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“So what if I dont follow the rules” Zhang Han said flatly.

He was ready to teach Mengmeng the second lesson, telling her that in the martial arts world, strength was the most important thing, and the strong could ignore any rules.

It was actually a good idea.

He planned to show Mengmeng the basics if there was a chance.

Seeing Patriarch Lius aggressive look, Zhang Han felt that this was the right time to do it.

However, what he did not expect that Patriarch Liu did know how to put on a show.

“You dont follow the rules”

Patriarch Liu raised his eyebrows and put on a fiercer look.

However, that only lasted for two seconds before he laughed and said ingratiatingly, “If you dont want to follow the rules, then dont follow the rules.

Its no big deal.

The rules are also set by people.

We can change the rules if we want.

The reason why I was being kind of harsh is that I want to tell everyone that the rules really dont matter.

Its the same with or without them.”


All of a sudden, everyone present was a little confused.

“What is Patriarch Liu playing at”

What the others did not know was that he wanted to play hardball first before taking other amicable means and talking to the other party.

At first, he was furious and directly called his backer.

The so-called backer was Gai Rulong, who he had gotten to know by a fluke.

Making the call was no big deal.

But what really startled him was that his backer directly hung up on him when he learned that the troublemaker was a man who was with a little girl of about ten years old, and the two just barged into the relic.

Two minutes later, his backer called back and said only a few simple words to him.

“You cant afford to offend him.”

Hearing that, Patriarch Liu knew very well what he should do.

He was worried that the man might hear his harsh words when he entered the relic.

After brooding for a while, he decided to say something fierce first and then admit defeat.

As it turned out, Zhang Han didnt pay much attention to him.

He even wanted to take the chance to teach Mengmeng a lesson.

Seeing Patriarch Lius reaction, Zhang Hans eyes flickered.

He, too, did not understand what Patriarch Liu was thinking.

“Forget it.

Lets go.”

Zhang Han took Mengmengs little hand and departed.

They set out step by step…

Within 10 seconds, the two crossed the woods and reached the desert.

Zhang Han planned to take Mengmeng across the desert on foot and go to a grassland in the south to have some fun.

They could live in a Mongolian tent and taste a roast whole lamb.

Although the lamb was certainly not as delicious as what they had on Mount New Moon, it would still be a unique experience.

As soon as they left, the crowd in the yard immediately fell into an uproar.

“Who is he”

“Whats going on How strong is he”

“Why did Patriarch Liu suddenly change his attitude”


With the murmurs of discussion, the people of various forces left one after another.

The performance of Elder Hus team was quite good.

With the Grand Masters leading the team, there were no casualties among the disciples in the sect.

“He is really an interesting person.”

As his party headed into the desert, Elder Hu sighed softly and said, “I cant see through him.

Not at all.”

“Elder, I know where they came from.”

After being silent for a while, Tian Qing abruptly informed.

“Where did they come from”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Everyones eyes turned to look at her.

“They…” Tian Qing bit her lip, as though the words she was about to say were quite difficult to get out.

Two seconds later, she slowly said, “They are from Mount New Moon.”


Elder Hus eyes widened.

“Is it true How do you know”

“Because I heard that the young gorgeous inadvertently asked her father to give me some watermelon juice, and she mentioned that it was a specialty of Mount New Moon and tasted very good.

The juice was indeed very delicious.

It was refreshing and sweet.

It is perhaps the best watermelon juice Ive ever had in my life…”

“Im not asking you about the watermelon juice.

Do you know their names” Elder Hu asked.

“I didnt ask.

But from their expressions, I could tell that they did not think of Mount New Moon as a very big deal.

At least I believe that they can eat whatever they want on the mountain,” Tian Qing said.

“Were they really from Mount New Moon”

Elder Hu knitted his brows and began to ponder.

Half a minute later, he took out his mobile phone and said, “Ill ask the head.”

“Elder Hu, since when have you become interested in gossiping as well” Lu Kai asked, looking baffled.

Elder Hu had never cared about these things.

But now, in order to know the identity of the other party, he decided to directly call the head of the sect.

He could tell that Elder Hu cared a lot about this matter.

“Of course Im interested in the matters about a super powerful force like Mount New Moon.”

Elder Hu laughed and made the phone call.


After talking on the phone for a while, he described the appearances of the two people, emphasizing that the little girl was very beautiful, and the man with her looked less than 30 years old.

He also said that the mans face was chiseled and he had a masculine temperament, but his aura was faint, not revealing anything.

It was as if he was just an ordinary person.

“So, one was a little girl about 10 years old, and the other was a good-looking man.

They said they were from Mount New Moon… Come to think of it, Zhang Hanyangs daughter is supposed to be 11 or 12 years old now.

Her mother is Zi Yan, a drop-dead gorgeous.

Could the man you met be Zhang Hanyang”


“If that little girl you met was incredibly good-looking, she must be Zhang Hanyangs daughter.”

“Oh my! Zhang Hanyang just came to the regular world, but I failed to recognize him!” Elder Hu was heartbroken.

“Ive missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know him!”

Even if that man werent Zhang Hanyang, he was certainly an amazing figure, for no one from Mount New Moon was ordinary.

Just like that, on their way back, Elder Hu and his men frequently thought of the two figures they just met.

“Daddy, you can have the leg.

I want some meat with more fat.”

Mengmeng moved the lamb leg on her plate onto Zhang Hans plate.

At this time, it was already late in the evening.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng just came to a tribe.

They happened to be holding a bonfire party that night and had cooked a ton of delicious food.

Therefore, the locals cordially invited them over.

Hearing that, Zhang Han cut a chunk of meat with a layer of fat for Mengmeng.

