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Chapter 986 A Sensation

Seeing this, Zhang Han grabbed Mengmengs hand with his left hand and took Zi Yans with his right hand.

Then, the family of three headed back to the castle.

“Lets go.

Ill cook lunch for you.

Well leave in the evening.

You still need Mummy to decide what you should wear.”

“Uh-huh.” Mengmeng wiped tears off her face.

Her eyes were shining brilliantly.

Now, the little girl already had a mind of her own.

Her personality was kind of unique.

She was casual, cunning, and lovely.

She was not as dignified and serious as the noble.

She always spoke her mind and never suppressed her feelings.

She laughed when she was happy, and she pouted when she was mad.

In this regard, she might be considered a real free soul.

“This is ridiculous!”

After the three entered the castle, Zhang Mu furrowed his brows and glowered at Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali.

“How could you let Zhang Han agree to take Mengmeng to such a dangerous place Is this your way of parenting”

“Ahem.” Zhang Guangyou retorted with a simple argument.

“Dad, you didnt say anything to object either, did you”

“My great-granddaughter was crying.

What could I have said” Zhang Mu glared at him.

“She is also my granddaughter!” Zhang Guangyous face darkened as he protested, “Ive even taught her martial arts for several years.”

“You think youve all grown up” Zhang Mu shot him a cold look and said, “You dont want to listen to me anymore, do you”

“No, no, its not like that.

Dad, well never defy you,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.


Zhang Mu sighed and said, “Han cant really take Mengmeng with him, can he Its too risky.

If he really wants to take her on this trip, you gotta go talk him out of this.”

“Sir, dont worry.” Mu Xue stepped forward and said, “My master is a man of his word.

Since he has agreed, he will certainly take Mengmeng with him.

Moreover, my master has a million ways to deal with his enemies.

Those people from the Wind Snow Temple are no match for him at all.”

“Its true.” Jiang Yanlan came over from the back.

“Ive already called the school.

The First Middle School has extended the holiday to two weeks.”

That rendered Zhang Mu totally speechless.

After glancing around, Zhang Mu rubbed his forehead, feeling rather resigned to the situation.

“Dad, shall we all go up to the Kunlun Immortal World and have a look” Zhang Guangyou asked in a low voice.

“Get lost!”

At the same time—

The cultivators who fled back to the Kunlun Immortal World brought the news back to their sects one after another.

This jaw-dropping, mind-blowing piece of news quickly spread out.

“What did you say”

“Zhang Hanyang from the inferior world has killed hundreds of members of the Kunlun Immortal World And Elder Wu has died in the battle, too”

“Youre all useless, arent you Loser! Youre a bunch of losers!”

“You simply fled back How could you be so brazen”

In the face of the various harsh questions, some hot-tempered people immediately snapped back.

“Thats easy for you to say! Everyone knows that our strength is severely suppressed in the inferior world.

Even though we were a half-step to the Elixir Realm down there, what could we have done Zhang Hanyang even killed one in the Elixir Realm.

It was Nan Qi.

He ate the Nirvana Fruit and temporarily gained the strength of the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

But that wasnt enough to fend off Zhang Hanyangs overwhelming strikes.

He killed Nan Qi the moment they came face-to-face.

You say we shouldnt have fled.

Then, do you think we should have just wait there for him to kill us all”

“Zhang Hanyang is invincible in the inferior world.

We cant go down there anymore.

And we really cant do anything about it.

His supernatural powers are too strong.

We cant fight him unless he comes to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Because in the inferior world, nobody can defeat him.”


Hearing the news, many people were flabbergasted.

“What Even Nan Qi who had eaten the Nirvana Fruit got killed”

“Nan San, Nan Liu, Nan Wu, and Nan Qi, have all been killed.

More than half of the 13 fighters of the Wind Snow Temples Third Prince have died.

This is interesting.”

“Zhang Hanyang is really something.

A dragon has appeared in the inferior world.”

In the Wind Snow Temple, the one in charge of this journey to the inferior world was none other than Nan Feng, the Third Prince.

As he learned the news that several of his men had died and even Nan Qi, who had the Nirvana Fruit, had been killed, his face froze in place.

It was not until two minutes later that he closed his eyes and exhaled lightly.

“Are you sure the killer is not Zhang Mu, but his grandson, Zhang Hanyang”

“Yes, Im absolutely sure.

