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“The Green Flame Sect was involved in this incident”

“D*mn, doesnt it mean that they have an expert at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage Who can stop Li Qingyan”

“Fire King Li Qingyan is most proficient in this kind of war with a huge number of players.

He once slaughtered hundreds of people in a single move and shocked the East Domain.

As long as he comes, we will not be able to defend ourselves.”

“If Li Qingyan knew about this, we wouldnt stand a chance!”


After a minute of hustle and bustle, it fell into a dead silence.

If there were only some experts at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage in the dozens of power alliances out there, they would still dare to fight against them, but there was another expert at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, and the Valley Master was not here now, no one had the courage to fight.

“What should we do”

“Why dont we leave with Elder Mu”

“Yeah, it will be too late if we dont leave now.

Even if we get the crystal stone, we will be killed.”

More and more people were scared by Li Qingyans reputation.

“Lets go!”After hesitating for a while, Elder Ma gritted his teeth.

“If we dont go, it will be too late.

The Green Flame Sect knows about our Dark River passage.

If it is blocked, then the situation we have to face will be terrible.

All Deep Valley disciples, attention! Follow me and Elder Mu to evacuate in an orderly manner batch by batch.

Lets get out of here first, and go to the inferior world channel to discuss whether to go to other areas or to the inferior world to wait for the Valley Master.”

“Yes, Elder Ma.”

Everything was cleaned up, and only one empty sect building was left.

More than a thousand people followed Elder Ma and Zhang Mu to the passage behind the main hall.

Elder Ma glanced at Zhang Han and Mengmeng and then asked, “Elder Mu, I heard that Zhang Hanyang in the next session is your descendant”


“I guess this is Zhang Hanyang, right” Elder Ma glanced at Zhang Han again.

“Yes.” Zhang Mu nodded.

Those who had just come to the Heavenly Knights Sect greeted Zhang Han who must be the young master.

“After what had happened before, you were still willing to come to Kunlun Immortal World, I thank you on behalf of Deep Valley, but… you can easily become a target.

I heard that many sects have been trying to kill you to avenge the people you killed.

There are threats, too.” Elder Ma sighed and said, “You are the first person in history to have made such a disturbance in the inferior world.

You shouldnt have come to the Kunlun Mountains so early.”

“Its okay.

If I want to go, no one can keep me,” Zhang Han replied lightly.

“My father is super awesome.” Mengmeng smiled.

They had just arrived at Kunlun Immortal World.

Were they going back so soon

“Haha.” Elder Ma laughed.

Instead of looking at Zhang Han, he walked towards the rear team and talked to a few disciples.

While they were talking, they came to the underground Dark River.

After a pass, though it was still dark, Mengmeng was less scared.

A faint light illuminated the nearby area.

After half an hour, they left from the entrance of Banshan Cave and headed east to the nearest passage.

But just after traveling for more than ten minutes when they were crossing a huge peak, they saw that there were hundreds of people standing behind the peak.


Everyone was shocked.

Wasnt the long-haired old man in black the leader of the Green Flame Sect, Li Qingyan Zhang Mus heart sank and he asked first, “Why are you here”

“Haha.” Li Qingyan laughed, “You know what you did.

A frosty crystal stone mine is a crime serious enough to perish your Deep Valley ten times, but this time the credit still belongs to you, Elder Ma.”

“Elder Ma” Everyones complexion changed and they looked at Elder Ma.

However, he flew quickly to the side of the Green Flame Sect.

When he turned around, he sighed, “I am the Green Flame Sects Eighth Elder.

The place where our sect is located has been assaulted by the spirit beast in the Northernmost Sea all year round and we are exhausted.

It just so happens that the location and natural position of Deep Valley are excellent.

Our Green Flame Sect needs a new place to live.

This time Nan Feng is leading people of more than a dozen sects and the final success will be the Green Flame Sects.”

His words made quite a stir.

Many disciples were angry.

“Elder Ma, youre a traitor!”

“Oh my God, Elder Ma is an elder of the Green Flame Sect”

Faced with many questions, Elder Ma kept his expression unchanged and sighed.

“Dont worry.

For the sake of our friendship for more than ten years, I will kill you quickly.

Oh yes, Chief, that is the recent hot shot—Zhang Hanyang.

I didnt expect Zhang Mu to bring him here.

This way I can just solve future trouble.” “Are you Zhang Hanyang” Li Qingyans gaze was directed towards Zhang Han.

“Oh yes.”

Before Zhang Han could speak, a disciple of the inferior world who was with Zhang Mu jumped up with a grim expression.

“The Green Flame Sect wants to have it all.

No way! I have already spread the news that Zhang Hanyang is here.

I guess they will take action immediately.

You Green Flame Sect will get nothing in the end.” “Oh” Li Qingyan raised his brows.

Others in Deep Valley were even more shocked.

Spies were really pervasive.

“The Green Flame Sect disciples, attention to my order!” Elder Ma screamed, “Kill them all!”


In an instant, hundreds of Green Flame Sect disciples attacked with various weapons.

Zhang Mus pupils shrink slightly.

Wanted to escape But how could they be faster than Li Qingyan

“Zhang Mu, it is said that you have a good aptitude and have had a vendetta against Nan Feng.

I wonder how many spirit treasures you can trade for in Wind Snow Temple.” Li Qingyan floated in the air, slowly drifting towards Zhang Mu.

