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“Its none of your business.” Li Qingfeng sneered, “I have talked with Nan Feng.

Do you think Im unprepared”

In an instant, Zhang Mu understood that they had colluded with each other long ago.

It was just that the Green Flame Sect had found the Dark River and wanted to make a fortune out of it privately, and even collected all of the frosty crystal stones.

This kind of alliance was indeed linked by interests.

The pursuit continued, but the situation was getting worse and worse.

Soon, the second force appeared waved their fists, and suffered a lot before they joined Li Qingyans troops.

It was followed by the third force, the fourth force…

Finally, when the sixth force appeared, Zhang Mu was surprised.

“Gao Chuan! Why did he come” Nan Fengs most powerful henchman Gao Chuan showed up with five men.

As someone at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, he was well-known, and his strength was superb.

Didnt he go to the inferior world How could he suddenly appear here “Why did I come Haha, what do you think!” Gao Chuan sounded irritated and embarrassed.

D*mn, he had gone to the inferior world aggressively and led the team to Mount New Moon two days ago.

But what happened

He had suffered a lot.

He had inspired the Nirvana Tree.

With the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage cultivation base, he could have three one-day practices.

As an Elixir Realm Middle-Stage expert, he consumed the Heaven-earth Formation of Mount New Moon, took out various treasures, and finally found that he could not beat it as it was unbreakable.

He bombarded it for twenty-four hours consecutively.

A few extremely mean people kept cursing at him.

Among them was Instructor Liu, who verbally abused him terribly and insulted his ancestors and the entire Wind Snow Temple, which had greatly infuriated him.

When had he suffered such a loss But even more shockingly, why was the Heaven-earth Formation here so strong Why couldnt he break it

After attacking for a whole day and wasting the ability of the Nirvana Tree once, he understood that it turned out that he had not prepared enough, so he went back to the sect and intended to fetch various treasures that could break the formation.

But he heard that Zhang Hanyang had gone to Deep Valley to kill him first.

So he appeared here.

He was extremely unhappy.

“Dad, they have more and more people,” Mengmeng said nervously.

“It is fine.

We will arrive at the exit immediately, and they wont dare to chase after we get down.” Zhang Han smiled and felt a little tired.

What was more surprising was that Zhang Mus combat effectiveness was also very strong.

Although he was out of breath, he still maintained enough energy.

The recovery of his spiritual force was quick, and it seemed that he also had a good opportunity.

“Gao Chuan, its great to see you here,” Li Qingyan said.

“Im here to kill Zhang Hanyang.

Zhang Mu alone is not worth my travel,” Gao Chuan replied lightly.

“Then kill him!”

Li Qingyans speed increased again, and soon he approached Zhang Han by more than 50 meters.

He did not make an attack at this distance because he had also made an attack just now and it didnt work.

He planned to use the secret technique at close to 30 meters.

“Zhang Hanyang…” Li Qingyan was about to say something.

“Fireball Skill!” The second fireball approached and hit Li Qingyans face.


He waved and wiped it out again.

“Fireball Skill!”

She played four or five in a row, all of which were easily dissipated.

Li Qingyan said calmly, “Its useless.

Your Fireball Skill is so weak.

I can blow it with one breath.”

“Dont block it if you dare!” Mengmeng said angrily.

“Even if I dont block it, you cant hurt me.” Li Qingyans tone was even more indifferent.

Now he was close to more than 30 meters, a little distance away from his performance of his ultimate move.

“Fireball Skill!”

After she performed a Fireball Skill again, Li Qingyan didnt bother to take care of it, and allowed the fireball to hit him.


The fireball went out.

“I am proficient in fire art.

Your fireball is useless.”

“Fireball Skill!”

He was not used to this, but he still did not respond, as if he was trying to confirm his words.



Li Qingyans figure slowed down as his head was smashed and he felt a little dizzy.

Looking closely, a gleaming awl was hidden in the fireball.


Li Qingyan was furious.

Was he tricked by a kid “Haha, how could a stupid man like you have lived for so long If you were at Mount New Moon, you would not survive three days,” Mengmeng said in a mocking tone.

She had wanted to mess with the enemys mentality, and it really worked.

Li Qingyan was furious.

His speed became faster again, and he slowed when approaching them.

When he came to fifty meters, he paused suddenly.


The fire wave broke out and annihilated the attacking the Ghost Soldier.

He really hated it.

Every time he approached, he would have to face weird moves.

Gao Chuan was a little stunned.

Was this Zhang Hanyang

“Li Qingyan, you couldnt even beat them” Gao Chuan couldnt help but ask at the back.

“Go ahead if you can.” Li Qingyan reduced his speed.

“Then Ill try.”

This time it was Gao Chuans turn.

He was very cautious, and even wiped out Mengmengs fireballs one by one.

Mengmeng couldnt help mocking.

“You are not as strong as the old guy just now.”

“Am I not as strong as him What a joke.”

Gao Chuan performed various moves one after another.

