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“He is only in his early 30s.

He is still very young.

But he has become an existence that we can only look up to.

Forget it, lets drop this.

Its rather remote from your life.” Older Martial Brother Jiang collected his thoughts and said with a smile, “There are quite a lot of people visiting the relic this time.

You should be careful after entering.

Watch out for not only the native creatures in the relics but also other people.”

“The other people…”

Tang Qingshan looked at the Wu Dao Grand Masters around him and cottoned on to the meaning of that remark.

He nodded his head heavily.

The two Wu Dao Grand Masters famous in the secular world enjoyed quite a different treatment.


As they talked, the clouds at the entrance of the relic churned violently.

“The entrance is open!”

Older Martial Brother Jiangs face became serious.

“Get ready to go in.

Have you had your talismans at ready Remember this, the first thing to do after you enter the relic is to go find the others.”

There were five people in their group.

Although they did not have Zhang Hans heaven-defying means, they also had a way to know where others were.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The martial artists closest to the entrance all jumped in one after another.

It was obvious that they had visited many relics and had gotten used to this.

The surrounding martial artists at the Peak Strength Stage and Qi Strength Stage just stood there watching the scene of bustle.

It was also the first time that they had seen such a huge entrance of a relic.

“Its really magnificent.”

“Im wondering when Ill be able to participate in such a high-end event like them.”

“They are going to the ruins to enjoy the scenery.

We are just watching them jumping in from the outside.

Why is there such a big gap between us and them”


On a small mountain in the north, Mengmengs eyes widened as the relic opened.

“Daddy, its opening.

Lets go there and have a look, shall we”

After saying that, she sensed that something was wrong.

Thus, she amended, “No, no, no.

Daddy, you have to send me in there.

I cant fly yet.”

“Hahaha, okay.”

Zhang Han chuckled.

Then, he leaped to the air with Mengmeng and flew in the direction of the relic.

Just as An He was about to enter the relic, he glanced out of the corner of his eye at the outside and was slightly stunned.

“Its them”

Before he could see it clearly, he entered the relic.

Everything was in a blur.

Before he had time to think, he landed on the ground.

He now needed to check the surroundings.

The B-grade relic was no joking matter.

Although it was marked B-grade, it did not mean that a Wu Dao Grand Master could enter it at will.

Instead, being a Wu Dao Grand Master was the threshold to visit this relic.

It was still possible that a Grand Master would face a life-and-death crisis there.

As for the A-grade relics, there were heaven-defying creatures living in there, which would make the scalps of those at the Heaven Peak Stage go numb.

For example, in the world of thunder that Zhang Han had visited, countless people in the God Realm had died.

There was even a giant green bull at the Elixir Stage guarding the sect in that world.


The two of them came to the entrance of the relic.

“Here you go.”

Zhang Han smiled, put his right hand on Mengmengs back, and gently pushed her forward.

The moment the little girl entered the relic, Zhang Han smirked.

“How could you possibly go in without me”

With a whoosh, Mengmengs father entered the relic as well.

“Open the defense!”

“Little Hei, Little Hei, protect me!”

It seemed that Mengmeng had landed on the top of a high mountain.

Before she had time to look around, the little girl quickly activated her defensive treasures.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a black shadow on her right side.

Mengmeng was startled and called Little Hei for protection.


Little Hei flashed its sharp teeth and roared all of a sudden.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

To Mengmengs surprised, those black shadows made very frightened sounds.

She ran toward the shadows in a hurry.

After taking a careful look, Mengmeng found that the shadows turned out to be six snow-white leopards!

“Phew… you guys gave me a fright!”

Mengmeng patted her chest and exhaled deeply before looking around.

“Wow, the night sky is so beautiful!”

Looking up, Mengmeng felt as if she were roaming in the universe.

In the black night sky, a big moon was hanging there.

Countless stars were glistening.

Even the contours of the galaxy were discernible.

Mengmeng was intoxicated.

She gazed up at the sky for two minutes.

Suddenly, a trace of cunning flashed across her eyes.

She covered her eyes with both hands and pretended to cry.

“Its so dark.

Daddy, Im scared.

Where are you Come out quickly…”

“She is feigning it!

“Is she trying to drive me out

“What a resourceful girl! Pity that while the devil climbs one foot, the priest climbs ten.

