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Having been dragged from its dream by Mengmengs shout, Dahei was a little confused.

But when it suddenly sensed Little Masters anger, it shivered with fright.

“Oh my God, is Little Master angry”



Dahei immediately jumped out of the little schoolbag.

After doing a somersault in the air, it landed in front of Mengmeng and Little Hei.

Although Little Hei was more than able to defeat its opponent in no time, it usually stayed by Mengmengs side.

Since Mengmeng entered the relic, Little Hei had also followed her closely the whole time.

It preferred to leave the chance to battle to its big brother.

Of course, this had something to do with Daheis interest in fighting.

Little Hei thought whenever there was a chance to show off, its big brother should be the one to take it.

As the leader, Daheis entrance was supposed to be cool and dazzling.

But at this time, it aroused many peoples laughter.

“Whats this A monkey”

“Hahaha, it seems that we can also eat monkey brains at dinner.”


These people did not feel any strong aura about Dahei, so they thought it was just a cute pet and could not help laughing at it.

Looking at these peoples faces, Mengmeng felt a surge of disgust.

Her expression became even colder.

A breeze swept past, causing some of Mengmengs stray hair to flutter.

Her stunningly exquisite face took the breath of Older Martial Brother Jiang and the others away.

But at this time, no one was seriously observing the situation.

Their eyes all shifted from Lyu Zhengxian to Dahei.


Dahei, who could only draw level with Mengmengs knees, suddenly let out a shocking roar.

The sound waves swept in all directions.

Even the trees 40 or 50 meters away were shattered by the roar.

The radius of this clearing was instantly extended to hundreds of meters.

Everyone could feel that the forest within a radius of dozens of miles was in chaos.

All the spirit beasts panicked, and flocks of birds quickly flew further away.

Lyu Zhengxian and his men were struck dumb.

Older Martial Brother Jiang and his men were also stupefied.

An He and the others who stepped back also stared at Dahei in a daze.

“What… kind of strength is this”


Lyu Zhengxians face paled drastically, and his heart seemed to have skipped a beat.

But what made them more frightened was what happened next.


Dahei was growing bigger and bigger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His height reached 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, and 70 meters!

It was as if a mountain had appeared in front of them from nowhere, while they seemed to have become as small as ants.

“Oh, oh my…”

Tang Qingshans continued to tremble despite himself.

He was frightened by the scene.

Older Martial Brother Jiang, a disciple in the God Realm, had a vacant look on his face.

“It turns out to be so large! How strong could it be”

“Is it in the Earth Realm Or the Heaven Realm”

“It cant be at the Heaven Peak Stage, can it”

“This is too horrific.”

“Wait a minute!”

“Is it the gorilla, King Kong”

“Bu-But isnt King Kong the overlord on Mount New Moon”

“It… It is Zhang Hanyangs spiritual beast!”

“Good lord, I dont believe this! Ive seen the legendary King Kong in the flesh today”

“Is it really the King Kong that overawed the Beast Mountain in the Ancient Mine”

“Then, who, who is she”

“Is she Zhang Hanyangs daughter”


Legends flashed across Older Martial Brother Jiangs mind one after another.

Suddenly, he felt dizzy and staggered.

“Good heavens! This is too scary.”

Except for him, An He and the others were still in a daze.

They did not know many legends, so they did not think that far.

But Lyu Zhengxian, who had spent most of his time in worldlets, was trembling violently.

All the blood had drained from his face, and his body was freezing cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

“You, I… King Kong, Black Dong King, I, I…”

Lyu Zhengxian felt that his future was suddenly immersed in darkness.

“Ive finally made a name for myself.

But am I going to get killed for this”

“Should I run”

“Thats not gonna work.”

“Black Dong Kings speed is unparalleled.

Its the fastest animal in the world.

Who else could escape from it”

“What about beg for mercy”

“Thats right!”

“Beg for mercy! I gotta beg for mercy!”

“That girl is young and inexperienced.

She knows little about human nature.

As long as I shed some tears and ask for pardon, she will definitely pity me!”

“I need to beg for mercy.”


As cold sweat broke out all over his forehead, Lyu Zhengxian unhesitantly dropped to his knees.