“If you want to kill me, you can give it a try.” Zhang Mu didnt retreat but moved forward.

He rushed up to him face to face and made an overwhelming palm print.

“Its useless.

The gap between the Elixir Realm Last-Stage and the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage is huge like a moat.” Li Qingyan shook his head slightly, and his eyes suddenly refracted two flames.

Radiant and powerful, they turned into a long knife and easily split the palm print of Zhang Mu.

Li Qingyan still attacked Zhang Mu like a cannonball.

Just halfway through, he suddenly felt a vague crisis in the dark, and his scalp instantly went numb.

He backed away violently and waved a fire wave to cover the area near him.

At this time, a weapon appeared in the fire wave and slowly dissipated.

Ghost Soldier!

It approached Li Qingyan quietly but was still noticed in the end.

Zhang Han shook his head secretly.

It seemed that someone at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage was not so easy to be beaten.

At least he couldnt beat him by himself when he had just broken through.

“Its you” Li Qingyan was very surprised.

The move just now was more than ten meters closer to him, which was a dangerous distance.

Wasnt he just great in an inferior world Was he so powerful in the Kunlun Mountains

What was the realm of Zhang Hanyang Elixir Realm Middle-Stage Late-Stage

“Zhang Hanyangs moves are extremely weird.

Be careful, Chief.

He is a monster and must be killed!” Elder Ma said loudly.

“Hey.” Zhang Han suddenly sighed, tightened his grip on Mengmengs little hand, and pressed his left hand forward.

“Its time to try the power of Star Map Thunder Sea.”

The Star Map Thunder Sea emerged, surrounding more than 300 disciples of the Green Flame Sect.

The most mysterious Ghost Soldier blended into it.


“Help, leader!”

In just three breaths, more than forty people were killed.

Many disciples in Deep Valley were stunned by this scene.

D*mn it!

Was this guy so fierce “True sense, flowing fire!” Li Qingyans face did not change, and he quickly performed a move, and a flowing fire that was like a stream swept towards Zhang Han.

Click! The Star Map Thunder Sea dissipated.

In just a few seconds, it had consumed 20% of the energy in Zhang Hans body.

It consumed too much to last for a long time, but the power was awe-inspiring, and a single move had killed more than 70 people in a row, which was also a morale blow to the Green Flame Sect.

“Zhang Hanyang at least has the strength of the Elixir Realm Last-Stage!”

“What is his move”

“Oh my God!”

The disciples of the Green Flame Sect trembled with fear.

This kind of mass-destructive move was very rare.

Their leader Li Qingyan was famous for his Outer Space Fire move.

It was obvious that he also mastered such a move.


Facing Li Qingyans attack, Zhang Han took Mengmeng back quickly.

He made another move during the period—the Heavenly Demons Fourth Style Overlapped Mountain!


The void seemed to be torn into a gap.

Everyone saw a smoky blue mountain revealing, and for a time a mysterious and unearthly atmosphere covered the world as if this mountain was not something this world could have, and space was trembling near the blue mountain.


The mountain fell at an incredible speed.

The direction of the fall was exactly where the crowd was dense.

Li Qingyans eyes darkened when he saw it.

“Flame Dragon Swirl!” He launched an attack.

A tornado filled with flames formed when the great green mountain came.

Over ninety percent of the attack was offset.

But the ten percent of the power of Overlapped Mountain formed a gravity domain field, crushing the five disciples of the Elixir Realm Early-Stage below to pieces, and the other Elixir Realm Middle-Stage disciples displayed the protective measures to resist the aftermath.


Those disciples had lingering fears, so they didnt dare to continue charging forward, and could only look at the right-wing where they were fighting with the Deep Valley disciples.

They hesitated whether to go or not.

“Green Flame Sect disciples, stepped back five miles!” Li Qingyan seemed to be angry, and his voice was mixed with a hint of cold.


His disciples all evacuated after hearing his order, except those Elixir Realm Last-Stage experts and a small number of Elixir Realm Middle-Stage experts.

“Zhang Hanyang really deserves his reputation.”

Li Qingyan sneered.

“Your reputation precedes you.

You can be the king in the inferior world, but you should not have come to the Kunlun Mountains.” “Retreat!” Zhang Mu seemed to have guessed something and his face changed slightly.

He ordered his disciples to retreat quickly.

But it was too late.

“Your attack is very powerful with a wide range and great killing power.

It just so happens that I also have a similar move.

I wonder if you dare to try it”

Li Qingyan had very strong self-confidence.

A flame suddenly burned in his eyes, and his voice became extremely hoarse.

“Outer Space Fire!” The supernatural flame emerged, and the sky suddenly turned into a sea of flames.

It swept across like a cannonball, and the entire void seemed to become hot and dry.

Deep Valley disciples retreated quickly, but Elder Ma was fighting against Zhang Mu in the rear area, trying to prevent Deep Valley people from escaping.

“Star Map Thunder Sea!” Faced with this attack, Zhang Han once again used his supernatural power.


When the energies collided with each other, torrential waves formed hurricanes and swept in all directions.

Zhang Han glanced at Zhang Mu.

If the move became a war of attrition, with his current spiritual force, he wouldnt be able to defeat Li Qingyan in a short while.

He used the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique to tell them to escape quickly before he could retreat.


The shock continued.

What surprised Li Qingyan was that he couldnt fight off Zhang Hanyang for a while.

It was a standoff.

How could that be

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