Five years ago, Zhang Hanyang was already able to kill a man a half-step to the Elixir Realm.

Now a few years have passed, he can kill a man at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

Who would have thought that Well, he has achieved so much even though he is still in the inferior world.

We cannot let this man live!” the subordinate said in a grave tone.

“Im surprised.

This really took me by surprise.” The handsome Nan Feng stood by the window and looked out at the great river and mountains.

He sighed softly.

“I used to treat Zhang Mu as a good opponent who can add flavor to my life.

I also wanted to see how far he could go.

Now, he is just beginning to come to power, but I didnt expect that its his grandson who broke the deadlock.”

“Your Highness.”

Suddenly, a linen-clothed old man came in from outside.

His thick black eyebrows were quite eye-catching.

He remarked nonchalantly, “Ive heard about Zhang Hanyangs deeds.

He is a direct descendant of Zhang Mu.

And he has committed such a heinous crime.

I volunteer to go down to the inferior world to behead him.

What do you think, Your Highness”

The subordinate who had delivered the news cupped his hands before his chest when he saw the old man.

This old man was Gao Chuan, Nan Fengs strongest follower.

Thirty years ago, he already reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Now, he was not far from the Elixir Realm Peak Stage.

He was even mightier than Nan Feng.

But nominally, he was a member of the Wind Snow Temple, so he was not really Nan Fengs subordinate.

When he heard the news, Gao Feng knew that if he didnt take action, others could hardly kill Zhang Hanyang.

The master of the Wind Snow Temple had thought very highly of the Third Prince.

Thus, he couldnt let the journey to the inferior world that the Third Prince was responsible for go seriously awry.

“He can kill those at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.” Nan Fengs expression gradually returned to normal, and his tone was unflustered again.

“But that is the best he can do in the secular world.

I really cant let him continue to breathe.

Uncle Gao, Im afraid I have to trouble you to go to the inferior world in person this time.

Well, Im mortified to have let those things happen.”

“Youre welcome, Your Highness.” Gao Chuan nodded.

“Guards, bring the Nirvana Tree here.”

Nan Feng gave the order.

With the Nirvana Tree, Gao Chuan could possess the strength of the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage in the secular world for some time.

With the strength of the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage, if he still could not be unbeatable in the secular world, that would be surreal.

This piece of startling news had, of course, become an eye-opener for those who entered the Kunlun Immortal World several years ago.

Of the five people who went down to the inferior world a few years, only one came back alive.

That one person was Daofu.

At this time, he was in the sect, sighing with emotion.

“You see I told you so.

Thank god we didnt send our people down there along with the first group.

Otherwise, they would also have been subdued by Zhang Hanyang.

I cant see through that man.

But one thing is sure—he is too strong to beat in the inferior world.”

Many elders of the sect still felt a lingering fear.

Of course, they had all advocated to follow the crowd and take the trip down there.

Now, they did not need to think to know what consequences of that would be.

Whoever led the team would die, or might have a slim chance to survive.

But who dared to gamble with their lives

“Zhang Hanyang is still so incredulously powerful.” Ye Longyuan scratched his head and looked depressed.

“Although the so-called debt-collecting spell has been undone by the head of the sect, given his temper, there is no way to disown it.

Let me do the math.

I owed him 40,000 crystal stones when I reached the Earth Realm.

The debt went to 80,000 crystal stones when I was in the Heaven Realm.

At the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, it rose to 160,000 crystal stones.

Now Im at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage, I owe him 320,000 crystal stones.

D*mn, Im already in debt of such a huge sum, arent I Thank god he only asked for low-grade crystal stones.

If he wanted top-grade ones, I wouldnt be able to pay it off even if I sold myself to him.

“Oh, thats not right! The peak of the Innateness Realm is also counted as a realm.

Ah! Its actually 640,000 crystal stones.


At first, Ye Longyuan felt quite relieved.

But as soon as he did the calculation and found that the debt had snowballed to more than 600,000 crystal stones, he could not help but shudder.

Then, an idea popped up in his head.

“Should I be a deadbeat this time”


Thinking of Zhang Hanyangs combat records, Ye Longyuan nervously looked around with guilt.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill save my crystal stones for a few more years.