Then, Mengmeng started to enjoy her food.

They helped themselves to as much meat, wine, and milk as they wanted.

After the meal, they danced, sang songs, and rode horses on the grassland.

They certainly had a great time.

Even so, they only stayed there for half a day.

The next day, they left at noon and went back to Mount New Moon.

“There is another relic that opens on October 7th.

Its quite close to us.

Do you want to go and have some fun”


Mengmeng said seriously, “How could I miss any opportunity to explore relics There are treasures inside.

We need to make money after all.”


Zhang Han laughed again.

“Daddy, will you always accompany me on the relic adventures in the future”

“Yes, I will.”

“But what should I do if I want to go to a relic by myself when you have other business to do” Mengmeng said without blinking.

As soon as her words were out, Zhang Han knew what she was up to.

“My little girl already wants to explore the relic by herself.”

“Youre still too young.” Zhang Han smiled and said straightforwardly, “You have to visit at least three relics with me before you go on your own.”

Although Zhang Han said that she could go on her own, when that time came, he would still follow her there, protecting her in secret.

“Im not that young.”

Mengmeng pouted and confessed, “Its just that you are too powerful.

Its not that exciting with you taking care of me all the time.”

“Little girl, you even want it to be exciting You should be thankful for coming out of there safe and sound.”

Zhang Han said grumpily, “Nevertheless, Ive long foreseen this kind of situation.

The relics are just my daughters toys, arent they If I really have something else to do when you want to go to the relics, just tell Mummy first.

Then, take Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot with you.

Since Dahei can shrink, you can put him in the schoolbag.

Little Hei can take you to find the most valuable treasures.

As for Tiny Tot, he can deal with some critical situations.

Though he is small, he is quite good at heading off a danger.”


Mengmeng suddenly stamped her feet and said, “Daddy, why didnt you tell me this sooner Then I could have taken Dahei and the others with us this time.”

“With me accompanying you, it doesnt matter whether you have them or not.”

“But the key is to have fun, isnt it”

“All right.”


They chatted and laughed along the way.

They seemed to be on a long journey.

Flying in the air, they looked down at the earth.

Every time they saw something interesting, they descended and visited the place for a while.

When they passed by a city, they made a stop to taste the local food.

The father and daughter both had a lot of fun.

When they returned to Mount New Moon, it was already the afternoon of October 3rd.

Zi Yan stood at the door with a cold face, holding a one-foot-long leather whip in her hand.

“Didnt you say that you would come back on the morning of October 2nd But you didnt come back until the afternoon of October 3rd.

I believe you both got carried away with all the fun you had on the outing, didnt you”

“No, its not like that!” Mengmeng decided to play dumb.

“Daddy said that he wanted to taste the local delicacies of several cities along the way.

I told him that Mummy was waiting for us, but he didnt listen.

Daddy is so willful.”

Zhang Han was too overwhelmed to say anything.

His face was written with embarrassment.

“This little girl is getting more and more skilled at setting me up.”

“Come here.

Ill spank each of you 10 times.”

As soon as Zi Yan said that, the father and daughter sheepishly ran over and let her spank each of them 10 times.

“Haha, Im off to play the online game.”

Mengmeng bounced her way up to the third floor.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and threw the short leather whip on the sofa.

“It seems that someone has been rather forgetful lately.”

After casting a look at Zhang Han, Zi Yans face darkened.

“No, no, no.”

Zi Yan was wearing a short dress, which revealed her white legs and accented her curvy figure.

Zhang Han was a little turned on.

He wrapped his arms around Zi Yan tightly from the back and whispered in her ear, “Its your birthday today.

How could I forget We came back so late because wed been preparing your birthday present.”


Zi Yans snort was already infused with charm.

Her slightly puckered lips made Zhang Hans mouth dry.

“Its only three oclock.

Mengmeng wont be away from her computer until five oclock at the earliest.


“No, what if she hears us”

Zi Yans bones had all softened.

She turned to look at Zhang Han, and her eyes seemed to be shining like stars.

“With me here, how can she hear us”

Without giving Zi Yan time to refute, Zhang Han carried Zi Yan in his arms and rushed to the main bedroom on the first floor.

They felt safer and more relaxed to do it in a room far away from Mengmengs room.

Thus, the bedroom on the first floor had become the place where they often carried on their “love affair”.

Mengmeng didnt come downstairs until six oclock.

Then, the family of three went to the big restaurant for dinner.

Recently, Zhang Han cooked less frequently, for the big restaurant was relatively livelier.

When they were having dinner—

Mu Xue edged her way to Mengmeng and asked, “Gal, how do you feel about the trip to the relic”

Hearing this, Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “Its the first time for you to go to the relic.

You were not scared stiff, were you”

“Who was scared stiff Dont slander me!”

Mengmeng was unhappy at once.

She retorted out loud, and then her face became calm again.

Her remote and serene expression was kind of like Zhang Hans.

“I killed countless enemies when I entered the relic this time,” Mengmeng said nonchalantly.




Seeing her like this, more than a dozen people at the table laughed out loud.

“You killed countless enemies What kind of enemies did you kill” Zi Qiang asked, rolling with laughter.

“I killed a ton of things!”

With a serious look on her face, Mengmeng answered, “There were super large spiders and long water snakes.

Every time I flicked my whip, I killed a pile of them.

There were also poisonous blue frogs as well as Cannibal Fish.

I killed them all.

Too bad you didnt get to see me do that.

I was really amazing.”

“Really Didnt you yell that you were scared” Zhang Guangyou asked with a smile.

“No… I didnt.”

Mengmeng snorted and said, “I didnt shout that when facing those super fierce monsters.

I only shouted that because it was too dark there.”

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