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“Did you make a breakthrough” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Im glad you come back safely.”


Faced with many questions, Zhang Han only answered with a few words in the end, “Its a worthwhile trip.” With a simple greeting, Zhang Han looked at the beautiful shadow that appeared at the gate of the castle.

Zi Yans shining eyes seemed to express a lot of emotions—happiness, joy, relaxation, worry, and slight depression.

“Mom!” Mengmeng cheered happily, ran over quickly, and rushed into Zi Yans arms.

“Youre back.” Zi Yan smiled and hugged Mengmeng while her eyes drifted towards Zhang Han.

Faced with the beautiful mother of his baby girl, Zhang Han certainly walked over with a stride and hugged her, because he knew how uncomfortable Zi Yan had been these past few days.

She had stayed at home alone with no appetite and worried about her husband and daughter.

Zhang Han knew that of course.

“We are back,” Zhang Han said softly.

Even though he had a lot to say, he found that he seemed to be unable to find appropriate words to express his emotions at this moment.

“Yeah.” Zi Yan nodded slightly as her beautiful eyes were getting more and more radiant.

“Mengmeng, how did you like your trip this time Did you just play around” Zi Yan said as she smiled and looked at Mengmeng.

“No!” Mengmeng immediately retorted, “I didnt play around.

I helped Dad fight.

I used Fireball Skill to hit someone at the Peak-Stage.”

“Were you so powerful” Zi Yan stroked her hair and said with a smile.

“Of course,” Mengmeng replied proudly.

Zi Yan was happy to see the little girl so delighted.

“Okay, you are back.

Everyone, just go back to work,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

After the crowd dispersed, he walked into the castle with Rong Jiali, Zi Qiang, and Xu Xinyu and sat on the first floor.

“How was your trip Where did your grandfather go Whats the situation in the Deep Valley” Zhang Guangyou asked questions one after another.

“Fortunately, Grandpa was on the Kunlun Mountains waiting for the Deep Valley disciples.

He temporarily placed those from the Deep Valley in the Heavenly Knights Sect and will come later,” Zhang Han replied.

“As for the situation in the Deep Valley, the main sect was abandoned.

I set up a few formations to protect the frosty crystal stones.

If they have people who are proficient in formations, they will probably find it out after careful investigation, but it depends on luck.

The formations can only last for seven days.

When Grandpa comes over, wed better ask him to send someone to inquire about the situation.

If possible, he still has to go to Kunlun Immortal World.”

“I see.” Zhang Guangyou was surprised.

“Did you just run down so peacefully Didnt they say that there are more than a dozen forces in the Deep Valley”

“It was not peaceful at all, Grandpa.” Mengmeng sat on the sofa, dangling her long legs, and muttered, “Many people were chasing us.

When they heard that Dad was Zhang Hanyang, they were all crazy, and there were two other Peak-Stage masters chasing after us.

Anyway, they didnt catch up with us.

Dad was the best, and those people couldnt beat us.”

“Well…” Zhang Guangyou looked slightly stiff.

“Lets talk about it later.

You killed so many people in the Kunlun Mountains that day.

You will definitely become a target.

It is too dangerous for you to go up.

Although the frosty crystal stones are precious, it is not necessary to take risks.”

“Well, I know, so it depends.” Zhang Han nodded.

“By the way, how is your current strength” Zhang Guangyou asked curiously.

“Im at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage and I can suppress someone at the Late-Stage, but I cant beat anyone at the Peak-Stage,” Zhang Han answered honestly.

“Puff……” Zhang Guangyou almost choked on his tea.

He looked at Zhang Han in amazement.

“You, you just broke through the Early-Stage and your strength is equivalent to that of someone at the Late-Stage How did you do it”

“Just like Grandpa said, Dantian is divided into nine inches.

There are also differences in soul sense sea.

My Dantian has reached the extreme, and my skills are relatively advanced, so there is no difficulty in fighting with someone at a higher level.

The Elixir Realm has just begun to show my power.

Thats it.

After practice for a year or two, Kunlun Immortal World will be only a playground for us.” Zhang Han chuckled lightly.

“Im awesome too, Grandpa.

I can make fireballs this big…” Mengmeng gestured with both hands.

Seeing this scene, Zi Yan smiled, but she felt even bitterer.

The strength of the father and daughter had gradually increased, and they both stepped into the Cultivation World, while she still couldnt practice.