Sweetie, with your limited cultivation, how can you fool me”

Zhang Han snickered in the darkness.

“Boo-hoo… Daddy, I dont want to play by myself anymore.

Can you come here to keep me company”

Hearing Mengmengs feigned weeping, Zhang Hans heart suddenly softened.

“Well, what should I do now

“If I still dont show up, she might start to cry for real in a moment.”

Zhang Han had a torn expression on his face.

The last thing he could bear was seeing Mengmeng cry, although it happened no more than a few times in recent years.

Finally, five seconds later, Zhang Han threw in the towel.

“All right, all right.

Stop shedding fake tears.

Im coming out,” he said in a resigned tone.

In a flash, Zhang Han appeared in front of Mengmeng.


Mengmeng raised her head and puffed up her cheeks.

“You really followed me! Didnt we agree that Ill play on my own this time”

“Sweetie, its just that this is a B-grade relic, isnt it How can I put my mind at ease considering your little strength Besides, Ill follow you at a distance, so you just can pretend that Im not here,” Zhang Han reasoned, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

“No, I cant.

If youre behind me, I cant do anything mischievous anymore,” Mengmeng replied seriously.

“What should I do Im already here, and I cant get out until the relic closes.”

“Then, Ill start to cry for real.

Is that what you want” Mengmeng blinked her eyes and added, “Daddy, lets go on adventures together next time.

But this time, youve promised me.

As a big man, you cant go back on your word.”

Hearing Mengmengs words, Zhang Han was both annoyed and amused.

“Dont cry.

Okay, I agree.”

In the end, Zhang Han nodded in agreement.

“Hahaha, Daddy is the best,” Mengmeng immediately smiled happily.

As if muttering to herself, she said, “Isnt it that one can go out of the relic after getting a treasure This is a mere B-grade relic.

It wont be a big deal if one gets out ahead of schedule.

There are a lot of treasures in this relic.

Little Hei, go and get a treasure for me, so that Daddy can go out and wait for us.”

“Eh” Zhang Hans face froze.

“How come this little girl knows so much”

“Woof, woof.”

Little Hei barked in a very normal manner.

It howled most of the time.


Little Hei quickly leaped into the woods and disappeared.

Then, Mengmeng and Zhang Han followed the trail on the mountaintop, looking at the night sky and admiring the unparalleled beauty.

Less than half an hour later.


Little Hei came back with a blade of grass in its mouth.

It directly made its way to Zhang Han.

“Okay, Ill go out.”

Zhang Han sighed.

But he was not flustered at all.

Because he could still get in after he exited if he wanted to.

Also, it was no challenge for him to locate Mengmeng.

“Daddy, you must swear to wait for me at the entrance after you get out.”

Zhang Han was edgy all of a sudden.

“It turns out that while the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs ten, doesnt it”

“Am I really gonna fall into the trap of this little girl”

Zhang Han was rendered speechless.

With Mengmeng gazing at him with her sparkling eyes, he helplessly raised his hand to surrender.

“Fine, I swear, I will be good and stay motionlessly at the entrance waiting for Mengmeng to come back.”

“Wow, Daddy, you are so handsome!”

Mengmengs eyes lit up.

She was completely relieved this time.

“Daddy, go out and wait for me.

Ill just stay here and play for a short while before I go to join you,” Mengmeng urged.

“Im going out right away.

Dont push me.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and patted Mengmeng on the shoulder.

Another streak of bright light flashed and dived into a button on Mengmengs shirt.


Zhang Han picked up the treasure Little Hei fetched for him and activated the energy in it.

The next moment, he vanished on the spot and exited the relic.

“Hahaha, Little Hei, Dahei, Tiny Tot, Ill take you on an adventure this time!”

Mengmeng hopped forward in high spirits.


“Hello Changqing, come here quickly.

Its the relic in Zhuhai.

You gotta watch over Mengmeng for me in secret…”

After making the phone call, Zhang Han showed a smug smile on his face.

“Little girl, Ill stay here and wait for you.

Because its the same to have others follow you!”

Twenty minutes later, Chen Changqing speedily flew to the relic.

He took the treasures Zhang Han handed him and entered the relic.

In this B-grade relic, it was always nighttime.

The place Mengmeng was sitting in was among the endless mountains.

The peaks were so high that they seemed to pierce the clouds.

They were very steep as well.

