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“Daddy!” Catching sight of Zhang Han flying over, Mengmeng was a little excited.

She stood up with her big eyes shining brightly.

“Im here.”

Zhang Han laughed from a distance.

When he came over, he sat on Daheis shoulder and asked, “How is it Is it fun in the relic”

“Hmph! You asked Uncle Chen to follow me secretly.

Im angry with you now.”

Mengmengs curved lips suddenly curled, and she turned away.

Every time something like this happened, Zhang Han would come to coax her, and soon Mengmeng would be fine.

This time was no exception.

“Good girl, dont be angry.

I did that because I was worried about you.

Besides, I was afraid that you might fall into some traps in the relic.

If Dahei and the others didnt come out, Id still have to come and find you as soon as possible.


“Then I forgive you.”

After just a few words, Mengmeng turned around, held Zhang Hans arm, and said with a smile, “I just met a big tiger.

It was a female tiger.

She had three babies.

The baby tigers played with me for a long while.

Later, the big tiger and I went to get its babies something to eat.

But someone broke through that place.

Several bad guys almost killed the baby tigers.

Fortunately, Uncle Chen was there.

I was so angry just now, so I called Dahei to come out.

Dahei was so powerful that it trampled them to death with one foot.

They said that I punished evil and did good deeds, but I didnt feel happy even after I vented out my anger.”

“Because my daughter is kind and doesnt want to hurt others.” Zhang Han sighed softly and stroked Mengmengs head.

“I believe someone has also told you that by killing them, you can save more people indirectly.

However, no matter whether they were good or bad, you dont have to worry about that.

There is no clear-cut definition of good or bad.

For example, in a story that I heard a few days ago, there are people tied on both sides of the railway.

One person was tied on one side, and five people were tied on the other side.

They can only save one side.

Many people are to save five people.

Then he is good to five people and bad to one person.

For example, some people rob the rich and help the poor.

For businessmen, they are bad, but for some poor people, they are good guys.”

Mengmeng was stunned by his words.

She even blinked much slower.

She was lost in thought and seriously thought about the meaning of his words.

“The standards of good and bad are different, so our focus should be placed on other things.

There are only two kinds of people—enemies and people who are not enemies.”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

“You should show no mercy to the enemy because being soft to the enemy is cruel to yourself.

It doesnt matter if they are not the enemy.

You can just ignore them, but those people you met just now are the enemies.

It works both in the martial arts world and Cultivation World.

We are strong, but we dont kill people at will, but we should kill when we need to.

If we are weak, we dont need to flatter others to survive.

We just do what we want to do.

You only need to set your mind on what you want to pursue.”

This was the first time that Zhang Han had said something like this to Mengmeng.

The little girl seemed to have understood, but he didnt know what she was thinking.

“Daddy, what if I dont want to kill anyone in the future”

“Then dont.”

“Then what if I become a bad person in the future Will you punish me, daddy” Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han.

The little girl suddenly thought of something else.

“A punishment” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

“If my daughter becomes a bad person, I will trample over the whole world with you.”

“Hehe, we cant do that.”

Mengmeng was happy again.

“Mummy will definitely spank us.”

It could be seen that Mengmeng felt a little complicated, but it would soon pass.

She continued to chat with Zhang Han for a while.

After all, he was Mengmengs father, and he knew Mengmeng very well.

He talked to her like telling a story, which soon lifted Mengmengs spirits.

“Daddy, why is the sand here black”

When they arrived at the Black Sand Land, Mengmeng swept around and asked curiously.

“Because its a kind of poisonous sand,” Zhang Han answered.

“Its called Demonic Sand.”

“Ah! Will Dahei be poisoned if it steps on it” Mengmeng was shocked.


Dahei turned its head, looked at her, and gave itself a thumbs-up.

“Oow, oow, oow.”

It seemed as if it were saying, “Im not afraid of the sand because my skin is thick and my body is strong.”

“Daddy, is there any spirit beast here I cant see it.

It seems to be full of black sand.

I heard from the interesting Wang Guanzhi that Black Sand Land is more dangerous than the forest.” Mengmeng blinked her eyes and looked around as if she expected to see some monsters.

“What he said makes sense.” Zhang Han smiled faintly, and his eyes suddenly lit up.


Invisible waves swept in all directions, and the sand in many places within a radius of a kilometer began to surge.

“Plop, plop…”

One by one, spirit beasts broke out of the sand as if they were floating up from the bottom of the water.

Many of them were black, five-meter-long scorpions, black pythons as thick as buckets, and dozen-meter-long lizards, but most of them were small.

Tens of thousands of spirit beasts appeared in front of him.

They were so dense that it gave Mengmeng goosebumps.

Mengmengs little face pulled back.

“Oh my God, there are so many of them.”

“The large number means nothing,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Their strength is higher than that of the forest, which also shows one thing.

Its a natural choice.

The winner will survive.

The environment of Black Sand Land is worse than that of the forest in the back.

Its not just these dangers.

Look ahead.

The sandstorm is coming.”

With a wave of Zhang Hans hand, the tens of thousands of spiritual beasts were thrown to the right side as if they were footballs being kicked.

Mengmeng didnt notice this, for her eyes were all fixed on the front.

At first, she didnt see it clearly.

Two minutes later, she found that the black line in the sky was a sandstorm that blotted out the sky.