She had been very anguished these few days.

Zhang Han noticed Zi Yans looks and secretly sighed.

He didnt know what was going on with Zi Yan.

He felt a little anxious when he saw his wife worried.

He couldnt think of a way to solve the problem.

He felt sorry for her.

“A few days ago, Nan Fengs subordinate Gao Chuan came.

He was extremely terrifying, and his attack was earth-shattering.

Fortunately, you strengthened the formation.

He attacked day and night and returned without success.

Instructor Liu and Ah Hu were also very powerful.

Standing at the back of the mountain, they cursed at him, and the old guy was livid and helpless.

I could see that he left this time to find a way to strike the next time.

He will definitely be stronger, so we have to act carefully.” Zhang Guangyou explained the situation.

“Well, its okay.

He has the Nirvana Tree.

That thing can only be used three or two times.

He will have the strength of the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage at most.

Although I will be suppressed here, I still get some ways to block him.” Zhang Han nodded.

He also meant that he was helpless against the enemy.

This suppression of heaven and earth also had a great influence on him.

But to deal with the opponent, there was more than one choice.

He could exchange some treasures of this type from Lord Nan Shan, or continue to use the formation.

Moreover, when he did not break through before, he could perform unbelievable attacks in the secular world to kill Nan Qi at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

Now he had broken through, so maybe he would be able to fight against Gao Chuan, who was down to the Middle-Stage.

Gao Chuan was the strongest opponent he had encountered after returning.

Behind him was the Wind Snow Temple.

The master of the temple was a fake Yuan Ying, who should not be underestimated.

Zhang Guangyou had this thought, so did his opponent.

The Wind Snow Temple was located in the middle of the East Domain, and to the south was the place where the Third Prince Nan Feng was located.

There was a sub-sect that belonged to the Third Prince Nan Feng.

In the main hall, Gao Chuan told Nan Feng all the news.

Nan Feng stood at the window and was silent for a long time.

“You mean, before you went there, Zhang Hanyang had fought Li Qingyan for a long time and was not defeated.

He escaped with ease”

“Its true.” Gao Chuan sounded helpless.

“After I arrived there, I chased and tried to kill him, but I didnt expect that Zhang Hanyangs attack was extremely strange.

It was invisible, silent, and colorless, like a weapon hiding in the void.

It was only ten meters away from me when I noticed it a little bit.

It was not easy to get close to him at all.

Moreover, he had other supernatural powers, and each of them was very mysterious and difficult to defend against.

He had large-scale supernatural powers and could slaughter masters at the Early-Stage and the Middle-Stage arbitrarily.

He also possessed a single powerful supernatural power.

Its strange that he seems only about 30 years old but knows so many supernatural powers.

He had just gone up to Holy World and had the Last-Stage strength that enabled him to compete with someone at the Peak-Stage.

Was it because he had such a cultivation base himself Third Prince, Zhang Hanyang is very weird.

We must kill him to make sure that there will be no future trouble.”

“How interesting.”

Nan Feng raised his eyebrows slightly and took out a cigarette.

He lit it, took a long drag on it, exhaled a plume of smoke, and slowly said, “I took Zhang Mu as a plaything, but I didnt expect him to have an excellent descendent who rises in troubled times and dominates the world with his invincible power.

He came to Holy World and could compete with someone at the Peak-Stage.

It seems that he is a real opponent Ive been waiting for.”

“When Main Sect sends someone to bring the treasures to help me break the formation, I will go down and kill him!” Gao Chuan said coldly.

He suddenly remembered Instructor Liu and Ah Hu.

What he wanted to kill most were those people who had verbally abused him.

He even imagined how it would look like when he took revenge on them later.

After he succeeded in breaking through the Heaven-earth Formation of Mount New Moon, he would float in the air and overlook everything.

Then he would stare and shout at them, “Keep cursing, you bastards! Didnt you have a good time cursing me…” Thinking of the scene, Gao Chuan felt a little relieved, and he wanted to attack them as soon as possible.

“No hurry.” Nan Feng shook his head slightly.

“It will take them two days to bring the treasures here.

Whats the situation in the Deep Valley”

“The Heaven-earth Formation has been broken, and the frosty crystal stones will be formed in about 10 or 12 hours.

Li Qingyan is in charge over there.

I think he not only wants to seize the Deep Valley but also drools over the frosty crystal stone mine.

Nan Ba is there, but he isnt a good leader.