From where she sat, she could see a layer of clouds on both sides, which were densely packed.

Walking on the top of the mountain, Mengmeng enjoyed the scenery with ease.

But after walking for an hour, Mengmeng found that except for a few spirit beasts, there was nothing else on the top of the mountain.

“I havent seen any treasure.

Are we going in the wrong direction”

Mengmeng looked around with some suspicion.

“Oh, isnt this the place where we just came in Why are we here again”

Mengmeng was alarmed.

Then, she said with a snort, “Humph, is there someone who intends to deal with us”

“The 6.3-inch white flag, come to me!”

Mengmeng took out a white flag from the space bracelet.

She ran the energy in it before throwing it forward.


A faint golden mist appeared around them.

After two seconds, everything returned to normal.

“See through the environment!” Mengmeng called out.

She looked left and right only to find that the scenery was still the same.

There was no change at all.

“Whats going on I can see things in a good distance, but how come we not get out of here” Mengmeng said in a daze.

Looking around from here, one could see the endless mountain range.

However, after walking for an hour, they had returned to the starting point.

It was rather weird.

“Ahhh! Woo-woo!”

Little Hei tilted its head toward the clouds.

“Are you saying that we have to take the path below to get out of here” Mengmeng asked hesitantly.

“Ow-woo.” Little Hei nodded.

“Then did you get that treasure you from there, too” Mengmeng asked again.

“Ow-woo.” Little Hei nodded again.

“Then lets take that path there.”

Mengmeng carried her schoolbag on her back and followed Little Hei down the mountain.

The terrain was very steep.

Yet, it was not really a challenge for Mengmeng.

With a light leap, she jumped from a 70-degree slope and landed on a big tree that was 30 meters away from that slope.

After jumping like this for more than 10 minutes, she came to a place a little higher than the clouds.

“Black, is it dark down there”

Mengmeng suddenly came to a halt.

It was still nighttime.

The sky was dark, and the clouds were thick.

The place down there was so dark that she would not even see her fingers in front of her if she went there.

Thinking of that kind of environment, Mengmeng shivered in fear.

She seemed a little scared.


Little Hei shook its head, then lay down beside Mengmeng and motioned for her to sit on its back.

“Lets go.

We can just go there and take a look at the scenery first.

If we dont like it, we can just come back.”

Mengmeng mounted Little Hei and sat on its back.

From both sides of its back, Little Hei released several streams of tender energy to secure Mengmeng on its back.


Little Hei began to run.

It moved much faster than Mengmeng when she traveled by leaps.

But for Little Hei, it was just strolling with leisure.

They dived into the clouds.

As expected, it was dark all around.

But to Mengmengs surprise—

After they penetrated the clouds, it turned out to be a sunny day.

“Gee, its actually so bright”

Mengmeng quickly covered her eyes with her hands.

In the distance in front of them, at a place very close to the clouds, the sun was emitting dazzling light, illuminating the land.

Looking from where she was, Mengmeng found that the scenery unfolding in front of her was also mesmerizing.

The mountain range below her seemed to be in a semicircle.

On her left front was an endless forest, while on the right was a desert.

The ground was pitch-dark, and even the sand and stones were light black, as though this land had already died.

In the distance, she also saw a towering mountain range stretching away like an azure dragon.

“What a magnificent world!”

Mengmeng looked around with lively interest.

She stretched out her right hand and pointed to the front.

“Lets go! Lets fight on the battlefield!”


Little Hei suddenly roared to the sky.

For a moment or so, in the forest below them, the howls of all kinds of beasts could be heard, and countless birds rapidly flew away.

At first glance, Mengmeng found that many spirit beasts were fleeing to both sides.

Little Hei had made them give way to him with one roar.

That was the prestige of the Beast King.

Little Hie was the Black Dong King after all!

Many Beast Kings in the Ancient Mine called it that.

Several Wolf Kings once thought to themselves that the black dogs teeth were even sharper than theirs, and it was truly terrifying.

All the beasts obediently got out of their way.

On the way down the mountain, Mengmeng and Little Hei did not encounter any spirit beasts.

Even insects such as ants and spiders had hidden in their shelters.

“Little Hei, you shall not roar next time.

Otherwise, we wouldnt get to see any special creatures.

Eh Is the blue flower over there a treasure”

As Mengmeng muttered, her eyes suddenly landed on a blue flower on a three-meter-high stone on the right.


