mengmeng over to Zi Yan, and after saying that, he walked over to investigate.

As for Little Black who was strolling by the side, when it saw Zhang Han walk over, its expression suddenly shrank back.

With its tail held between its legs, it walked towards Mengmengs side, step by step, as if it was a well-behaved baby.

Generally, only when the dog thinks it is wrong will it behave in such a cautious and obedient manner.

Zhang Han walked straight to the side of the chicken rack and glanced inside.

There were no chickens laying eggs, and outside, there were only twenty-seven chickens.

There were indeed two chickens missing.

Thus, Zhang Han looked at Little Black, and upon seeing its appearance.

Zhang Han waved his hand, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Little Black walked over with its tail tucked between its legs.

It looked like it was in the wrongas it approached with its tongue-tied face.

Zhang Han smiled as he shook his head: “You ate two chickens”

To Zhang Han, eating a few chickens was not a big deal.

After all, Little Black was one of them, but there were only a few chickens in Mount New Moon now.

When Little Black heard this, it shook its head, indicating that it did not eat by itself.

At the same time, it turned its gaze towards the dense jungle behind it.


Zhang Han frowned and looked over.

Could it be that someone else was eating the chicken

The sharpness in Zhang Hans body flowed through his nose, using his innate ability, Treasure-sniffing nose.

In the direction of the forest, Zhang Han felt a stench of blood.

And there was the smell of fresh blood.

Did someone just eat it Or was there someone else there

Zhang Han walked towards the direction of the forest, with Little Blacks guilty expression following closely behind him.

But just as he reached the edge of the jungle …


The pond at the back suddenly began to emit a splashing sound.

Zhang Han turned to look, only to see Mengmeng anxiously shouting out: “Mama, ma!”

Did she fall into the water


When his gaze returned to Mengmengs side, right when Zhang Han was about to step into the forest.

The plane controlled by Mengmeng fell down once again.

“Aiya, Mama, Mama, the plane is about to crash!”

Zi Yan frantically tried to salvage the situation, but she was unable to salvage the plane that fell.

The plane almost fell into the pond and hung itself on the hollies on the inside.

Zi Yan walked over to prepare the remotely piloted aircraft, her body leaned forward a bit, but she wasnt able to balance her body and fell into the water with a splash.

She didnt expect the pool to be so deep.

Originally, she could swim, but for a moment she was somewhat panicked.

She kept slapping against the surface of the water with her hands.

Seeing that, Zhang Han jumped in shock, and immediately retreated.

He circulated the spirit energy in his body and both legs, and his entire body floated up, with a point at the tip of the blade, he moved forward seven or eight meters, and when he was near, Zhang Hans feet touched the water surface.

It was like a dragonfly touching the water lightly.

It did not raise any big waves as it advanced forward step by step.

If Zi Yan were to see this scene, she would definitely be shocked beyond belief.

But now she couldnt care less.

With a distance of around 200 metres, Zhang Han only used 10 seconds!

When he was near, Zhang Han jumped into the water and dove into the water.

Like a fish, he swam over quickly and caught Zi Yan, and pulled her up.

“Pfft …” Cough cough cough … “Phew…”

Zi Yan spat out a few mouthfuls of water, took a deep breath, and dragged by Zhang Han to the edge of the lake.

Zhang Han held her hand the entire time, and went ashore first.

Then, he pulled Zi Yan up, and carried her in his arms.

“Mama, ma, wu wu …” “Mama, how are you …”

Mengmeng cried out anxiously at the side.

Zi Yan coughed a few times, took a few deep breaths, and smiled at Mengmeng: “Mama is fine, Mengmeng wont cry, be good.”

After that, Zhang Han walked to the cushions while carrying Zi Yan, but Mengmeng did not cry at all.

There were still crystal clear tears hanging from the corners of her eyes.

After placing Zi Yan down lightly on the cushion, she had also recovered her strength and consoled Mengmeng for a while.

During this time, Zhang Han sat beside her and watched quietly.

After a while, Mengmeng became happy again.

Zi Yan laughed lightly as she rubbed Mengmengs head, turned her head and looked at Zhang Han with a rebuking gaze, and said:

“Why didnt you tell me that the water was so deep”

Little did she know that the moment she turned around, her beautiful figure was completely revealed in Zhang Hans field of vision.

Zi Yan was wearing a thin, white sports attire.

After she was completely drenched, the pink colored undergarment that she was wearing was completely revealed, revealing her voluptuous undergarments, her perky underclothes, and her figure that had angles and ravines.

At this moment, it was as if she was covered by a thin layer of white gauze.

This sort of temptation, which was faintly discernible, dazzled the eyes of others.

Zhang Hans gaze uncontrollably swept up and down, and there was some astonishment in his eyes.

At first, looking at Zi Yans figure, he felt that she was a bit thin, the upper part of her body would not be big, but he never expected that her body would be so well-developed!

Zhang Han was secretly praising them in his heart, as he looked at them openly.

When Zi Yan noticed his gaze, she looked down and realized that she had missed something, and her face flushed red.

She glanced at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes and scolded softly:

“What are you looking at!”


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