These dozens of forces are all a little restless, and there should be a dispute,” Gao Chuan answered flatly.

Nan Ba was just an expert at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

He was no match for Li Qingyan at all.

In the face of frosty crystal stones, everyone was greedy.

Once things were not handled properly, they would fight in chaos.

Fortunately, the frosty crystal stone vein was relatively small, and couldnt attract those Grand Masters.

Even those at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage were few.

Otherwise, the Third Prince would have no part in this matter.

“You go to take care of this matter first.

Go to the inferior world, and well discuss it again when you come back,” Nan Feng said.

“Ok.” Gao Chuan nodded and turned to leave.

Nan Feng looked at the sea of flowers in the back mountain, took another deep drag on his cigarette, and sighed slightly.

“Zhang Hanyang…” Other forces were shocked after hearing about the situation too.

Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Ding Jiuming, Su Beimu, and Yan Chen were all felt shocked.

Could Zhang Hanyang be strong enough to compete with someone at the Peak-Stage Was it true


Was this guy still so unbelievable That was insane!

He had only come to Kunlun Immortal World for a few days, and there was such a disturbance again.

“He…” Shi Fenghou had a very immature idea.

“Will he overthrow even the Wind Snow Temple in a few years”

In fact, those in the East Domain of the Kunlun Immortal World were really shocked.

Even two Grand Masters had heard that.

For one or two thousand years, Kunlun Immortal World had been a supreme existence, and now it had been challenged by a secular warrior.

This seemed to have become the focus of many forces, and even the border forces in the northeast of the South Domain heard about it.

There were six forces in the Deep Valley, including Zhang Mus men, but in the end, only four forces came down.

The competition for the Deep Valley was still going on.

Although many people didnt know about the frosty crystal stone mine, they seemed to have noticed something.

A few forces sent out spies to check the situation there.

As a result, various uproars were heard that night.

Some people fought for more than two hours, and finally, the battle subsided, and many forces withdrew, leaving only the Green Flame Sect where Li Qingyan was.

Night fell.

After returning to Mount New Moon, Mengmeng also began to practice.

In the evening, after finishing her homework, she started playing games with her friends.

It gave the little girl a special feeling.

Oh, she almost forgot that she was still a junior high school student.

At about twelve oclock in the middle of the night, Mengmeng went to bed.

But Zi Yan couldnt fall asleep.

Zhang Han hugged Zi Yan and said softly, “Honey, I have never seen someone like you.

Maybe one day you can suddenly practice and become very powerful.

Dont worry.

We will always be together.”

“But, but Im under a lot of pressure.”

Zi Yan bit her lower lip.

“Since Mengmeng practiced, many things can only be done by the two of you.

Just like this time, I obviously wanted to go with you, but I didnt know anything.” She sighed deeply, and then added, “In the past few days when you left, I was very worried.

I was in a bad mood and bored.

I always felt pain here.”

Zi Yan lifted the quilt and tucked up her pajamas to reveal her belly.

She pressed her Dantian with her palm.

“What” Zhang Han was surprised, and he hurriedly pressed it.

“You mean it hurts Relax, stay relaxed…”

He used a small amount of spiritual sense energy to explore it, but her Dantian was still undetectable.

He then felt it carefully, but it didnt seem to work.

Was it related to Zi Yans mood

“Honey, if you cant practice when I go out with Mengmeng in the future and we leave you at home, will you be more bored” Zhang Han asked suddenly.


But its not annoying.

Ill just be unhappy and uncomfortable.”

“Then just think about that feeling.

For example, if I take our daughter to the Cultivation World, lets say, the nearest Sea Dragon Star Area, and stay there for half a year, you will be home alone…”

Zi Yan imagined it.

She was alone and kept missing them day and night.

She felt lonely and panicked.


In an instant, Zhang Hans body trembled.

His left hand pressing on Zi Yans belly seemed to be pushed away by some invisible energy.

He could feel it!

Zhang Han felt something.

After her feedback when he had slept with Zi Yan for the first time, he had investigated the situation of her Dantian hundreds of times, but it was always like a stagnant pool, and he couldnt detect it at all.

But at that moment, he actually felt that her Dantian was like a black hole, and the surface seemed to be constantly surging like a monstrous wave of anger.

What did it mean It meant that Zi Yans emotions sometimes affected the mysterious Dantian in her body.

