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Chapter 97 – Mengmeng wanted to hear it

Fortunately, there was a bathroom upstairs and downstairs in the restaurant.

Zhou Fei went upstairs and Zhao Feng was downstairs.

Roughly twenty minutes later, the two of them walked out with a face full of energy.

“Elder Sister Yan, take a look.

See if my skin is smooth or not.

Hahaha.” Zhou Fei was so happy that she couldnt even close her mouth.

After running over, she brought her face closer to Zi Yans side for her to see.

Without waiting for Zi Yan to speak, Zhou Fei once again moved her head closer to Mengmengs side, and said: “Come Mengmeng, the skin of the Aunty Feifei is extremely good right now.”

“Eh” “What” Mengmeng asked, confused.

“Kiss one!” Zhou Fei extended a finger and pointed at her cheek.

“En hmph, no, PaPa wont allow it.” Mengmeng rejected her shamelessly.

She then extended her hand and pushed Zhou Feis head backwards.

The little guy knew, she could not kiss others, and even more could not let others kiss her.

Otherwise, PaPa would be angry.

“Humph!” “If you dont want to, then dont!” Zhou Fei snorted lightly, not minding at all.

With beauty water, her skin would be better, but she was extremely happy.

Then she sat down beside her and began to stink in the little mirror.

“Boss, this water …”

Zhao Feng sat beside Zhang Han, with a tone of disbelief.

There were all sorts of beauty products sold on the market, but he had never heard of anything that could improve a persons skin like the effect of drinking water just now.

There was an old saying: ones hair is long and his knowledge is short, but Zhao Feng felt that in this restaurant, other than the owner, all other people, regardless of their age or gender, had become short-sighted.

In the face of Zhao Fengs words, Zhang Han did not explain.

Even if he told them about the spirit treasure, they would not understand.

“Cough.” While speaking, Zi Yan suddenly coughed lightly, her beautiful eyes turned towards Zhang Han, and said: “Should someone play a song for us”

PaPa plays the piano, even Mengmeng wants to play the piano, PaPa, lets go quickly! Hearing that, Mengmeng remembered that Mama still did not know she could play the piano, so she anxiously reached out her hands, wanting to embrace Zhang Han.

Seeing that, Zhang Han shook his head and laughed, he then stood up and hugged Mengmeng tightly.

He walked to the piano and placed Mengmeng on the small sofa, then opened the piano and prepared to play.

“Boss, I heard that his piano skills.

Its in no way inferior to Director Langs.

Hes very powerful, and he is one of the best among all masters.” Zhao Feng thought about what Zhao Dahu had said.

Zhao Feng didnt really understand much about the piano, he only knew that the piano music that Zhang Han played was especially pleasing to the ears, and as the vice director of the entertainment company, Zhao Dahu had a lot of understanding and authority to speak of in this regard.

“Master “How could that be!” Zhang Li curled her lips and said: “My brother was previously level 10 Amateur and has not played for many years, how could he become a Master”

Zhang Li had a thorough understanding of her brother, and knew what level he was at a few years ago.

However, what she did not know was that Zhang Hans age at zither was at least five hundred years.

“Damn, Brother-in-law is actually at level 10” “Awesome, awesome!” Zhou Fei raised her thumb again and again.

“He can play the piano.

How unexpected.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

Regardless of whether he was level 10 or some other level, being able to play the piano was pretty good.

This proved that the guy really liked music.

Zhao Feng saw and shook his head with a smile without a word, they did not seem to believe that the boss was a grandmaster pianist, and upon seeing it with their own eyes, they would probably be shocked.

“What song would you like to hear”

When Zhang Han was about to play the piano, he turned his head and asked.

Even though it was a question, his gaze was fixed on Zi Yan.

This made Zhou Fei and Zhang Li, who wanted to order some tune, to shut their mouths.

This first piece of the piano piece was obviously for Zi Yan, the landlady.

“Listen …” Zi Yan muttered to herself for a moment, thinking about the piano pieces that she knew in her mind, she thought for a moment, then replied: “Its just Melody of the Night.”

“Ah, Melody of the Night.

Its the piano piece of the dark sky.” Mengmeng clapped her hands to welcome Zhang Hans performance.

After Mengmeng clapped her hands a few times, the scene gradually quietened down.

One second, two seconds …

After twenty seconds, under everyones expectant gaze, Zhang Hans hand started to move.

An expert would know whether or not it was true the moment he made a move.

Zhang Han had just played the melody a few times, causing everyones spirits to rise.

Some people played a piano piece, but only the sound of the piano piece had no spirit.

However, there were also people who played a piano piece, which was extremely beautiful and captivating.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li all stared wide-eyed at the start, but slowly, they couldnt help but get drunk and enjoy the beautiful music.

Especially Zhou Fei and Zi Yan who understood music.

At this moment, they felt goosebumps all over their bodies when they heard it.

Night in the piano music series, each capital has different feelings, recorded one night after another happy, sad, and, of course, happy feelings.

The music style was mainly in the Healing Department.