Little Hei kept shaking its head and acted like it was scared.

“Ah Is it poisonous Then lets leave it there.”

Having been partners on adventures for so many years, Mengmeng and Little knew each other very well.

As Mengmeng often said, whenever Little Hei held up its butt, she knew if it was going to fart.

That was a remark she learned from Zhang Han.

Since they knew each other very well, Little Hei immediately understood that Mengmeng wanted treasures.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss.”

Little Hei wrinkled its nose.

Abruptly, it ran to the right, as fast as lightning.

In just 20 seconds, they came to a thin stream and saw a pond lily.

“Which tier is it at Let me feel it.”

Mengmeng stretched out her hand and started to feel the plant with the method taught by Zhang Han.

“Huh Its a third-tier treasure.

Ill take it.

Im going to fill my Cosmos Bracelet first.

When I go out, Daddy will be startled, haha!”

There, Little Hei took Mengmeng to harvest the treasures in the woods.

In just three hours, the space bracelet was almost fully loaded.

“Well, this trip isnt that exciting as I imagined.”

Mengmeng felt bored.

She felt that she was simply picking up treasures rather than hunting for them.

“Lets go out.

We havent gone down the mountain after such a long walk.”

Mengmeng turned round to look at the mountain.

She found that humans were too small compared with this mountain.

“If this mountain were in the outside world, it would be one of the most magnificent things in the world,” she mumbled to herself.

Then, they went on their way again.

Little Hei demonstrated its extraordinary speed and ran fast through the woods.

After running for an hour, they finally put some distance between them and that mountain.

There were also mountains of various sizes in the forest, which were covered in lively green.

After traveling for a short while, Little Heis ears moved.

“There are energy fluctuations generated by a fight.

Shall we go and watch the fight”

“Yes, of course.

Little Master is bored.

Now that there is something fun to see, of course, were going to have a look.”

Therefore, Little Hei turned around and ran in the direction of the fight for more than 10 minutes.

“Ah, be quiet.

It seems that there is a fight.”

They slowly made their way to the battlefield.

There was a lake in the distance.

On the surface of the lake, a man was engaged in a fierce battle with a Golden Black Tortoise.

The energy fluctuations the Golden Black Tortoise released were quite intense.

Apparently, it was also in the Grand Master Realm.


All of a sudden, the Golden Black Tortoise picked up a wisp of aura released by Little Hei.

Its eyes widened, not blinking at all.

Then, with a flop, it plunged into the water and disappeared.

“Phew… this thing is really hard to deal with.”

That person was one of Tang Qingshans men.

He wore a white shirt.

He was a disciple of the Light Cliff.

“Eh Someones here”

He suddenly saw Mengmeng sitting on the back of a big dog on the shore.

He sensed that the big dog was rather peculiar.

With his guards up, he cupped his hands to Mengmeng and asked from a distance, “May I know who you are”

“Are you asking me” Mengmengs clear voice came, which sounded very pleasant.

Inadvertently, the little bit of hostility he held against the girl dissipated.


“Oh, Im… the president of the Cloud Shadow Club,” Mengmeng waved at him and answered.

“Cloud Shadow Club” The man muttered.

After thinking for two seconds, he found that it did not ring a bell.

Thus, he asked, “Sorry, please excuse me for my ignorance.

Could you tell me which worldlet the Cloud Shadow Club is located in”

“Its a club in my junior high school.”

“Come again”

The man in white widened his eyes.

“What the heck is that”

However, judging from the other partys appearance, he thought that she might really be a junior high student.

“She is still in junior high, but she is already visiting the relics And she is already a Wu Dao Grand Master”

“This world is really weird.”

“Ive told you everything.

But who are you Which sect are you from” Mengmeng inquired.


The man in white had just choked on Mengmengs words.

But on second thought, he replied, “My family name is Wang, which means the king who rules the world.

My first name is Guanzhi, which means breathtakingly amazing.

Thus, Im Wang Guanzhi.

Now, whats your name”

Mengmeng was stunned for a moment and then hummed, “A horizontal stroke, a vertical stroke, another horizontal one and a vertical one, then a turning stroke, an upward stroke, a left-falling stroke, a horizontal one and a vertical one, an upward stroke again, and finally a right-falling stroke.”

“What the hell”

The eyes of the man in white rounded.