“Phew, its okay.” Zhang Han breathed a sigh of relief.

“Honey, you must be very powerful because I cant see through it.

Your body and your Dantian will be affected by your emotions.

I remember the last time my aunt said that when you went to the Kunlun Mountains, the cursed roc had a mutation.

It might be related to a certain emotion or will of yours.

This should mean that your Dantian is not a foreign object, but a secret place that belongs to you, because the foreign object will not follow your will.”

“What are you talking about” Zi Yan was confused.

“Well… I dont quite understand it myself.

Well see how it goes.” Zhang Han smiled bitterly.

“If you really turn out to be someone very important, I dont want someone powerful to come here in the future and claim that you are a saint, princess, etc., and say that you are his fiancée and want to take you away.

If it happens, youd better get ready to run away with me.

I, your husband, am not someone to be messed with.

Give me several years, and I will have the ability to guard everything.”

“Dont talk nonsense.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and snorted.

“If it happens, I will kill whoever comes.

I will not go anywhere.

I will just stay at our house.”

Zhang Hans pressure stemmed from the sealed Saint Warrior Planet.

Everything followed the will of a mighty person behind.

Even if he crossed the ninth stage of the Tribulation Stage, it seemed that he couldnt do that.

The more he knew, the greater the pressure.

Adversity promoted a mans growth more than happiness.

The pressure that this world gave to Zhang Han had always existed.

“Hey, speaking of it, I kinda miss Yue Wuwei.

I dont know when I can see him next time.” Zhang Han sighed lightly.

“Yue Wuwei” Zi Yan was surprised for a moment.

“Isnt he the leader of the Stander-by Sect You said that he is very strong and knows a lot of big secrets.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Next time I see him, I will try my best to get some out of him.”

“Honey, I want to go for a walk.

Lets go to the beach,” Zi Yan said suddenly.

She couldnt fall sleep, as if something was weighing on her mind, so she wanted to relax.

“Okay, then put on your clothes.” Zhang Han sat up and put on his jacket.

“I will just wear pajamas and I dont want to change clothes.” Zi Yan walked to Zhang Han and took his arm.

The two went directly to the large balcony and jumped off.

They strolled on the lawn and walked towards the back hill near the beach.

“Ow.” Little Hei could always find it out for the first time if there was any noise.

Seeing that it was the host and the hostess, it didnt move.

But Tiny Tot woke up on Daheis belly.


With a cry, it ran towards Zi Yan.

“What are you doing Do you want to be a third wheel”

Little Hei snorted, bit the skin on the back of Tiny Tots neck, and dragged it back.

“Coo, coo.”

After Tiny Tot was placed on the ground, it planed to run over again.


Little Hei was responsible for stopping any third wheel.

What if the masters wanted to do something intimate You guys were stupid.

Just like that, he did it four or five times.

“Coo!” Tiny Tot screamed angrily.

Then the shape of the penguin changed and it turned into a cursed roc, which was more than one meter long.

It turned into strands of black light and penetrated Zi Yans wrist.

“Ow” Little Hei stared at it blankly, pondered for two seconds, and ran to Zhang Han, following her slowly.

“Why did Tiny Tot run back into my wrist”

Zi Yan pursed her lips.

“Is it going to fall asleep Its the third time these days.” “Maybe it felt that you are in a bad mood, so it came to comfort you” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Dont think about those things anymore.

When this matter is handled, we will travel together next time to the ruins, the worldlet, or those places in the Kunlun Mountains.

You dont have to be jealous.

When we went to the ruins, Mengmeng was little and didnt understand anything.”

“Im not talking about this.

Its just… were a family, but I cant practice, so I feel a little lost.” Zi Yan pouted.


While they were talking, they walked through the dense forest and came to the edge of the cliff.

Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yans waist and jumped down, flew more than 500 meters to the side, and landed on the beach.

Looking at the endless ocean and listening to the sound of the waves, they had mixed feelings.

“The ocean during the day is blue and beautiful, but it is dark and scary at night,” Zi Yan said in a low voice.

“If my dear wife wants to see the scenery, there will be light even at night.”

Zhang Han smiled slightly and raised his right hand.

A wave of energy swept away, accompanied by several formations.


The nearby sea area within a radius of hundreds of meters lit up from the bottom, as if it became a beacon in the night, illuminating the way forward.

“Its beautiful.” Seeing the view of the seabed, Zi Yan whispered.

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