Every song in this series was quiet and soothing, causing the hearts and souls of the people to linger in it.

The fifth song was the most popular, and the night zither music that people often spoke of was the fifth song in this series.

After the song ended, there was no applause.

They were all enchanted by the serene atmosphere.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng was a lot better.

After all, he had heard Zhang Han play it a few times, so his endurance would naturally be a bit greater.

“PaPa is so powerful.”

Mengmengs childish voice brought them back to their thoughts.

“I… “F * ck!”

Before Zi Yan could say anything, Zhou Fei suddenly slammed the table and stood up, she stared with wide eyes, gasped for breath at Zhang Han and said:

“Oh my god! “Brother-in-law, so this Stewart isnt just for show.

Amazing! Brother-in-law, youre too awesome, Im really going to admire you.

Oh god, its so delicious to cook, and the piano is also so good to play.

I even want to be invincible.

I believe brother-in-law, youre really a master!”

“Fei Fei, arent you exaggerating” Zi Yan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and patted her.

“Its not exaggerated at all; its not exaggerated at all.

PaPa is the super invincible most powerful.” Mengmeng cheered.

“Thats right.

Brother-in-law is amazing; brother-in-law is awesome …” Zhou Fei looked like a brainless fan.

“Hurry up and sit down!” Zi Yan pulled Zhou Fei back to her seat, her eyes filled with killing intent allowed Zhou Feis emotions to calm down.

This careless Zhou Fei would always say some vulgar words in front of Meng Meng.

“What else do you want to hear” At this time, Zhang Han asked again.

Zi Yan thought for a bit, and just as she was about to speak, Zhou Fei spoke first:

“Brother-in-law, do you know how to play the third piano concerto If you can use that, then youre really amazing! ”

After saying that, Zi Yan was slightly stunned, she pursed her lips and looked at Zhou Fei, and said:

“This third piano concerto is one of the worlds ten great difficult pianos.

It is also a large piece of work, famous for its strong emotional expression and difficult performance skills; this piece is known as the king of the piano concerto.

Zhang Han, I wonder if you can play this”

Zi Yan really hoped that Zhang Han would be good at the piano.

If that was the case, then she and Zhang Han might be able to perform a show regarding marriage in the future … Pah pah pah! Where did he go

Zhang Li and Zhao Feng did not know about this song, but after hearing that it was one of the top ten difficult songs in the world, they understood the concept behind it.

Most people liked the melodious style of the piano pieces during the night.

However, for those with high difficulty levels, many people were not used to listening to them, while those professionals would be mesmerized by them.

If it were another person asking Zhang Han, Zi Yan would probably feel troubled, but after listening to Zhang Hans tune, Zi Yan also wanted to know what level Zhang Han was.

“Third Piano Concerto” Zhang Han shook his head and said: “I dont know.”

“Ah” “It cant be” Zhou Fei was slightly stunned, and couldnt help but look a little disappointed.

Even Zi Yan had that feeling, because the expectations just now were too big, when she heard such a word, she couldnt help but feel that it was a little bit different.

Mengmeng waved her small arms and stopped.

She did not understand what was happening when she saw Zhou Fei and the others expressions.

“PaPa, how could you, how could you not know, PaPa is the strongest.”

In the little princess heart, PaPa is an invincible existence!

When Mengmeng opened her mouth, a light flashed across Zhao Fengs eyes!

He had been in the restaurant for a while now, and Zhao Feng knew that as long as Mengmeng asked, there was nothing that Zhang Han could not solve.

It was just that he didnt know whether Zhang Han would be able to maintain his legendary omnipotent father this time around.

Sure enough, after Mengmeng opened her mouth, Zhang Han‘s expression paused for a moment.

He turned his body, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, smiled and patted Mengmengs head, and said: “Mengmeng wants to hear it”

“Yes!” Mengmeng nodded her head obediently.

She liked the surprises of others when PaPa was the most powerful.

“Then daddy, take a look at the score.” Zhang Han used his phone to search for the piano piece.

The score was very long, but Zhang Han was looking at it in ten lines.

The spirit energy in his body was circulating around his head, allowing his memory to reach the state of Eyeless Memory, so much less a mere piano piece, even if he were to bring over the entire set of the class, it would only be a matter of two hours.

Seeing Zhang Hans appearance, Zhou Fei and the rest were slightly startled.

“On the go, on the go Brother-in-law, can you do it ” Zhou Fei said with some suspicion.

“If he says so, so be it.

Lets just wait and see.” Zi Yan smiled slightly, she had confidence in Zhang Han.

From meeting Mengmeng, letting him come to Hong Kong, visiting the Peach Blossom Valley, coming to this restaurant, Zhang Han had never gone back on his words.

“I believe my brother can do it too.

Isnt it just a tune Whats the big deal!” Zhang Li snorted.

“This isnt a problem with songs, but its a problem with difficulty.

To be able to become one of the top 10 in the world, how could it be played by a normal level 10 …”

Zhou Fei laughed bitterly, wanting to indirectly explain the difficulty of the song, but before she could finish, the melodious sound of a piano playing.


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