“My surname is Zhang, which means the most popular one in the world,” Mengmeng answered aloofly.

” While the devil climbs one foot, the priest climbs ten.

How dare you show off in front of me with that little bit of power of yours”

“Well, you won.”

Wang Guanzhi laughed and admitted defeat.

He cupped his hands and said, “M-Miss Zhang, nice to meet you.”


Wang, why did you fight that tortoise for such a long time” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“Eh That was a Golden Black Tortoise.

Its shell can be refined into a treasure.”

Wang Guanzhis face twitched a bit as he said, “Unfortunately, although my strength overtook his, its defense was amazingly strong.

There was nothing I can do about it.”

“Thats to say, you cant beat it.”


That was heart-wrenching.

“Do you have to be so candid”

Wang Guanzhi did not want to continue with the chat anymore.

Anyway, he did not know what to say to that girl.

He subconsciously glanced at his wrist only to find that he was not wearing a watch.

He coughed softly and said, “Im going to meet up with my fellow disciples.

Miss Zhang, well part ways here.”

Originally, he wanted to call her Zhang the little girl, but he decided not to on second thought.

He was not afraid of this little girl, yet he could not see through the strength of the black dog she was riding.

Since the girl knew how to tame a spirit beast, she must come from a powerful force.

“Hell with that Cloud Shadow Club! Hehe, thats just a facade!”

Wang Guanzhi certainly did not believe it.

“Do you know any interesting place around here” Mengmeng asked again.


Wang Guanzhi was really in no mood to talk anymore.

He had been making his way to where Older Martial Brother Jiang was.

On the way, he had encountered many savage spiritual beasts, such as that Golden Black Tortoise.

At that time, he was just passing by without any intention to take its shell.

However, the tortoise attacked first.

Of course, he had to fight back.

As it turned out, he could not defeat it.

“There isnt any interesting place.

I came here from the hillside in the east.

Im going south now.

This relic is very large.

Most of the resources are in this forest.

As for the land covered with black sand, I suppose there are some rare treasures, yet Im afraid that place is even more dangerous.”

Wang Guanzhi was indeed kind-hearted.

Seeing that the girl was very young, he took the initiative to tell her some of his observations based on personal experience.

“Take the desert in the outside world for an example.

Although it may appear to be quiet and harmless, it is actually fraught with undercurrents.

Perhaps there are some poisonous scorpions or poisonous snakes that can go invisible, or some ferocious beasts hidden in the sand, not to mention the quicksand and many other perils.

Youd better stay in this forest than going down to that place.

Of course, if you insist to go there, I suggest that you find yourself a temporary team to go with you.”

“Yeah, I see.

You should go on with your trip.

Be careful on the way.” Mengmeng waved to him.

This made Wang Guanzhi stop laughing and continue to sprint to the south.

“Where shall we go to have fun now, Little Hei”

Mengmeng was also at a loss about where to go.

This lake in front of her was relatively large, which was surrounded by forests.

She would have to look at the high mountains in the distance to find her bearings.

“The north, south, east, and west.”

Mengmeng abruptly looked at the sun.

“He thinks that the sun is in the east, doesnt he But what if its in the west Lets go forward and take a walk in the forest first.

Then well go to the land of black sand to hunt for treasures.”

Thus, carried Mengmeng on its back, Little Hei set off again.

After running for a while, Mengmeng felt bored.

“Little Hei, stop, stop, stop.

Put me down, and I want to run for a while.”

After the energy securing Mengmeng dissolved, Mengmeng jumped to the ground and started to run in the forest.

Shortly, she looked at Little Hei in confusion.

“Why havent I come across any spirit beasts along the way Im still looking forward to killing some beasts.

Is it you who did this”

“Oow-woo.” Little Hei shook its head repeatedly and threw a few looks at Mengmengs schoolbag.


Mengmeng took off her schoolbag and opened it.

To her intense surprise, she found that Dahei was snoring inside.

Tiny Tot was sleeping on Daheis belly like a cute mouse.

“Dahei! Tiny Tot!”

Mengmeng put her hands into the schoolbag and frantically grabbed at them.

“You two are sleeping soundly, arent you Suppress your auras, quick! Youve scared away all the spiritual beasts.”


Dahei opened its eyes, looking baffled.

“Where am I”

“How come Little Master become so big”

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