Only then did the people beside him cottoned on and knelt down as well.

“Boo-hoo, I, Lyu Zheng…”

With sobs punctuating his talks, he uttered a few words.

But then, he broke off.


“Why is it suddenly so dark”

A huge black shadow loomed over him and his fellows.

Lyu Zhengxian looked up.

What came into his view was a huge foot.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble…”

Daheis foot stomped on the ground, immediately creating a pit that was dozens of meters deep in the earth.

It was as if an earthquake had broken out.

Gusts of wild wind blew in all directions, and cracks stretched away from under Daheis foot.

“How terrifying and invincible it is!”

“With such a strong strength, who could ever compete with this beast”

At this moment, it was the only thought in the heads of those on the scene.

One second passed, then two seconds passed… Ten seconds later.

The dust that filled the air finally dissipated.


Older Martial Brother Jiang shivered in fear.

Because he just realized that he was only five or six meters away from Daheis feet.

That put him under immense stress.

He could not help but take more than 10 paces back before he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

The others simply looked at one another, also in a daze.

No one dared to say a word at this moment.

It was no joking matter.

At this time, if any of them upset the big guy, with a shift of its large foot, they would be gone forever.


An He swallowed.

He felt that his throat was extremely dry and his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

Because he had noticed that the giant ape was looking in their direction now.

“What would it do to us”

“No, no! Were not with them,” An He explained dryly.


Mengmeng was a little stunned.

“Did I kill someone”

Although she did not do it with her own hands, it was she who ordered Dahei to do it.

No one knew what she was thinking.

She did not feel disgusted or sorrowful, only a bit lost.

“What you killed is not a human being, but a beast in human clothing, a scum!”

Older Martial Brother Jiang was frightened at first.

But then, he approached Mengmeng with an ingratiating expression on his face.

Every step he took; he took a wary look at Daheis legs.

In this way, he walked to Mengmeng nervously.

Seeing that Little Heis eyes were rather unfriendly, he did not dare to move forward, but he did not stop saying what he had to say.

“Death only served them right.

Weve all heard of what Lyu Zhengxian had done.

He committed all kinds of crimes before he started cultivating.

He had been put behind bars many times and indulged himself in gambling, frequenting the brothels, and all kinds of entertainments.

His master was also a weirdo.

He didnt care about Lyu Zhengxians misdeeds.

Seeing that he had a good aptitude, his master started to teach him how to cultivate.

His strength became stronger and stronger.

As he cultivated, he assaulted numerous good ladies, even including some female martial artists.

Lyu Zhengxian was extremely voracious.

He also had some powerful means.

I thought that my strength could overpower him, but it turned out that I was no match for him.

Thus, I was ready to give up the Glaze Tree and let him have it.

But I never thought Id meet you here.”

“Were they very bad people” Mengmeng blinked her eyes as if she was thinking about something.

Hearing that, Wang Guanzhi hurriedly said, “Theyre not only just bad, but very, very bad.”

He had figured out that the little girl in front of him was inexperienced and had never seen any blood.

The phrase “seeing blood” was a metaphoric way to say murder.

When one witnessed murder for the first time, one must be ill at ease, feeling sick or something.

When he saw it for the first time, he was so scared that his face turned pale.

And it took a long time for him to recover.

Therefore, he understood what the little girl was going through at this moment.

“Think about it.

If you let them go today, given the kind of person Lyu Zhengxian was, he and his men would continue to harm others after they went out of this relic.

Even if just one more woman from an ordinary family was abused, her whole family would be devasted.

Thus, by killing them, youve put countless families out of their harms way! Its a great merit.

If the people in the outside world find out about this, they will eulogize your wisdom and your noble deed.”

In terms of communication, Wang Guanzhi was number one in their team.

He could compose all kinds of speech without needing time to think.

And his words not only reached ones ears but also touched ones heart.

He was indeed good at communicating with other people.

Sure enough, after hearing his words, Mengmengs face was no longer that stern, and most of the guilt in her heart must have lessened.

Seeing that, Wang Guanzhi echoed, “You just punished the evil and promoted the good! Youre a chivalrous person who helps the weak to seek justice.