The problem was that the undetectable the Ghost Soldier almost broke through his right arm.

With Overlapped Mountain, Broken Empty-handed, and Zhang Mus attacks, even if Gao Chuan was Peak-Stage, he couldnt catch up with them, and finally, he understood why Li Qingyan had failed.

He pursued for another hour to no avail.

But what worked was that Zhang Mus body energy was reduced to 10% and he was very weak.

Gao Chuan smiled.

“You cant escape.

It takes three hours to go to the nearest passage from here.”

“Really We have arrived.”

Zhang Mu suddenly ridiculed.

“Go back and tell you master, one day, I will lead thousands of men to destroy your Wind Snow Temple!”


Suddenly, Gao Chuan was shocked when he saw a brand new passage standing thousands of meters in front of him.

D*mn it!

He was furious and desperate.

Li Qingyan said in a cold voice, “Zhang Hanyang, I think you are very skilled.

Stay and fight me head-on if you dare.

As long as you survive it, I will tell the world to keep you alive.

What do you think”

“Haha, come down if you dare.” Mengmeng said angrily, “You couldnt catch up with us after chasing all the way.

You are so stupid.

Go down and fight us if you can.”

“I dare you to stay!”

“I dare you to come down!”

“I dare you to fight here.”

“I dare you to go down and fight!”


The well-known cultivators were arguing here like shrews.

“Do you think I dare not go down” Gao Chuan said angrily, “Zhang Hanyang, youd better get ready in the inferior world.

A few days later, I will personally collect your f*cking head!”

He had the Nirvana Tree, but he didnt want to go down.

The inferior world was the turf of Zhang Hanyang.

Even with the Nirvana Tree, he couldnt break the formation.

He had to wait for the Third Prince to get some treasures from the Main Sect.

It would take a few days.

“Oh.” Zhang Han looked indifferent and ignored his threat.

He and Zhang Mu came to the edge of the passage.

At this time, those people behind had stopped and looked at them indifferently.

“Guys.” Zhang Mu cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for sending us all the way.


I hope you take care of yourselves and wait for me to you soon.”

With the threat, they jumped into the passage and their trip to the Kunlun Mountains was over.

“Oh…” Under the Kunlun Mountains, Zhang Mu staggered and finally escaped.

What was more surprising was that more than 400 people had gathered here.

Two teams had come down first, and Zhang Mu was shocked to see them.

“Elder Mu, you finally come down.”

“Elder Mu…”

At this time, Zhang Mus reputation was the highest among this group of people.

“Waiting for a few more hours, then I will take you to the small world.

Well stay overnight at the Heavenly Knights Sect, and wait to hear from the Valley Master.”

Zhang Mu took a medicinal pellet.

“They wont come down temporarily, so you dont have to worry about me.

Grandpa, Im going back to Mount New Moon first,” Zhang Han said.


I will settle them down and go there too.” Zhang Mu nodded.

There were mixed emotions in his eyes.

Before he had left, he mainly thought that the trip would be worthwhile if Zhang Han could make a breakthrough.

He couldnt believe that he could fight someone at the Peak-Stage when he had just broken through to the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

It was insane.

If he hadnt stopped Li Qingyan this time, then Deep Valley would have been ruined.

He was lucky.

His mood was a bit complicated because even he himself hadnt expected that he would probably lose to his grandson one day.

If so, it would be really embarrassing.

He had been in the Kunlun Mountains for more than ten years.

He had worked hard to cultivate himself and reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

He was also famous, but… they couldnt be compared.

He decided not to think about it.

Zhang Han left with Mengmeng after saying goodbye.

Flying into the air, Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and asked with a smile, “Hows your experience this time”

“Well, Dad is amazing.” Mengmeng didnt want to answer directly.

“Amazing” Zhang Han smiled more happily.

“Im indeed very powerful.

I dont deny it.

But facing that Li Qingyan and Gao Chuan, I knew that I couldnt beat them, so I immediately thought of how to escape.

Someone said that the news of my trip to the Kunlun Mountains was exposed, so the situation along the way was what Id expected.

I was prepared to deal with someone at the Yuan Ying Stage.

There seemed to be a huge gap, but as long as I played it right, I could run away.

How about you sum up the lesson”

“If you cant beat your enemy, just run away,” Mengmeng said crisply.

“Yes, you can run away if you cant beat them.

This is great wisdom.” Zhang Han smiled.

“In the future if you encounter someone you cant beat, you can defend yourself with treasures while running away.”

“Yeah, I know.” Mengmeng nodded obediently.

No matter what Zhang Han taught, the little girl remembered it very seriously.

They went back to Mount New Moon.

There were a lot of people on the mountain, and they were surprised to see Zhang Han.

“Youre back!”

They surrounded him.

“Did you enjoy your killing spree up there” Mu Xue asked.

“We did!” Mengmeng replied decently, “I helped Dad.

I dazzled someone at the Peak-Stage with my Fireball Skill.”

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