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Chapter 25: Stacys pass 4

“He **en killed him with just a touch. How am I see posed to kill him.” I said while crying.

After a while, I calmed down. Standing up, I went to my bed and sat on it cross-legged.

If I want to kill him, I need to get stronger. To do that, I must start small. First, fixing my memories.

Sitting on my bed, I dived into my own mind to find the gate. We refer to the block and editing of memories as gates because if you see other peoples work, it always looked and felt like opening a gate or door.

After 3 hours of looking, I finally found the gate in my memories. After inspecting the gate, I was surprised at how bad the gate was made. I knew that the head psychologist was the one who did it, but why is it so bad. Sigh, deciding to think about it later, I put my hand on the gate. I pushed my mana into it, and a second later, the gate broke. With the gate broken, all the memories of the promises the birth of my younger siblings all came flooding into my head at the same time. Sitting for another while digesting all of my memories and crying about it. After calming down again, I opened my eyes and said.

“I will have to talk to the head psychologist tomorrow. For now, I need some sleep. Yawn.” stretching my body, I climbed into my bed and went to sleep.

(The next day)

Sitting in the bathtub, I thought back at yesterdays event. Finding out that I was in love with a 34-year-old man grossed me out. He never looked like a 34-year-old. I first thought it was the memory editing that made me love him, but it wasnt like that. That was my honest opinion of him, which disgusts me to no end. Well, not that it mattered anymore. He will be dying to my hands one day.


First, I needed to get out of this place. I hadnt seen the outside world for the last 2 years when the war ended.

Getting out of the bathtub, I went back into my room, still in thought. Just when I got inside, someone said.

“It took you long enough to find that gate.”

“EEH!!” Getting a fright of my life, I jumped up in the air, almost hitting the ceiling.

“Haha, You got some air with that jump.” Looking at the voice. I saw a woman with black eyes and black hair with a white dress sitting at my desk. Seeing the Head Psychologist sitting at my desk, I got mad because she knows I get scared easily.

“What the hell Trinity! Do you want me to die from a heart attack!” I shouted at her. In the process of all this, I have let go of my towel around my body, making it fall to the ground.

“Arent you 14 years old How do you still not have any boobs” Trinity said, looking at my chest.

Not replying to her, I walked to my closet and put on some clothes. Done changing clothes, I went and sat on my bed and looked.

“So, it took you 5 years to find my gate”

“Sigh, did you make it so weak for a reason”

“I am the Head Psychologist. Do you really think that I will ever make such a weak gate”

“No, but why did you”

“Hmm, well, your mother and I were close friends at some point in time, and I hate the King. I did it more because I hate the King, though.” She said.

“If you know everything, then that means you know I will want to leave”

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“Yes, of course, and I have already planned it out for you.” She said with a smile. Turning around, she picked up some documents from my table and gave them to me. Taking the documents from her, I looked through them. My eyes widen the more I read. Looking up at her, I saw her smile at me.

“So you are a traitor” I said, not moving my eyes from her. The documents she gave me were about my new identity and who I need to enter the Kingdom of Doragon.


“And you arent scared of me exposing you”

“Of course not, because I know you hate the King as much as I do right now.” She said with a smile that never left her face.

“That might be true.” Nodding at her words, I turned another page and saw it was a mission that was signed out to me.

“That mission will get you out of this heavily guarded place. On your way to your destination, one of my contacts will attack your carriage.”

“And this contact of yours is he trustworthy”

“Hahaha, of course, he is. After all, they are my husbands soldiers.”

“Your married!” Never knew she was married.

“Yes. Back to the topic, do not panic when the attack hits. They are professionals. They know what they are doing. After everything, they will take you directly to my husband.”

“I see.” Nodding at her.

“Now, get ready. You are leaving today for your mission.” She said, standing up and walking to the door. Stopping in front of the door, she looked back at me and said. “When your meat, my husband. Tell him I will return in 2 months, and I will be staying this time.”

After she left, I let a long breath out and said.

“How the hell am I going to meet Marquis Draig, though” Thinking to myself, I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes.

Waking up at the feeling of someone rubbing my body I didnt open my eyes, waiting for all my senses to catch up with whatever crap I have found myself in. After a while, I started hearing people talking.

“So your mother said that this little fox just showed up at the mansion” I heard a girl say.

“Apparently, but she doesnt want to explain to me why half of the mansion was destroyed when we got there. When Father and I were busy walking to the mansion, the earth was shaking, and there was this black smoke in the air. It seemed like the smoke originated close to where my mother and this fox were standing.” Said another girl, but this time the voice came from right next to me.

Where am I Going through my memories, I figured out that Stacy gave me her memories, and she played it like a dream to me.

I am glad she kept her part of the deal, but it felt like I have lived part of her life. It felt like I was experiencing all of her training and helping people. Everything felt so real.

“Do you think the fox has anything to do with your mansion being destroyed”

Thinking back at the last memories I have before the dream.

“Most likely, but I know she isnt dangerous because if she were, my father would have said something.”

It seems that I have accepted my monster side, not that it really changes anything. I dont remember everything about the battle, but the last bit was enough. Remembering most of the things that happened, I decided to listen to the conversations around me again.


“Ooh yeah, the fox is female.”

“Did you check”


“Have you given her a name yet”

“No, I thought that a cute name would fit her. If you have a good name, I am all ears.”

“You want her to have a cute name. Are you sure it will fit with how she looks I mean, she is mostly red. There is some black here and there. Then her ears and half of her tail is white. Not to mention she is over a meter tall.”

It seems my appearance has changed again. Whoever is petting me is **en good at it. Getting more relaxed, I kept listening.

“Yeah, think about it. Telling some her name, they will think they would meet a small cute little fox, but when they meet her, they will see a 1,5-meter tall fox that looks like a monster out of the legends standing in front of you. haha, that would be priceless.”

“You are definitely your mothers child.”

“Aah, I know what you can call her. Baby Chino.”

Opening my eyes, I picked up my head and turned it towards whoever said that name. Looking at the girl, I saw that she had silver hair and silver eyes. She looked just like Stacy but 100% human. She was also the one that was petting me.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Amari said with a smile. Glaring at her, I stood up and moved away from her.

“I dont think she likes Baby Chino” The other girl said. Turning my head away from Amari, I looked at the other girl and was surprised at how she looked. She had pink white hair that went down her back. Her eyes were dark brown, and she was wearing a blue dress. The most noticeable thing about her is her 2 white wings on her back. Looking her over again, our eyes met. Stiffen up at meeting my eyes, she stuttering. “Amari, I really dont think she likes the name.”

“Yeah, I figured that out, Rachel,” Amari said, panicking. “How about Nova Is that better” Looking at her, I sat down and thought about the name.

“Hmm, thats not too bad of a name. Sadly I already have a name,” I said.



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