Although youre young, youre a heroine! Generally speaking, in the worldlets, only famous and decent sects like the Heavenly Knights Sect often do such things.

Youre really amazing.”

“Is this what a chivalrous person should do” Mengmengs eyes lit up slightly.

“Thats right! If this were not a chivalrous act, then there would not even be the wordchivalrous in the world!”

Wang Guanzhi went out of his way to flatter Mengmeng.

Because he seemed to have also guessed Mengmengs identity.

Although he had only heard of the legends before and had not seen the beasts before, he had no doubt that the two creatures before him were Black Dong King and King Kong.


Wang Guanzhis heart quivered.

“Fortunately, I didnt say anything improper when I met her before.

Otherwise, the black dog would have killed me in one bite.”


Mengmengs expression finally changed.

The uneasiness and dejection melted.

Something finally dawned on her.

“I was being chivalrous!”

“I clearly told him that if he gave me the baby tigers, Id let him go!”

“But not only did he not give it to me, but he also said that I deserved to die!”

Upon hearing these words, Wang Guanzhi nodded in a hurry and added, “Yes, yes, he deserved to die.

You have done a good deed!”

“Are the baby tigers already…”

Mengmengs face paled a little.

She quickly jumped off Little Heis back and ran to the Saber-toothed Tiger.

Little Hei followed Mengmeng, not willing to move a step from her.

Dahei was still looking at these people by its feet with hostility.

An He, Tang Qingshan, and the others were too scared to move.

They just watched Mengmeng run to the baby tigers.

“Theyre fine.

Everything is fine.

But just now…”

Mengmeng was also a martial artist now.

Having sensed the strength in Lyu Zhengxians previous attack, she knew that under normal circumstances, the three baby tigers would definitely die on the spot.

But now, they were just a little feeble, not seriously injured.

“What does this mean”

“Someone saved them!”


Mengmeng abruptly rose to her feet, put her hands on her hips, and looked up at the sky.

“Daddy! Didnt you promise me Why are you following me secretly again”


Older Martial Brother Jiang suddenly began to cough vehemently.


“Her Daddy is Zhang Hanyang, isnt he”

“Is that devil king also here”

In an instant, he and Wang Guanzhi looked at each other.

A chill climbed up along their spines.

And even their palms could not help trembling.

It was said that ones reputation followed one like his shadow.

They had both heard of Zhang Hanyangs deeds.

He had even killed people from the Kunlun Immortal World with one punch.

Even the kings in the Ancient Mine were all close to him.

He was a man who could bend the world to his will if he wanted! He was the most powerful man in the world.

“Oh my god!”

“Am I going to see Zhang Hanyang in the flesh today”

“What are you waiting for Stop hiding anymore.

Come out, quick!” Mengmeng urged.

“If you dont come out, I will get angry.


If you dont come out, I will cry.”

Upon hearing this, all the people present looked stunned.

It was really the first time that they heard someone threaten Zhang Hanyang by saying that she was going to cry.

Yet, given that she was Zhang Hanyangs daughter, it seemed to make sense.

“Little Hei…”

Mengmeng threw Little Hei a meaningful look.

“With such a sharp nose of yours, can you pick up Daddys smell”

Before Little Hei could do anything, a sigh came from the air.

“Alas, little girl, youre a little too smart.”

Chen Changqings figure emerged in midair.

Then, he slowly descended.

“Eh Uncle Chen Its you, not my Daddy”

Mengmeng was dazed for a moment, but then she guessed something.

She snorted and said, “He exploited the loophole in his promise.”

“Hahaha, can your father really lay back and let you come to the relic by yourself See, he sent me here to check on you.” Chen Changqing flew toward Mengmeng and said helplessly, “I shouldnt have meddled in this.

But if the baby tigers died, I was afraid that you would feel sad.

You know, I am here to watch over you.

If you get out with an unhappy face, your father will give me a good beat anyway.

I cant afford to offend him.

Now, I already gave away my existence.

You can just pretend that you dont know this.”

“You call him Uncle Chen”

Older Martial Brother Jiangs expression altered greatly.

“You, you, you, you are Emperor Qing”

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