The closer they got, the more they could experience how terrifying it was.

It was as if the world in front of them had turned into a monster, while the black sandstorm was that monsters bloody mouth that wanted to devour everything.

Several miles to Daheis left, there was a group of nine people.

All of them were in a mess, exploring this place.

“Oh no, sandstorm! Lets go!”

When they saw the sandstorm, their faces changed dramatically.

Undoubtedly, if it was an ordinary sandstorm in the outside world, they wouldnt care.

However, in this Black Sand Land, the sandstorm would come with countless spirit beasts, which would truly devour living things.

And they had just encountered a small sandstorm.

But now, the sandstorm stretched for several miles.

How horrible it was!


“Quick! Hurry up!”

These people were scared out of their wits.

The sandstorm they had experienced before only covered a small area of a few hundred meters.

It soon passed.

But in front of them, it was like a dark cloud.

They knew that if they were trapped in it, they would only end up dead.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

But no matter how hard they ran, the sandstorm was still approaching.

In the blink of an eye, they were only more than 30 meters away from the sandstorm.

The distance between them was still narrowing.

They even spotted a fierce creature with cold eyes and a ferocious look on its face in the black sand all over the sky.

Just as their hearts seemed to stop beating, they had already accepted the fact that they were about to die and so stopped where they were.


It was like a clap of thunder coming from the distance on the right.

The air seemed to shake.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

A flash of faint blue light surrounded the sandstorm.

Time seemed to have frozen.

They stared blankly at the sandstorm, standing motionless.

“Whats going on”

They were totally confused.

Was it going to dissipate, or was it going to mess with them

All of this was caused by Zhang Han.

He pressed his right hand forward, and a flash of light covered the entire sandstorm.

“Wow!” Mengmengs eyes gradually widened in disbelief.

It seemed extremely powerful.

“There are many spirit beasts in this sandstorm.

After refining them, their energy will make the storm stronger,” Zhang Han stated calmly.

“More powerful Will we be blown away Daddy, can you hold me in your arms” Mengmeng was a little worried.

“Dont worry.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Daddy wants to refine this sandstorm into an offensive treasure for you, not to strengthen it to attack us, and this little thing cant hurt us at all.”

“Well, it turns out to be a refined treasure.” Mengmeng stuck out her tongue.

“I didnt expect that.

Daddy, I havent seen how powerful you really are yet.

They all say that you are strong and have seen your power, but, as your daughter, I have never seen it.”

“Do you want to see it” Zhang Han was stunned and thought for a while.

“Wait for it someday.

The most important thing is that the martial artists in this world cant even resist one of your fathers moves.

When the passage to the Kunlun Immortal World opens, Ill take you there to have fun.

Besides, you have only started your cultivation for a few months.

You can take a look at it, but dont think too much about it.

Dont bite off more than you can chew when it comes to cultivation.”

“I got it.” Mengmeng nodded obediently.


A green light flashed in Zhang Hans eyes, and a stream of extraordinary aura pervaded the air.

The sandstorm within a radius of a few miles suddenly shrank.

Its covering area shrank to ten miles, seven miles, three miles, 500 meters, 100 meters, 10 centimeters, and five centimeters!

The sandstorm then turned into a five-centimeter-wide black bead.

The change did not stop.

Zhang Han took out a conch, dissolved the black bead into it, engraved a magic formation, and completed the refining!

“This is the sandstorm just now, which has strengthened some of its power.

Those below the Grand Master Late-stage cant resist the power of it.”

Zhang Han handed the conch to Mengmeng.

“As for the treasures, it depends on how you use them.

For example, you must rely on those treasures when you come to the B-grade relic with your current strength.

On the other hand, if you go to a D-grade relic, you only need to use two or three defensive treasures.

Your own strength is what matters.”

“Okay,” Mengmeng answered in a clear voice, took the conch, fiddled with it for two minutes, and then placed it into her space bracelet.

“Is there anything interesting in the Black Sand Land”

After walking for another ten minutes, Mengmeng muttered, “I dont want to play here.

It doesnt look good.

Can we go to the mountains to see the starry sky”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

Zhang Han had always been obedient to Mengmengs request.

He would go wherever she wanted to go.

An hour later, they passed through the dark clouds and came to the top.

The night was still so glamorous.

Thousands of stars were in front of him, and they could even see the outline of those galaxies.

“Its so beautiful.”

Mengmeng also preferred places with beautiful scenery, so she was a little enchanted at this moment.

They sat on Daheis shoulder.

Mengmeng leaned against Zhang Hans chest, looked up at the sky for quite a while before asking, “Daddy, are there really so many races in the universe Are there really tens of thousands of races competing for glory in the vast starry sky”

Zhang Han had told her that once, and Mengmeng had remembered it all along.

“Tens of thousands of races are just a generic term.

There will be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands if you calculate carefully.

Many places in the vast starry sky have not been explored by cultivators.

For example, on earth, there are too many secrets that humans dont know.”

“Is there really a snowman in the depths of the starry sky Does King of Dwarves really exist A King o Elves and a giant dragon”

“Yes, Daddy promised you before.

I would catch a snowman to play with you in the future.

I would also engrave your name on the moon and take you and your mother to travel in the void.”

“Travel in the void I like it! When are we going to set off”

“Set off Well, Youll have to wait for a few years.”


“Because your fathers strength is not powerful enough.”

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