Anyway, the worst that could happen is just that I had to push back my breakthrough to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage and keep on saving money.

I can still afford 640,000 crystal stones.

But if it piles up to a million, Ill never be able to pay it off.”

In the Wind Snow Temple, Shi Fenghou had already become a well-known figure.

The legend of the Little Roc was still going on.

Now, he was also a direct disciple of an elder.

When he heard the news, his eyes glistened.

“Zhang Hanyang, you spared my life before… When I succeed and become famous one day, I will pay off all the debts I owe you.

Before that, I believe you wont die either.”

He also recalled what Zhang Hanyang had said to him right before he entered the Kunlun Immortal World.

“It doesnt matter whether you live or die.

Just dont forget to pay me the crystal stones.”

“Shi Fenghou, work hard in cultivation.”

“Yeah, Ive worked really hard.

but the debt… has already amounted to more than a million crystal stones.

Zhang Hanyang, youre so scheming!”

Among the more than 10,000 martial artists who had come up to this world along with him, only a few of them had made their names known.

Yan Chen was still so incredibly amazing.

Although he and Ye Longyuan were both disciples of the Lihun Sect before they came here, Yan Chen was 10 times more famous than Ye Longyuan.

When people talked about Ye Longyuan, they would also mention that “Yan Chen was his Older Martial Brother”.

However, when people discussed Yan Chen, no one would point out that Ye Longyuan was his Younger Martial Brother.

This made Ye Longyuan feel more stressed and motivated.

In the secular world, he had earned the title of Devil Incarnate by winning countless battles!

He believed that one day, he would also become a scary Devil Incarnate in the Kunlun Immortal World.

As for Ding Changming from the Luo Fu Sword Sect, he was not well-known, but his strength was fairly strong.

He was the kind of person who liked to keep a low profile.

When he learned about what Zhang Hanyang had done, he remained silent for a long time.

In the end, he uttered, “Eldest Lady, wait for me to go back and propose to you!”

It turned out that he hadnt forgotten about this.

Ding Changming was also a reserved man.

He had had a crush on Mu Xue for many years.

But he didnt dare to express his feelings until he was about to leave the secular world for the Kunlun Immortal World.

Yet, he seemed to have forgotten that Mu Xue already turned him down at that time.

Su Beimu from the Light Cliff, as well as many young experts who were well-known in the secular world at that time, were all astounded when they heard this news.

“Zhang Hanyang, well, well, well, you are so fierce in the secular world.

More than five years ago, you didnt choose to enter the Kunlun Immortal World.

We thought that you would waste away in the mortal world.

However, to our shock, youve done things in the secular world that has caused such a stir in the Kunlun Immortal World.

Youve killed so many powerful figures.

You are still as defiant as before.

You are really one of a kind.”

Those who were relatively glad to hear the news were the ones from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

At this time, they were all in the Deep Valley.

After learning the story, they felt quite refreshed.

This was the only good news they had heard in the past two years.

“Young Lord is really amazing.

Master and Young Master have also reunited.

This is great.

its just that… how we should deal with the following crisis What should we do”

The pressure was immense.

After all, how could the Deep Valley rival an alliance of more than 10 forces

“Soon, the frosty crystal stone vein will take shape.

The energy fluctuation is getting more and more violent.”

“That should have a great piece of good news.

But now, it seems to be the indicator of our death.”

“Where is the way out…”

Those people were standing on a tall mountain, gazing at several peaks in the distance.

There were hundreds of people on those peaks who were eyeing them with glaring hostility.

Seeing this, they felt rather heavy-hearted.

These people were also waiting, waiting for the frosty crystal stone vein to take shape.

Time seemed to be running out more and more quickly, and the catastrophe was coming faster and faster.

The Deep Valley had become the center of the vortex.

The people in the valley had no idea whether they had a chance to survive.

At the same time—

In the castle, Zi Yan had also regained her composure.

Seeing that Mengmeng was so headstrong, she felt quite helpless.

“Well, like mother, like daughter.”

Zi Yan sighed softly.

She also recalled that back then, she was also so strong-willed to go down a dead end that she left the Zi family and went to Xiangjiang to start her career.

But looking at Mengmeng, she was both annoyed and amused.

She gently pinched the little girls cheek and said, “Tell me, why cant you be as meek and unresisting as your father”

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